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5 Little Know Facts That Could Affect Your Behavior

5 little known facts that could affect your behavior

5 little known facts that could affect your behavior if you play ball or want to achieve your goals quickly

How Do We Change Our Behavior

Have you ever had a crank call in the middle of the night? I had one the other night and it affected me for a while. I wondered what had attracted this type of person to me? My boyfriend said nothing did and that I should just let it go and don’t let it bother me.

Do things bother you so much that your behavior is shifted?

Allowing others to cause us to become worried or in fear can be troublesome. Techniques like the NLP behavior modifier can help shift our thinking so that we keep heading toward our goals and our major definite purpose.

Having Behavior That Produces The Best Harvest

Many of us have read the scripture about those who are walking on the fence and must choose one side or the other because they are considered “lukewarm”. This type of behavior keeps us from achieving our dreams and goals and ultimately keeps us from our major definite purpose. Listen to my Mixcloud audio as I share more about the technique used my millions to get you to hit a home run every time. Using techniques like the one described here as well as the “theater of the mind” technique can help us reach our goals with lightning speed if we will take time to try them.


1. PREPARATION. Find a relaxed and quiet place to be guided through this technique. You don’t have to close your eyes to do this process. Just make yourself comfortable and begin by looking off to your right. In your mind’s eye, imagine seeing someone who looks just like you a short distance away. This “other you” will do all the learning in this exercise, as you observe. Only when you are completely satisfied with this process will the new skills be integrated into you. To ensure this, you might even want to experience yourself as being in a Plexiglas bubble, so that you are truly separated and detached from the activities going on with that “other you” out there.

2. CHOOSE TASK. Now, think of something you want to be able to motivate yourself to do. Pick something very simply. For example, it could be cleaning the kitchen sink, balancing your checkbook, or getting up in the morning. Something that you don’t enjoy doing, but you want very much to have done, because of the benefits you’ll gain as a result.

3. SEE BENEFITS. Watch that “other you,” and see what it will look like when the task is completed, including the positive consequences of having it done, both the direct and immediate benefits, and the future benefits that will result.

4. DOING THE TASK. Now see that “other you” doing the task easily. As that “other you” does the task, that “other you” keeps looking at that image of the task all finished and feels good in response to seeing it all completed. Notice that the internal voice of the “other you” is enticing and encouraging, reminding you of the future rewards and of how much you have already accomplished toward the goal. Finally, we see that “other you” delighted with having it done and enjoying the reward when the task has been completed.

5. REVIEW AND ADJUSTMENT. If what you see isn’t completely delightful, you can let a mist cover your inner vision while the wisdom of your unconscious mind makes the appropriate adjustments or changes. When the mist disappears again, you will see the adjustments that have been made in a way that’s pleasing and good for you. Do you want to be that “other you” who has just used a new motivation strategy? Are you satisfied that that “other you” has mastered this new skill? Have that “other you” do the whole process again with another task to demonstrate it to your satisfaction.

6. INTEGRATION. When you are fully satisfied, let that Plexiglas bubble fall away, and draw into yourself that “other you” who has all these new learnings. Some people actually reach out their arms and imagine drawing that other self into themselves. Sometimes people feel a tingle or a release of energy when they do this.

7. PLANNING. Now take an extra moment to consider when is the next time you will have to perform the task you just motivated yourself to complete.Change your behavior and it will help you achieve your goals more quickly.

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