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Jul 19

Great Big Changes To NETDIVVY! Excitement For Vince Reed And Netdivvy

Netdivvy is changing and I wanted to give you a heads up first!

As always, marketers are evolving and sometimes so do their websites, membership sites, mlms, and affiliate product choices.

To help you transition to the New NetDivvy, I thought I’d give you something to keep you busy. Use them as you desire.  I am giving you the famous “Netdivvy Video“. I’m also giving you FREELY the squeeze template ideas used to create all the FREE squeeze pages I’ve used to market with for over 12 months.

Squeeze Page Templates

Company Recruiting Keyword-1

In The Next 90 Seconds, I’m Going to Show You Why You Should Take The KEYWORD Opportunity Very Seriously…
Company Recruiting Keyword-2

After Countless Hours Of Research, I’m Going To
Reveal The Hidden Secrets And The Very Thing That
Most KEYWORD Distributors Will Never Tell You!

Netdivvy Sales Page 1 (NetDivvy Specific)

Netdivvy Landing pages and Daily marketing Training for free

NetDivvy Sales Page 2 (Custom)

“Watch The Video Below To Learn Everything You Need
To Know About The KEYWORD Opportunity”

NetDivvy Sales Page 3 (Personal Message)

“My Name Is KEYWORD And If Growing A Large Organization Is Important To You, I Know You Will Enjoy This Special Message!”

NetDivvy Sales Page 4 (Compensation Plan)

“Watch The Video Below To Learn Everything You Need
To Know About The Keyword Compensation Plan”
NetDivvy Sales Page 5 (Team Benefits)

“Watch The Video Below To See All Of The Benefits
You Get By Joining My Keyword Team And See How You Can
Duplicate The Exact System That I Use”
NetDivvy Sales Page 6 (Making Money)

“My Name Is Keyword And If Making A Lot Of Money Is What You Want, Listen Closely To This Special Message!”
NetDivvy Sales Page 7 (Video Presentation)

Watch The Video Presentation Below To Learn More About Keyword And See For Yourself How You Can Use These Tactics To Explode Your Business”

Netdivvy-1 (Generic)
“If You’re The Type Of Person That Wants To have Success NOW, Someone Who Has No Time To Fool Around And Wants Every
Advantage The Top Producers Use To Systematically Make
Money At Will. Watch The Video Below!”
Netdivvy-2 (Social Media Keyword)

“When You Learn The True Secrets Behind Social Media Websites Like KEYWORD And Learn How To Generate Leads. Building A Business Online Becomes Fun And Easy! Watch The Video below And Learn The Hidden Secrets Utilized By The Very Best Marketing Gurus Today!

“Whether You Want to Admit it or Not, This Industry is All About
Marketing. If You Can Market Online, You Can Succeed With Any
Company. We Created NetDivvy to Provide FREE Coaching, FREE
Training, Along with FREE Lead Capture Pages and All the
Resources You’ll Ever Need to Become a True Entrepreneur and
Build a Business That Will Pay You for YEARS to Come.”


“While Most Self-Appointed Gurus Are Charging $50, $100, Even
$200 Per Month Regurgitating The Same Tired Strategies,
NetDivvy Is Providing Its Members With The MOST Cutting
Edge Marketing Training in existence All for FREE!”

“If You’re The Type Of Person That Wants To Succeed NOW,
Someone Who Has No Time To Fool Around, And Wants
Every Advantage Top Producers Use To Systematically
Make Money AT WILL In The Ever Changing Home
Business Industry Watch The Video Below:

NetDivvy-Industry Specific Keyword 1

“The KEYWORD Industry Is Hotter Than Ever Before. Watch This Short Video To See How Anyone Can Start A Hugely Profitable Business In KEYWORD And Start Living The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of”


“If You’re Looking To Learn The Techniques, Strategies, The
Tools, And Have The Advantage That the Top KEYWORD
Associates Utilize To Create Huge Results And Earn An
Absolute Fortune Watch The Video Below:”


“Whether You Want to Admit it or Not, This Industry Is ALL
About Marketing. If You Can Market Online, Success Will Come Easily
With KEYWORD. I Want To Help You Learn EVERYTHING You’ll
Ever Need To Become a TOP PRODUCER And Build A Business
That Will Pay You For YEARS To Come… AND…

I’m Going To Do It ALL FOR FREE!”

