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How Do I Make Money Online? Easy To Start Plan For Marketing Success


It Feels Great To Make Money Online

What Do I Do First To Make Money Online?

I have no idea what the heck I’m doing.

Have you felt this way? You came online to make some money and you discovered you spent way more than you made. And you are no better off now than when you started?

Well, you are not alone. I have spoken to many who have experienced the same thing.

The truth is: You have a conflict. You are an entrepreneur who has misplaced your dream. You have gotten lost in the “opportunities” when you thought you would make some money. But the fact is, you need a business plan, not another opportunity.

Below are some steps you can take to get back on track. But first ask yourself this:  Ask yourself, if the internet did not exist, would I still want to have my own business?

If your answer is yes, continue reading. If not, stop here. This information will be a waste of your time.

How I Make Money Online

I started to learn marketing online  some time ago. I wanted to impact lives.

I learned “how to market” and “who to market to”.

Because of the accumulation of knowledge , I transitioned from looking for “opportunities” to developing a  “business plan“.

Along the way, I  make money online with different programs I’m part of.

Affiliate products, my own products, systems I share with others all add to the multiple streams of income.

I make  commissions on other peoples products I offer to people who I have established

rapport with. I create free products to get people on my list. Then I can offer pay products.

That’s kind of the gist of it!

If you want to know more, it begins by “jumping in”.. and soon decide you want to  create your own business and make money online.

I don't have a business plan to make money online

What The "f" Do I Do First To Make Money Online?

Here’s the place you can start. Allow these steps to give you hope and trigger your suppressed dreams to awaken them again.

Becoming A Strategic Entrepreneur Starts Here.

A. Identify your reason Why.

Ask yourself:
1.Why am I starting this business?
2..Why am I doing this for myself?
3..Why am I doing this for my family?
4.Why am I doing this for my customers or clients?
5. What is it in my heart, mind and spirit that drives me?
6.What is the  ultimate accomplishment I would like  to make?
7.What is the ideal situation?

B. Realize who the people are that you’re looking to create value for and contribute to.

C. Know that there are obstacles.

In the beginning, middle and end of your business career, there are obstacles.
We know they’re there and we know what it takes to surpass them… to break through them.
Realize  that YOU are the only real obstacle in your way.. via.. a limiting belief or confidence level that’s not allowing you to break through. Some results may be digital, some within you. Some may be in the form of money. But every lesson will give a result as long as you take action on it so you can make money online.

Ask yourself the following question:

What are 3 obstacles that are in my way from achieving the things Id like to achieve? e.g. a budget to start your business. Thinking to yourself “I’ve never run a business before! Can I handle it?” I don’t know if I will learn all the technical stuff.

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To Make Money Online In My Own Business Feels So Good

D. You must have a marketing model. A business model  comes first and the marketing model must follow.

Either you are an opportunity seeker or a business owner. Now is a good time to decide so you don’t waste your time in frustration over your lack of success to make money online.  Knowledge + Action + A Positive Attitude = Success

Take time today to do 3 things. Get your “Why” figured out., Answer the above questions about starting your business. Take action by daily  learning more and sharing what you learn.

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