May 16

Best Tips For Great Video Marketing| Successful Video Marketing Review

Successful  video marketing must  grab your attention, entertain, have value to offer, and the answer the viewer came to get.

Hi, My name is Caryn Elizabeth and I am here to answer the following  question: What must I do to make a great video?  In

This review, I want to share with you the best tips I know for creating videos.

As a facebook user, I friended Randy Gage, who I have followed since around 1990. For over 20 yrs Randy has been speaking on prosperity and since 2007 has been recording videos for Prosperity TV, his You Tube channel.

His  videos are  an excellent example of media marketing. I decided to dissect one of his videos so I could share his strategy and successful video marketing elements with you. When creating a video there are 8 things Randy  includes.

1.    A good introduction
2.    A presell of about 10 sec.
3.    Several slides which change in distance and last between 10 and 20 seconds each
4.    Music that is distinct for each section (for intro, presell, body and post sell-call to action)
5.    Valuable content that he is  passionate about sharing
6.    Links and calls to action at the beginning and end of the video
7.    A  Moral or lesson learned, a bringing it home statement
8.     A call to action given at the end.

Video Marketing can draw your audience to you quicker than any other form of communication.   Videos and articles work hand in hand. Having a good description and tags with relevant keywords are important in the description of the you tube video for SEO.

Posting your videos to You Tube, and other Video sites with a  link to other places to see your content is best. Placing your video links on your facebook page is also an excellent way to share your passion, your value and direct others to your video channel, blog or website.

Leveraging the knowledge of others using systems and experienced marketers like Randy Gage,  is the quickest and least expensive way to get  thousands of views to your pages, blog, you tube channel or other sites you use.. These 8 elements should be included in your videos. Remember to stick with what you know and are passionate about.

In order to have success in marketing, creating quality videos is vital. Learning these online techniques is much easier  now with  free marketing training systems available. Experienced entrepreneurs know how to  attract clients and train their team members using either free or monthly fee type training systems.

Like Randy Gage’s Prosperity TV,  being prosperous begins with being consistent and persistent. With these great  video marketing tips, you can create the successful videos that will produce the prosperous  life you are seeking.

For more information on creating great videos and learning with a free training system, go to


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