Aug 12

How do I get my business syndicated to make money online?

Making Money Through Syndication

Are you looking for ways to syndicate your business? Are you an offline business trying to advertize online for greater exposure? I will share with you what to do for syndication and publicity and why you should use press releases for  making money online.

I clicked a link from Tatyana Gann’s site that does publicity for many prominent clients. This link took me to, a press release site which offers many services to new and established businesses offline and online . After opting in for more information, I received a call from Cyril Matthew, a 24 yr old outstanding gentleman. We spoke for a little while when he kindly offered do a webinar presentation at a specified time later that week. He followed up with a reminder email and also called me the day of the presentation.

PRWeb Syndication Presentation

Cyril did a 20 min presentation where he stopped and answered all my questions and did an excellent presentation without pressure for a sale. He did mention the costs per press release and the price for the years subscription to PRWeb service. I was pleasantly surprised by Cyril’s knowledge and belief at how PR Web was helping small businesses grow by getting the exposure and getting on Google page 1 through regular articles written and syndicated through PR Web.

PRWeb Syndication Costs

The cost for the service goes between approximately $300 per press release to $3200 for the years service. If your business or service has an excellent product in place but needs exposure, you will definitely reap financially using the syndication via RSS and extremely targeted news stations, sites, and studios along with editing service and excellent personalized customer service.

PRWeb Syndication Services

Getting syndicated is important when you are growing your online presence and promoting your business, product, service or your passions and pursuits. PR Web can help provide many solutions including

• Increase visibility.

• Increase SEO.

• Target the right journalists.

• Generate more positive press mentions.

• Send press releases to a wider audience.

• Track all the news about your company, your brand and your competitors.

 Step By Step Syndication Training

Part of the syndication process is learning the best article and video directories and popular membership sites to post on where Google picks them up more frequently. Marketing training membership sites provide this training.

Go Here Now For Training On Syndicating Your Business

For more information on PRWeb syndication, Contact Cyril Matthew at 301-731-6599 and mention Caryn Elizabeth for premiere service.



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