Personal Branding Keyword-1

“Hi My Name is KEYWORD, And Over The Past Few Years,
My Partners And I Have Been Learning And Dissecting EVERY
Strategy The TOP 1% Of Online Marketers Use To Create
Hugely Profitable Businesses And I’m Going To
Share Them With You For FREE!”

Personal Branding Keyword 2

“In My Quest To Have Success Online I’ve Tried It All. I’ve Purchased Products, E-books And Have Joined Several Companies Looking For An Easy Way To Make Money. Success Finally Came My Way When I Learned These Secret Strategies That I’m About To Reveal To You Today!

Top Producer Keyword-1

“If You’re Looking For The Marketing Formula That KEYWORD Utilizes To Generate Leads And Build Their Business Online, Today Is Your Lucky Day! Watch The Video Below And See How You Can Put These Strategies To Work And Start To Improve Your Business Today!”.”


PS. For more information on the strategies top producers use go to

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Jan 15

Exposing The Lies About Business Success – 8 Excuses To Business Success Online

Excuses show a  lack self confidence

Excuses show a lack self confidence

Excuses and your mindset

We are all human and have a set of circumstances that we inherited as human beings. Some things were brought on by parental input, the education system, work environment and church affiliation. But there is a time when enough is enough and something happens in our lives. We go through difficult circumstances and we decide we must change things.

Excuses and our Environment

Our lifestyles promote external circumstances. Our work environment may be great! It may be less than perfect! It may be down right rotten! Each view is the result of both our mindset and our environment. It’s said that we are the average of our 5 best friends. This could refer to our incomes, our attitudes, our experiences and more.

Excuses and Failure in Business or Work life

So we have a job we love, or maybe we are going to get laid off or even fired. While this is bad, this temporary setback is an indication that something in our life is out of sorts. We all experience failure sometimes. It’s said that a the measure of a man is not determined by the amount of times he falls but on the number of times he rises and at what speed he is able to do so. Some of us have made excuses. I have. So if our excuses are shown to be just obstacles in our way, do you think we would no longer fail?

penny in hand poverty about direct sales

Poverty Mindset Of A Person Who Makes Excuses

Excuses and the Entrepreneur life

Entrepreneurs have a tough time when they make excuses. A sign of the lack of responsibility, an entrepreneur may as well not pursue his/her own business. I created a series of videos to share some simple excuses entrepreneurs make. I have made them and sometimes catch myself making the mistakes of believing these lies. Books like “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles will help tremendously to show you more about how to get rich as an entrepreneur.

Let’s expose the lies and move forward to the business success we deserve. These are a good start!

Excuse 1: I Don’t Have The Money!

Wise men are telling us over and over, “You are the prophet of your own life”. Do you want to make money online? By open invitation,the internet provides the opportunity to make money without spending money the way traditional businesses do it. Free online marketing tools are available to give you skills to increase your visibility and traffic to landing pages which contribute to financial gain. Some systems even offer up front compensation to help with the small expenses.

Excuse 2: I Don’t Know Where To Start

Knowing you can pay nothing and gain knowledge, the next step, is for you to design your future. The S.M.A.R.T. System goal setting approach and affirmations give you an excellent start at creating the income, lifestyle, security, and freedom you desire. Seek out direction, focus, and encouragement from mentors and trainers. They become ones most powerful asset besides the “will” to succeed in having business success.

Excuse 3: I Have Goals But I Don’t Write Them Down.

Before you begin writing business goals, having a positive mindset is helpful. Your best success is based on your belief about yourself and your value. If you have deliberate goals in place, valuable content can be delivered to your business prospects. Ones profitable deliver-ability comes primarily from a positive mindset.

Excuse 4: My Goals Are Okay. Why Change Them?

Though the internet is a very powerful tool marketers use to release value to the global community, strategic, focused goals will create the best business success. The dividends are so wide spread, they continue to pay you residual income year after year. Those who purchase a social franchise such as an MLM, will agree with this concept.

Excuse 5: I’m Okay, But You Aren’t.

Becoming a student of personal development is an important part of  business success. Can you say, “I intend to give it freely as it is given to me?”  Though the internet provides free materials, tools and systems, some may hoard these resources. By doing so they cut off their dividends. Personal development helps one gain the right attitude about sharing tools and resources. These students learn the benefits from giving more value than the compensation received.

Excuse 5: I Have Nothing Worth Giving.

