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Attraction Marketing Training

Network Marketing Training-the secret to recruiting friends and family

There is no doubt about it, almost everyone involved with mlm HATES to approach friends and family. And, truth be known, the quickest way to be alienated from his family is to start introducing in the mouth outside the greatness of your business. Recruit friends and family members can be very effective, but only if they apply the principles outlined in this article.

The biggest mistake in network marketing training is telling new distributors closer to friends and family about your business. The people closest to a new distributor may have no interest in network marketing, and the new distributor can this rejection very personally.

The fact is that all your friends and family members are interested in making money!

To increase the chances of success recruiting friends, requires a 3-step process. First, introduce their friends to their first product. Do not even mention your business opportunity, to establish a taste for the products of your company. If necessary, have purchased the product for a sufficient period of time to receive the tangible benefits of the product. Initially, you may even want to give them a free sample of the product.

It is also a good idea not closer to friends and family about your business to succeed in business. When you are a new distributor, your credibility with the people closest to you is not very large. You do not have a history of success and it is unlikely you will want to continue at that time.

Wait until you see one of their commission checks!

Even after they have had some success with your business, only approach friends and family who have expressed interest in income extra. And they only come once! No "dog" them.

By far the best recruiting ground for finding prospects for your business is the Internet. In particular, social networks. Learning to harness the power of the Internet in marketing is critical to its success. target = "_blank"> Renegade University is a FREE members only website that provides the attraction marketing training excellent. Mike Klingler of step by step video tutorials to train students in video marketing, email marketing and marketing of Web 2.0 communities.

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Michael Hutchins is a Professional guide at Renegade University, the FREE members only site where students can EARN CASH while learning cutting edge Internet marketing skills and online selling strategies. To learn the secrets of achieving REAL residual income that 97.9% don’t know, and only the mlm “heavy hitters” understand, subscribe to Mike’sFREE weekly newsletter

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