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Debt Relief

debt relief
How credit counseling and debt relief services earn money?

I see their ads all the time, offering to reduce debt by half and such. While I applaud these services so we are trying to somehow have to make money, or they could not afford to run these ads. Where is the profit coming from. Appreciate the answers in advance, thanks!

Usually they are paid for both creditors and debtors. Creditors are willing to pay a fee to someone who will get their money for themselves instead of having a loss. Debtors are happy to reduce payments and a structured program to pay various debts into one manageable payment. Everyone is happy with the arrangement. Relief companies are acting a middle man, which generate a profit themselves. The key to this is that anyone can negotiate with creditors. They can do it themselves and avoid the fees, either hidden or known. If you do, then they can apply the "fee" money for payments and possibly end up ahead of the game. Good luck

Debt Relief & Management Tips : How to Get Out of Debt

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