Everyone has value. Skills gained  from free marketing training increase with deliberate study. One will learn not to give everything away.But we are to give freely to others. This will secure the future positive business success. It is fair to be justly compensated for taking risks and actualizing your money making ideas.

Excuse 6: I Am Not A Leader

What do you dream about? What visions to you have about life, your family, and your business? The raw materials that make up your personality are unique to only you. A leader creates an environment others want to duplicate and follow. Each person is responsible for themselves. Leaders lead. They do not drag others along. The more training you receive the greater your belief in your leadership ability.


prosperity money in hand with direct sales

A Prosperity Mindset Comes After Excuses Are Exposed And Eliminated!

Excuse 7: I Don’t Know What I Really Want.

Concerning the entrepreneur who wants to learn marketing online, there are marketing training systems and tools available to teach you the skills. There are mindset training tools to help you focus on your purpose. My you tube channel was terminated and I had to decide what I really wanted. So I created another channel but I decided that I really wanted to do more audios because they are easier for the average person to listen to. In order to have  business success  your goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. These goals must support your definite chief aim. Read them 2-3 times a day, saying them out loud. Your mind will create pathways to those goals and your daily to do list will come naturally. You have great power to create your future. Gone are the days of excuses. You know who you are, you know you have powerful resources at your disposal. What is stopping you?

If you liked these videos about excuses, perhaps you would like “The 10 things you need to give up in order to move forward

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Jan 14

Internet Training School- Free Internet Training For Beginners


Our economy has seen better days. With the change in work structure and companies outsourcing traditional jobs, men and women of all ages are finding themselves with a reduction in income and/or the loss of work.

Rumor has it that people are making a living using the internet. But is it possible in this vast sea, with many professional businesses marketing their goods, that the “nemo’s” can find a training school to teach them how to create an income, while adventuring outside the safety net of the traditional 9-5?

The need for “schooling” is vital for newbies casting their nets online. Systems have been developed by experienced marketers as a way of helping little fish navigate the big pond so they can get a good start in the industry. With the large population of “sharks”, strategic schooling will protect students from scammers looking for chum bait. The safety net of a good training school is the best option for new marketers.

Hundreds and hundreds of new marketers are flocking to the internet to make money. While there are many different training sites, finding one willing to give valuable training without expecting compensation is always better.

Not all marketers are equal. Some marketers have made large sums of money and desire to help others learn from the mistakes that experimenting taught these prosperous entrepreneurs. This saves their students hours of pain for an opportunity  to gain income some desperately need.  A thriving economy is good for businesses. True entrepreneurs know this. Training schools set up by entrepreneurs are cropping up.

Free Internet schools offer hours and hours of step by step training to their students. This valuable information can be used by grade school students, college age men and women and especially those already working.  They do require self motivation and discipline to follow the lessons independently.  However, the great benefit is that it’s done in the convenience of your own home with a computer. Working employees use their lunch hour and evening hours to hone their skills. A laptop is even a better option as you can training on the go.  Some schools offer additional live webinars so students can ask questions.

Like any trade school, once learned, this knowledge can be used in any marketing niche. Many use these skills in their MLM businesses, direct marketing companies and in their own small businesses or LLC’s.  With knowledge in place on how to market oneself, trained students develop leadership skills, personal development strategies, and ultimately become independent contractors with the spirit of a true entrepreneur.

Whether young or old, the internet is un-bias. Excellent training will show you how to find and follow other industry leaders going where you want to go. Free training school that offers the opportunity to maximize earnings without cost is a true find. Don’t let the word “free” cause you concern that you will receive very little.  Not only do these training schools give back substantial valuable training, they awaken the spirit of the entrepreneur in advanced marketers as well as the “nemo’s”. The income will follow as you cast your net for a good online training school.


Please feel free to contact me for the valuable help needed for success online.  COMPENSATION PLAN

Caryn Elizabeth is a new breed of Social Media Franchise Marketers.(SMFM). Passionate about affecting  lives of new online marketers, she provides step by step success strategies  online business owners. She teaches advanced strategies for list building by generating leads.

Go Here To Friend Me  Caryn’s Facebook Page . “Like” her fan page ” Caryn Elizabeth”. so you will receive regular content updates.

Founder of “United Tribal Community Group” on Facebook, Caryn highlights members and offers an opportunity to advertize their businesses there. As a NetDivvy Executive, all are welcome to join.

