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How To End Stubbornness In The People You Put Up With!

How Do I End Stubbornness?

How Do I End Stubbornness?

The Stubbornness of a child

I remember when I was little wanting to ride the merry-go-round by the department store. I laid down on the ground when my mom said “no”. In retrospect, she was probably busy and had little time for me to ride it. But at the time, she told me I was being stubborn.

Nationalities linked to stubborness

Many times different nationalities are linked with being stubborn. The Germans were known for their stubborn qualities. The Irish red head was known to be stubborn. But more likely, it is the child himself who exhibits strong desire for something.

It’s not a bad thing to be stubborn. In this podcast, you will hear why.

How To End Stubborness In Your Loved One! by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Have you ever blurted out “Why are you so stubborn”? We have all felt the difficulty at one time or another with a loved one when we’re trying to get them to change their thinking. Problem is, they don’t see any problem with their thinking, right?

Stubbornness in communicating

Communication helps but both parties must be willing to participate.
So what’s the secret to getting that person to become open to change? Read more at about taking responsibility for yourself. Listen here to Caryn’s secrets to getting that person to move toward change.!

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