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Believe and Acknowledge Him


Believing God- Remember to Acknowledge God in Your thinking Life.

“This is my body which I have given for you”, Jesus says. As the manifested Spirit of God, called God’s dear Son, Jesus taught us by His example how to acknowledge God in all our ways, in our thoughts and in our actions.

I have reflected several times now on choices we make; how choices have power. I’ve spoken about our freedom to choose. I’ve said that our choices can give life or death to ourselves and others around us. Yes, we do make an impact either way.

Does that frighten you? It should startle you a bit. But do not fear. Along with the freedom to choose, God’s not given us, a spirit of fear. By His grace, He sent the Holy Spirit, who is of power, of love and of a sound mind. God is for us. God’s greatest joy is that our thoughts, feelings, and desires give life to others… to make a positive impact on ourselves and others, which is how we give Him glory.

I want to give God glory today by sharing with you some personal things that have impacted my life. I may be misunderstood by some, but with all the thousands who read this, there will be some who will be impacted in a positive way. YOU are the ones I write this for.

As a woman, I raised a family and found myself at the other end of divorce papers, which was not my decision. It was put upon me by my former spouse and it devastated me! His decision made a critical impact on me and was a “DEATH BLOW” to my entire existence.  For over 20 years, I dedicated myself to motherhood. I was an excellent mom, but according to my spouse, I was not a good wife. This again, was a death blow. My understanding of this was based on what wisdom, knowledge, revelation, and freedom I had at the time.

With the revealed knowledge and wisdom I have gained over the last 4 yrs, I know  NOW, that my thoughts and my confessions had sometimes been based on my own understanding. Now, acknowledging God in all my ways, according to His will, my thoughts and confessions are having a positive impact on myself and others.
The Bible states it this way; ‘What the enemy meant for evil, God means for good’.  So as I choose to have faith in the Word, I must then acknowledge that all things work out for good to them that are called according to His purpose. In faith I press on.

So what is God’s purpose? How could He use what I perceived as a ‘death blow’, to be for a good end?

This is the power we are subject to when we are walking with God, a living breathing Father. He is alive and active. He is not just energy… He is a Spirit. He is also a manifested God, in Christ, His son. And above that, He is Creator of everything known and unknown. He is too big for us to grasp, yet He knows our every part. Psalm 139.

Could God restore my life and give me another opportunity to have a marriage that is more satisfying in my mind and heart, than the first?

Because I believe God loves me, because He is for me, because my thoughts are toward a good end, and because the Holy Spirit is alive in me, my arsenal is filled with powerful weapons. I am more convinced than ever that God has set a man in place who is of high esteem, who is honorable and steadfast in his faith, who now is being prepared to be faithful to me; a man who is enlightened and knows what he lives for.

Should I believe any less of God than that? Certainly Not!

I am convinced that God is moving on my behalf, has moved for me and is ever moving to create an environment for me to dwell satisfied in. He has saved me. He has forgiven me time and time again. His mercy towards me is great. His grace is every present and everlasting. And His time is my time. He has made time for my benefit. He has made me to live, to love, to dwell with him in glory while in this body and even more so, when I am through with this body. This body has been a comfort to me; a place to see me, a place to abide for this time. And I am happy to dwell in this body.

He has made me and given me a challenge to take care of myself and to give myself an opportunity to be healthy. He has blessed me. This is the blessing. To have a place to live… in this body…This is my place for the present time and God is glorified as others see me, as others see what beauty God has made, that God keeps, sustains and that God is glorified by.
There was a time, not long ago, that I didn’t know this but now I do. I want others to come to the fullness of this knowledge and wisdom. This is not a shallow thought… as pride… but this is the recognition that we as human beings have an earthen vessel for this time that we dwell here on earth. This vessel is created by God to show the glory of God. This mind, he has given me, is to produce, by my choices, glory! At the very least, I am told by the Word to acknowledge the truth about our creator… This creator is alive and vibrant and living as we dwell in His presence for Him.

So perhaps you are wondering what you can really do to give God glory? You can make your life count, make changes, and create habits that bring wholeness where woundedness and limited sight may be. You can have lasting change and feel satisfied instead of always feeling a victim of circumstances.

I think it’s natural to ask these questions. God has not made us curious for no reason. Our brains are very excellent. God designed us to be as smart as we have courage enough to believe we can be.

It begins here!
“Acknowledge God in all your ways, and He will direct your path!” Proverbs 3:6

Acknowledge that God is here, a Person, alive and active in you.

Believe me, I have experienced God. I live to impact your life by these words and by my effort to bring them to you. Jesus taught me by His example and I bring this to you for His sake so that you too would glorify Him by being an example to others.
Beth Moore, author of  “Believing God“, shares a hands on activity that goes like this.: Put up each of your five fingers, one at a time, and with each, say aloud the following statement.

1. God is who He says He is.

2. God can do what He says He can do.

3. I am who God says I am.

4. I can do all things through Christ.

5. God’s Word is alive and active in me

Now you have done a great thing!

You have acknowledged God in all your ways. It’s that simple. Each day, I encourage you to repeat these 5 statements.  And at the end of it, put you pointer to your chest, then your temple, then to the sky, and with each movement, say “I…. believe….. God… God is active and will direct your path.

When you perceive and believe that you can’t go on, when work is not going well, when your marriage is in trouble, when you face any difficulty you can’t handle alone, remember what I have told you. I finally realized, after many years of trial and error, that God is not trying to take stuff from us. He’s trying to get stuff to us!!!

So in order for Him to get stuff to us, by faith, in the knowledge and wisdom of these words I’m writing, acknowledged your Father in all of your ways, and the Father promises to direct your path. As followers of the ways of God, lets follow our mentor, Jesus the Christ, and with the freedom to choose, in this knowledge and wisdom, decide that we have a good future ahead of us. Choose to see this journey from the eyes of God.  Choose to acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He WILL DIRECT YOUR PATH.

Blessed to be a blessing…

Always, best wishes Caryn Elizabeth.

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