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Jan 04

Top Keys To Wealth – 6 Must Do Keys To Become Wealthy

It has been said that true worth is measured by how much more one gives in value to the end user than one takes in payment. In this list, I will give you the keys for creating the wealth you are dreaming about.

An accountant gives a service, charging an amount to the clients. The value he gives far exceeds the value that the client would spend in time and money doing the accounting himself. This places the accountant in a valuable position where he will gain more clients and increase his income. His clients’ positive comments to others is one way he receives compensation and over time the accountants influence will save a tremendous amount to those he serves. He has created for himself “high value”.

Here are the top 6 Strategies you need to implement to increase your value and influence to create the wealth you desire.

1.    Find ways to give value. Solve a lot of problems for a lot of people.
The ¼”drill bit sales  are tremendously popular. Why? It is because ¼” holes need to be drilled.
2.    Touch the lives of as many people as possible. Find out the needs of your prospects.
3.    Expand your influence. The more people you serve, the more money you make. Be one who others know, like and trust.
4.    Stay true to your core nature. Be authentic in your dealings with others. Embrace your true nature. Learn from others but don’t adopt their ways. Only adapt their knowledge to your own core nature.
5.    Give and receive. The law of reciprocity says you must be able to receive from others. Get past the old tapes that say “on no, I can’t accept that!” Be open to receiving the abundance available.
6.    Focus on giving and you’ll receive abundance many times from out of left field. You’ll receive it from everywhere.  Living with a giving spirit, the amounts returned to you are greater and greater. Because of the influence you have with others you know and many you may not know, the ‘world’ becomes the benevolent context for your success. Regarding wealth, the cause is the giving. The affect is the receiving.

True worth is measured by the value you give that is over and above the payment taken for your product or service. These 6 principles are vital in order for you to maximize your income potential. However, looking too short sighted to the payment received is selfish and sets you up for a mindset of drawing selfish people around you.

Check yourself. Value must come first. Focus on the value provided and you will not only draw others around you that trust you but you will draw the income you desire as well, far beyond what you imagine.

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Nov 27

It’s Time For Something New | Numis Network

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Nov 27

Origin Of The $ Sign | “Numis Network”

$ symbol

Origin of the Dollar Sign

Entrepreneurs Searching For Origin Of $

Striking Gold  With Numis

Curiosity hit me when looking at the Dollar symbol on a facebook page of Vince Reed’s, owner of Netdivvy Marketing Online Training System, where he uses it as a profile picture. I wrote him to inquire of its origin and decided to do some digging myself and this is that I found. In this two part series, is a list of historical references, a philosophical analysis, biblical thought and some current information on the U. S. Mint and Numis Network, an MLM dealing in M70 coins. Finally listed is a word about the coinage industry. Did anyone know that coinage sales are one of  the 4 top sales industries in the US today? Movies, music, pet supply and coins all do $10 billion in sales yearly. Entrepreneurs searching for the origin of the $ are striking gold with Numis.

The Dollar Sign

The sign is attested in business correspondence between the British, Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans in the 1770s, as referring to the Spanish-Mexican peso, known as “Spanish dollar” or “pieces of eight” in British North America where it was adopted as U.S. currency in 1785, together with the term “dollar” and the $ sign.

The Origin

The origin of the “$” sign has been variously accounted for. The most widely accepted theory is that it derives from the Spanish coat of arms engraved on the Spanish colonial silver coins, the “Real de a ocho” or Spanish dollars that were in circulation in the Spanish colonies in America and Asia. The Spanish dollars were also legal tender in the English colonies in North America, which later became part of the U.S. and Canada.

In 1492, King Ferdinand II of Aragon adopted the symbol of the Pillars of Hercules and added the Latin phrase Non Plus Ultra meaning “no further”, indicating “this is the end of the (known) world.” But when Christopher Columbus discovered America, the legend was changed to “Plus Ultra”, “beyond.”

It’s Adoption

The symbol was adopted by Charles V and was part of his coat of arms representing Spain’s American possessions. The symbol was later stamped on coins minted in gold and silver. These coins, depicting the Pillars of Hercules over two hemispheres and a small “S”-shaped ribbon around each, were spread throughout America, Europe and Asia. For the sake of simplicity, traders wrote signs that, instead of saying dollar or peso, had this symbol made by hand, and this in turn evolved into a simple S with two vertical bars.

Alternative hypotheses

There’s another documented explanation that states that the sign is the result of the evolution of the Spanish and Mexican scribal abbreviation “ps” for pesos. This theory, derived from a study of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century manuscripts, explains that the s gradually came to be written over the p developing a close equivalent to the “$” mark.”

For More Information on the origin of the $  symbol, and the more recent history of money, silver and gold, and coinage see PART II.

For more info on Numis Network continue reading part II and your search will end with this pure golden industry. Retail sales as well as membership prices are available for those who have interest in sharing the value of the dollar with their family and friends.

Numis Network utilizes minted dollar coins and has become the first MLM dealing in M70’s silver and gold coins. For More information on the history of coinage and more articles on gold and silver, see  NumisRichGold.