Caryn’s You Tube Channels: NetdivvyCaryn and  Caryn Elizabeth Live

For Free Training System Caryn Recommends: Join here —->>> <<<—–

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Jan 07

Useful MLM Secrets For Success – Secrets To Make You Rich

One of the most popular types of businesses to run involves marketing MLM or multi-level. Some are using the term Social Media Franchise Marketing (SMFM). More people are involved in a business like this since the Internet took off so here are some secrets for success in MLM.

The first step is to make a blueprint for getting started. Be organized from the beginning. Stick to the plan and you will have more success.  Things can happen, of course, alter the course of things, but just be aware of this possibility.

Accept that people will say no. It is impossible to succeed with all potential customers so make sure you know in your mind  that you will face rejection. It is important that you know how to handle this like some people can let it affect them too much and results in them not succeeding.

Be patient with yourself and others. Do not see this as a way to make instant huge sums of money, but see it as something which grows over time.  As you are aware of this, then do not get so frustrated when things seem to go slow at first, which can make you lose some interest in the business.

Realize that if your MLM business involves some type of samples to try to get customers that you may need to send a large number of samples before making a sale. Do not think you will get these big checks from only a handful of samples. You have to send a lot to make some money.

As you build your business,  your network does not try to just look the new representatives as if they were in the land of wealth. They need to know they can take a while, but if they work, you can earn a good living.

So in other words, preparation is important for the success of your MLM business. Quickly accept that Wealth will not happen in one day. Understand how to deal with rejection. Remember that rejection is not equivalent to failure, since it is the way you handle it that pushes you to greater success. The same rules apply to the people they hire and which in turn produce more results that make everyone involved happy and of course, money.

When it comes to MLM marketing and learn the basics, you should take our advice on marketing MLM training. You can also view our MLM blog full of useful ideas.


For Free Online Marketing Training from Beginner to Pro & A Free 8 Day Mega Marketing Boot Camp: Click Here

Please feel free to contact me for the valuable help needed for success online. I consider myslf part of the new breed of Social Franchise Marketers. I’m passionate about affecting the lives of new online marketers looking for step by step help to begin their online business as well as teaching advanced strategies to build their list by generating leads.  By visiting my facebook and searching her fan page Caryn Elizabeth and clicking  “like” it, you will receive regularly updates and posts from me.

Come join others from The NetDivvy Community by finding the “United Tribal Community Group” on Facebook. We highlight each other weekly in all social media sites, subscribe to each others pages and comment, which helps drive traffic to our sites.

Caryn’s You Tube Channels: NetdivvyCaryn  and  Caryn Elizabeth Live      To Join For Free NOW: Http://

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Jan 03

13 Quick Start Steps To Marketing For Millions

You found a training system and you want to know where to start! I want to share with you 13 vital things to do when you first join any online marketing training system. Success is inevitable when you implement these vital strategies.

Your mindset must first be one that says “I can do this thing.” Remember that every successful business begins with you taking the first steps. Some of you will fly through this training, while others will crawl. Know that it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you start. Like any vehicle, once you get into 3rd gear, your momentum will kick in and it will be easier.

A new business or a new year means the beginning of setting attainable goals by starting with the big picture, the “why”, thinking with the end in mind. Financial freedom, more time with family, doing the things you want, are a few of the typical ones. Your business goals should include 3,6, and 12 month lists which include goals in financial gains, personal development and training gains.

You signed up for a training system because you realized you needed support and a plan that works.

•    1. First, you have to sign in. Your username is one that will be seen on the leadership board so make it the name you want to be remembered as.

•     2.Your password should be memorable by you only.

•    3. Scan the site.  You need to stay focused on “first things first”!

•    4. Proceed to the back office. The details of this system are enormous.

•    5. The calendar is your first stop. Find out when the training webinars are and sign up for all that are available by clicking the box. You will receive an email    confirmation.

•    6. Be sure to assign a specific email account that you commonly use so you will not miss any system emails.

•    7. Next, you go to the free member trainings or beginning or introductory trainings.

•    8. Assign a block of time to watch these trainings, which you included in your goals list under training gains.  E.g. 3 month goal- I will have gone thru all the free training.

•    9.  Each training builds on the other. Glean as much as you can. For some of you, it will take watching a few times.

•    10. Once you understand it somewhat, go to the next training. No need to know it completely, each training will help with the previous one.

