Dec 29

Get Rich – How To Get Rich Without Anxiety!

Goal Set By Affirming Your Way to Riches Using This Easy Formula

So you are in debt up to your eye balls. You lost your JOB and you need to do something to make ends meet! You’ve played the lottery and discovered it’s a waste of money. You bought into get rich quick schemes and lost your shirt. You gave your last dime to a family member and they never paid you back. You save and save but there’s too much day at the end of your dollar.

Is there a way to actually get rich in a natural easy way? In this article you will find the way to do just that. Follow this formula and you could be rich in way less time than without it.

Achieving riches comes by writing precise action steps. Setting a goal to make “a lot” of money is too vague. Your mind will take action creating solutions when you give it precise information. This list will give you a start.  Begin your journey to get rich by reading these affirmations daily.

1.       I know what I want

2.       I desire to be rich.

3.       I desire money daily.

4.       Money is attracted to me.

5.       I desire to have money to pay ________________ (place your specific $) each month for my____________(each bill).

6.       I expect to be justly compensated for taking risks and actualizing my money making ideas.

7.       I am a winner.

8.       I continue to advance in the face of every obstacle.

9.       I am not easily discouraged by occasional roadblocks.

10.   I am not defeated by obstacles.

11.   To me, an obstacle is merely an opportunity  in disguise.

12.   Some of my most successful money making opportunities started out as obstacles.

13.   I am willing to pay my dues.

14.   I do not expect something for nothing.

15.   I am willing to follow this formula in order to get rich.

16.   I do not get down on myself if I find I am weak in some areas.

17.   I am growing and learning how to be rich.

18.   I have a good reason to be proud of my past accomplishments.

19.    Other peoples’ treatment of me, if negative, will not shake me.

20.    As a winner, if I will think rich, I will get rich.

Read these Affirmations daily until you can memorize them. Success begins with a thought. Thought leads to action. Action promotes belief. Belief produces success. Success makes you rich.

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  1. Hello Caryn,

    A fantastic article concerning our mindset. Wow! Is it important! I look forward to my return visit where I will certainly learn more from your insight. Thanks for sharing.

    Your list of affirmations are powerful and they DO work.

    Go out and make today your best day ever!
    Lloyd Dobson 🙂

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