Your For Success

Caryn Elizabeth

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Nov 27

Origin Of The $ Sign: Part II | “Numis Network”

As curiosity would have it, my search for the origin of the $ symbol began after meditating on Vince Reeds profile picture on Facebook. Here is the continuing elaboration on the meanings listed through the ages.


The dollar sign is said to have been derived from a slash through the numeral eight, denoting pieces of eight. The Oxford English Dictionary before 1963 held that this was the most probable explanation, though later editions have placed it in doubt.

The dollar sign was derived from or inspired by the mint mark on the Spanish pieces of eight that were minted in Potosí (in present day Bolivia). The mint mark, composed of the letters “PTSI” superimposed, bears a strong resemblance to the single-stroke dollar sign. The mark, which appeared on silver coins minted from 1573 to 1825 in Potosí, the largest mint during the colonial period, would have been widely recognized throughout the North American colonies.

Greek Mythology

The dollar sign may have also originated from Hermes, the Greek god of bankers, thieves, messengers, and tricksters: Besides the crane, one of his symbols was the caduceus, a staff from which ribbons or snakes dangled in a sinuous curve.

Monogram for the U.S. Mint

The  $ is a monogram of U. S., used on money bags issued by the United States Mint. The letters U and S superimposed resemble the historical double stroke dollar sign $ the bottom of the ‘U’ disappears into the bottom curve of the ‘S’, leaving two vertical lines. This theory does not consider the fact that the symbol was already in use before the formation of the United States. One company utilizing U.S. Minted coins is Numis Network This is a U.S. based MLM Company which markets M70 coins, made by the U.S. Mint. The U.S. coin market is a sleeper industry selling $10 billion a year, and $10 billion a year worldwide. Entrepreneurs searching for gold are finding this sleeper industry a gold mine, this minted train market, chugging along as a fast pace.

Atlas Shrugged Philosophy

The book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand includes a section where the main characters philosophize about the United States being the only nation to ever use its own monogram for it currency symbol. They suggest it means that the country had always been primarily concerned with the creation of wealth.

“Unit of silver”- Derivation

That it derives from “unit of silver”, each unit being one “bit” of the “pieces of eight”. Before the American Revolution, prices were often quoted in units of the Spanish dollar. According to this theory, when a price was quoted the capital ‘S’ was used to indicate silver with a capital ‘U’ written on top to indicate units. Eventually the capital ‘U’ was replaced by double vertical hash marks.

Biblical Understanding

That it derives from the symbol used on a German Thaler. According to Ovason (2004), on one type of thaler one side showed the crucified Christ while the other showed a serpent hanging from a cross, the letters NU near the serpent’s head, and on the other side of the cross the number 21. This refers to the Bible, Numbers, Chapter 21.

Later History

That the dollar sign goes back to the most important Roman coin, the sestertius, which had the letters ‘HS’ as its currency sign. When superimposed these letters form a dollar sign with two vertical strokes.

According to a plaque in St Andrews, Scotland, the dollar sign was first cast into type at a foundry in Philadelphia, United States in 1797 by the Scottish immigrant John Baine.

The dollar sign did not appear on U.S. coinage until February 2007, when it was used on the reverse of a $1 coin authorized by the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005. The dollar sign appears on the reverse of the 1934 $100,000 note as well as the reverse of the 1917 $1 note.

For More Information on $ money, silver and gold, and coinage check out Numis Network. Retail sales as well as membership prices are available for those who have interest in sharing the value of the dollar with their family and friends.

Numis Network utilizes minted dollar coins and has become the first MLM dealing in M70’s silver and gold coins. For More information on the history of coinage and more articles on gold and silver, see  NumisRichGold.

Your For Success

Caryn Elizabeth

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Oct 17

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Sep 23

Numis Network is For Real

Coins are fun to collect! This is the operating slogan of Numis Network, an MLM business that deals with coin collectibles.  Coin collector hobbiests are sure to take notice of this business. Here’s a Numis Network review taking you through the all of the good and bad of the MLM opportunity.


Gold and silver are resistant to recession, types of commodities in our economy. You’d have noticed the up in prices of precious metals even when the global economy was reeling under financial crisis.  The idea behind creating the Numis network is to create a business that deals in numismatic coins.

The Numis Network was started by Ian Cordell, Jake Kevorkian and Christopher Kent with support from Mr. Mike Mezack, a noted numismatist. The three founders have lots of experience in network marketing and their dynamic leadership is one of the major assets of this company.

What Is It About?

Collecting coins has been a treasured hobby for many people who know that the value of such coins keep increasing with time. The Numis Network has started the system of grading to authenticate collectible coins and assist in ascertaining their value. The merchandise in this business is current gold and silver coins issued by various Govn’t mints from all over the world.

Since the innate value of these precious metals keep increasing, these coins are said to be valuable assets to hold. The coins are marketed as an excellent investment to hold as well as to gift.

The Opportunity

There are two ways to make money in this business. They are to invest in graded coins and wait till they appreciate in value. The 2nd is to become a partner  and spread the word to other coin collectors.


