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Branding Support

I’ve been really enjoying the branding journey these past several years! Coming online, my quest became declaring a brand! Well, it’s kinda taken me a while to figure it out! You really want to know why? Because I’ve changed over time and I’ve discovered that I’m not the person I use to be!

I got lost in the sea of “many great ideas” and it took me a while to really find out who it was I am purposed to serve. One thing is for sure. I have never given up on myself. I made some mistakes… sure! Doesn’t everyone? I am transparent enough to admit them.

I found the power to thrive and I’m moving forward with happiness and peace of mind as my chief aim. Along the way, I’m serving my clients and training my business team.  How about you?  My blog contains over 600 articles I’ve written over a these past several years.

Some articles no longer have a video because You Tube shut my first channel down. Ooopps!  But I’ve got plenty more videos and lots of audios and podcasts!

Maybe you’ll find something useful. Please comment below. I’d love to know what you’re looking for and what you think of my style and content! Thank you very much!

With Sincerity, Caryn Elizabeth

ps. I have a voice mail tab to the right. Feel free to share there. Or use my contact tab or my work with me page tab for a 15 minute free business evaluation session. I’m here for ya!  I hope you know that! <3

Branding You The Brand New You Video Book Review

Branding You The Brand New You Video Book Review By Clicking The Picture.

Go here to read the complete article on branding!

Social Media and Branding You

Social media managers are the new trend. Marketers are creating trainings for business owners and affiliate marketers are getting commissions for sharing these training companies. In “Branding You The Brand New You“, I share my social media tips using Facebook, Skype, Linkedin, Twitter, You Tube and other communities and ways to brand yourself as a trusted authority.

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Brand New You Book Video Review

Branding You The Brand New You Book Video Review Available By Clicking This Picture

Network Marketers and Branding

I experienced what happens when you are not focused with the correct mindset for building a  network marketing business, generating leads and building a list online. Like many new to using the internet for business, I experienced the pleasures and pitfalls. In fact, I’m probably  the worse case scenario!  Turning the obstacles into opportunities, I have knowledge to help every business developer/owner get a great start!  Along with technical skill-sets in creating blogs, websites,videos, audios, pages, posts, ads, and more, I developed the practical thinking skills which gives me a great advantage in the market place in terms of relationship building. I teach using trust and help quality entrepreneurs relate better to the market they serve.

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Branding You The Brand New You

Branding You The Brand New You


Read More about Branding here!

This resource shares my online journey and how I combined my online skills, my home-schooling experiences and creative right thinking to happily teach leadership principles to clients and customers using masterminding, relationship building and my unique coaching sessions and programs.




My branding journey is unique and yours will be also.

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  1. LorencrazyCraigTaylo

    Turns out conditions at this moment allow just a brief touch and go. So, just a quick note to let you know I came here, and with so much to explore, I’ll be back, when I can take it slow.

  2. Caryn Elizabeth

    I’d be open. Message me.

  3. Jasmin Anderson

    Great looking blog…branding one’s self is highly recommended for longivty and to help you stand out from the crowd. Great tips and advice 😎
    Jasmin Anderson recently posted..Laura Parrish: One Major Take AwayMy Profile

  4. Roy Campbell from Now 001, Inc.

    So true keep posting great content
    Roy Campbell from Now 001, Inc. recently posted..MeetRoyLee: I Don’t Remember… via @hellopoetryMy Profile

    1. Caryn Elizabeth

      Hey Roy, I am coming out with some personal development audios, which is an audio recording of As a man thinketh, with commentary. Let me know if you’re interested. Also, I have been uploading lots of biz tips into my audio newsletter you can access on the sidebar. Take advantage of it and please pass it on to those who might like it. Thanks, CE

  5. Ken Pringle

    Excellent information, well presented.
    I love the layout of the page. Great Video.
    The call to action, very nicely done.
    I am going to look over you videos tonight.
    continued success,
    ken Pringle
    Ken Pringle recently posted..Conference Your WayMy Profile

    1. Caryn Elizabeth

      Ken, Knowing your credentials, I take that as a true compliment.

  6. Akos Fintor

    Hey Caryn,

    No question extraordinary psychology is a very crucial key.
    I’m crushing through “get the edge” by Tony Robbins, he’s pointing out these things as well.


    Great key elements and thanks for the share


    1. Caryn Elizabeth

      Tony Robbins really got to me. His way of connecting me with myself really made a significant shift in my confidence. Now I’ve just gone through Kevin Trudeau’s audio series from a 2 day conference. wow.. it’s like a big secret. I am waiting for someone to give me a LCP to promote it. Here’s the link for GIN..

  7. confidencemagnet

    That video really broke down how to become a high performer. I learned a little something and it answered my question on how to become increase my performance in anything that I set out to do

    1. Caryn Elizabeth

      Glad you liked the tips. if you want to learn tips on skype for generating leads and also a bonus video on “software to use for recovering from being hacked.. here’s the link.

  8. Timothy Willan

    This is great info! Yes! I need work on performing &Producing good content and getting things done! Thanks for this Great Post! GO FORE IT!

    1. Caryn Elizabeth

      Timothy, Thank you for the Kudos! I guess you liked the ending, didn’t you! lol yeah… I loved that part too! It rose up in me and I can’t stop it! Connect with me on fb. RSS my site to get the latest blog posts.. I’m always “going for it”. Let’s do this thing!

  9. David Ashaye

    Caryn you are a woman of immense virtue and I love two things about you- your job and how you deliver it! Keep it burning and thank you for everything.

    1. Caryn Elizabeth


      Thank you very much for your kind words. So you like my job? We must chat further about what I do and see if there is a way to assist you with what you want to aspire to. Thank you for coming to look at what I am doing! That means alot to me. You can follow me on twitter at

  10. Nicholas Wind

    Nice job Caryn!
    On your blog.

    1. Caryn Elizabeth

      Hey Nicholas, thanks so much. Is there anything particular that works for you? I need to feel the pulse of my audience! thank you!

  11. Boakye frimpong

    What should i do next

    1. Caryn Elizabeth

      Put your name and email in the space on the right and it will give you directions. watch the video too.

    2. Caryn Elizabeth

      click on the blog link at the top and the box will be there.. sorry! I put u on the wrong page!

  12. Capt Mika

    I want to say thank you for sharing that very wise and enlightening information Ms. Caryn! I am going to follow your advice and work on those areas where I know needs help. Its always so wonderful to get lucky enough to find someone like you who truly cares and is willing to share.
    To me its all about believing and understanding where my true power comes from and that is from the man above. That is why when I ever need strength, from when I get weary, I always remember this…And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, ye shall receive. Mathew 21,v22. If you can think it, and believe it, you can acquire it if you use your persistence and your will……

    Of course……with a little help from the man above…Amen! and THANKS!!!

    1. Caryn Elizabeth

      I agree with you. Please feel free to come back here and enjoy my personal development posts and my marketing training posts! They were made with you in mind! So glad to connect with like minded people. We share similar faith. Please send others my way who you know need a hand up! I am not apt to jump in the pit with them but if they truly want a helping hand,,, I’m here!

      Blessings and Power, Caryn

      ps. For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind! xo

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