•    11. After you’ve watched each training video, take action on that training.

•    12. Take 30 minutes or so to move in the direction you were taught. Again, I’m speaking to a broad range of people here. Go as quickly as you can, without causing yourself anxiety. This mindset is positive and will propel you forward to future trainings.

•    13.  As part of your “mindset” training goals, find a list of affirmations you can use, or write your own.

Success online begins with a positive mindset, a spirit of adventure, a good training system and support  of mentors and leaders.


Caryn Elizabeth is part of the new breed of Social Media Marketers whose passion is to affect the lives of  thousands of online marketers flooding the industry daily. Visit her facebook fan page Caryn Elizabeth and “like” it. The NetDivvy Community is making a new United Tribal Commitment to each other. We do this by highlighting each other weekly in all social media sites, subscribing to each others pages and commenting. Caryn’s You Tube Channel: NetdivvyCaryn To Join For Free NOW: Http://

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Dec 17

NetDivvy Online Marketing Training System- Hot Tips For New Marketers With NetDivvy

A System

Learning how to generate leads, buildrelationships, and create products and services are a few skills vital for success in marketing online. In this article, I will share with you some hot tips that expert marketers use to generate their 6 figure income. Beginning with a free and very powerful system such as  NetDivvy Online Marketing Training System, new Internet online marketers gain the knowledge they need.

When generating leads, you must attract others who want to learn what you know.  Even novice marketers have more knowledge of the online industry than 80% of those coming online in recent months. This influx of new prospects should be exhilarating.  This encouraged me to create products and  video content to help them make some money.


The beautiful thing is that the global online community is so large, there’s no possibility of anyone saturating the market. Because the internet is here to stay, online marketing will just keep growing.  Are you very competitive? Online marketing is very different than you probably expect. Fellow marketers become “compadre’s” rather than competitors. There are many who join together to help each other. These are called tribes.

Your niche

Who will you market to?  Those who need what you know, whether a product or service, is your niche!  Using a training system like NetDivvy, you can add them to your list, and build products and services with them in mind.  As an authority over the thousands seeking help online daily, you can be equipped to provide value to your prospects and get them on your list.

Perfect Products

One such product is “Coffee Time With Caryn”. It’s my newest venture and the perfect platform for guiding and coaching women and men who want to make money online. Sessions will direct participators set up their accounts, email, social media, and more. With a plan in place, a system, passion and a niche, you will also be on your way to creating the income and lifestyle you want.

Stop the Traffic!!!!

Why feel overwhelmed any more?  Your brain is the one place you want to “stop the traffic” instead of generating it!

It’s vital that you be consistent and persistent in your learning. With NetDivvy Online Marketing Training System and my coaching, you  will learn the tips and strategies to get you headed in a most profitable direction. I know how frustrating it can be and how overwhelmed it can feel with content overload beckoning in your inbox. Get the free training and  put a plan in place.

Learning what it takes to generate the income you are looking for  begins with a system. Try  NetDivvy for free Now!


Caryn Elizabeth is part of the new breed of Social Media Marketers whose passion is to affect the lives of  thousands of online marketers flooding the industry daily. Visit her facebook fan page Caryn Elizabeth and subscibe. The NetDivvy Community is making a new United Tribal Commitment to each other. We do this by highlighting each other weekly in all social media sites, subscribing to each others pages and commenting. Her You Tube Channel: NetdivvyCaryn, promotes her system. For Free Opportunity To Join NetDivvy, CLICK HERE.

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Oct 17

Numis Rich GOLD Industry Now in Canada

Numis Rich GOLD Industry

$$$$$$  PRE-LAUNCH CANADA $$$$$$



Massive Amounts Of Income Can Be Yours With This Simple,

But Powerful Business

“The Gold And Silver Industry Is Hotter Than Ever Before.

Watch This Short Video To See How Anyone Can Start

A Hugely Profitable Business In Gold And Silver


I want to check this out!

Click The Link and Sign In To Go To A Second Page With The Silver & Gold Company Overview.



Massive Amounts Of Income Can Be Yours

Learn why the “Numis Network” is growing so fast and making a HUGE splash in the “Gold and Silver” industry.

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Aug 29

NetDivvy Marketing

The FREE “NetDivvy” Marketing & Training System

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Aug 02

NetDivvy Training

Creating Landing Pages With NetDivvy

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Sep 10

NetDivvy Video


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