You can become a distributor and pay an initial cost of $75 and thereafter $10 per ­month. In this category, you’ll need to generate minimum sales of $100 each month to qualify for commissions. You can also start as a Fast Track representative by paying initial fee of $299 and $99 per month. This package entitles you to a beginner pack, a Silver Eagle collectible coin, training videos, lead management and marketing programs and email marketing campaign.

A Binary commission system is followed; this allows even new beginners to make money in the same way as experienced distributors.

Why Join Numis Network?

This is an MLM business with a planned difference. While most other network marketers sell all manner of health drinks or cosmetics; you’d be increasing the financial health of your customers by selling coins. While stocking up on health products may prove disadvantageous to some businesses, you’d only gaining by keeping a nice stock of coins as these appreciate in value.


The company lays a lot of emphasis on grading coins to authenticate their value; however experts feel graded coins should be placed at par in value with non-graded coins. The fact that they are graded alone does not make these coins greater in value.


XAG Network – This is an upcoming network marketing company that deals in silver Bullion coins. The cost of joining this company is much cheaper than Numis since it’s very new. The MLM Company has a 5 x 8 matrix which offers good scope of income for distributors. Being in prelaunch until June 2010 there is not much to say until the company goes live. With bullion there is little room for markup and if the market crashes so does the company.

SilverCoinReserve – This is a gold and silver coins acquisition program that allows members to invest in silver bullion coins on a monthly basis. Bullion type coins fluctuate with the price of the market. Network marketing is based on word of mouth and having a built in charge to pay for sales and team development. When one can exactly see what the silver and gold is valued at there is very little room to price products to pay reps.

JR Mayer Collections is another large numismatic dealer that’s in partnership with GoldQuest International Ltd. The latter is an MLM company that operates in several countries. JR Mayer has been around for more than ten years and known throughout the world for its numismatic business. Looking at the website one gets the feeling it’s an international based company that doesn’t exactly scream value.

Numis Knacks

The company claims to give you a winning business by offering you a free replica website. This might  help you get some orders when people click on your site; but it may not  help you when all distributors have a similar site. You’d need to know how to differentiate your site from others. There are several tools online that you can employ to give your website a unique reach.

Caryn Elizabeth has brought the best out of hundreds of Internet Marketers by helping them create wealth for their own network marketing business. Success in any network marketing business is built with knowing the secrets to online marketing like Blogging, Article Writing, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Classifieds and many more. Get your F-R-E-E training mastering these marketing methods and many others at: MY FREE ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM.

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Sep 22

Coin Collections

Gold and Silver Eagle Coins

World’s bestselling coins

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are the world’s bestselling gold bullion coins. Gold Eagles,

History of coins

In an attempt to end the 1930s general bank crisis, U.S. president   Roosevelt issued   Order 6102 in 1933 and also the Gold Reserve Act in 1934, that outlawed the circulation and non-public possession of United States gold coins for general circulation, with an exemption for coin collections. This act declared that gold coins were not  legal tender within the United States, and persons had to flip in their gold coins for different varieties of currency.

The 1933 gold Double Eagles were struck when the same government order, but because they were now not legal tender, most of the 1933 gold coins were melted  in late 1934 and a few were destroyed in tests. Two of the $20 Double Eagles were presented by the United States Mint to the U.S. National Numismatic Assortment, and that they were recently on display within the “Money and Medals Hall” on the third floor of the National Museum of American History

Coins Today

While your paper assets go down in value, the value of gold
and silver go up.Keep pace with inflation and preserve your wealth now.

That really means is that gold and silver hold their value while papers value flies away. This is not something new. Just look at the history of paper money.

Most Americans do not realize the US Gov’t is bankrupt.The dollar is down some 97% of what it used to be.Convert your cash now to Real Money. This window of opportunity is closing fast.

Always remember, to do the first four basics of preparedness first, 1. Food 2. Water 3. Medical 4. Shelter. Then if one has some money left then consider gold and silver.

When push comes to shove, you cannot eat gold or silver.

Gold Eagle Coins availability

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the US Mint has dedicated its production to the 1-oz Gold Eagles and the 1-oz Silver Eagles. The fractional-ounce Gold Eagle coins for 2009 were not released until December. Although the Mint produced more fractional-ounce Gold Eagles dated 2009 than in the immediate prior years, they are difficult to find and when found carry premiums well above premiums at which the coins have been sold in the past.

The  two coins ought to have been the only 1933 Double Eagle coins in society today. But, unbeknownst to the Mint, a range of the coins (twenty have been recovered so way) were illegal gotten, presumably by the U.S. Mint Cashier, George McCann. At least 9 of these coins, that were illegal to keep, found their way via Philadelphia jeweler Israel Switt, into the hands of collectors.

The coins circulated amongst collectors for many years before the Secret Service became responsive to their existence. The matter came to the attention of   officials in the Mint when an investigative reporter looked into the history of the coins and contacted the Mint as half of his analysis. As a result, a political candidate investigation was begun by the Secret Service in 1944. Seven of the coins were found and brought by federal agents among the primary year of the investigation, with one coin remaining in public possession until 1952.

Best Wishes,

Caryn Elizabeth

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