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How To See Happiness While Being Me – What Is Your World Like?

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Happiness Is Our Choice

Is happiness a priority to you? If so, then what’s keeping you from being happy all the time? Perhaps you need to know how to keep yourself happy!


What I see is NOT what I get! What I see is who I am!

Good day friends. I see you as friends. I am aware that Facebook is one of the many social networks where like-minded people find each other. Those who comment on my posts WANT to see what I post. Do you wish you could have more happiness around you? There is a secret hiding in plain site. Many have jumped on it and are feeling happier than ever. What is it? It’s recognizing the YOU inside. Without you, this world would not be the same. The point is, that you make a difference. What difference are you making? Do you know that you make a difference? You DO! So be YOU today, enjoy thinking! Enjoy creating the life you want beginning with creating a vision for the you that is inside. What do you look like? What do you feel? What do you love doing? Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

These questions help form a vision for the person you see in the mirror. Your world will reflect the vision same as the vision in your bathroom mirror. Happiness in the world begins with happiness in the mirror.

You Are Amazing!

If you find this, you know you are! What you see in your life, is what you intend to see.. All begins from inside you. Decide today to be the best you can be for yourself and others. Be the friend you would want to have. Be the mom or dad you wished you had or maybe you do have.


Happiness can be uncovered

Happiness can be uncovered

Happiness In Our Youth

A wise nun in high school gave me a poster before I graduated. It said “Don’t just stand there! BE!” I’ve pondered that poster many times looking for the truth in it. What I decided it that “To be or not to be” that is the question. It’s not being something specific. It’s being happy just being! Being alive! Being ME!


Happiness Inside Can Bring Money Outside

Happiness Inside Can Bring Money Outside

Happiness Today

Be what you wish today.. It begins with you. And you will see the world bend toward you in just the way you see yourself! Be it pure or adulterated..
Find the place of purity in you.. It’s in there, underneath the folded covers placed atop you. Unfold them, and come out into the light!

BE seen.. and SEE the possibilities available to you. The happiness we seek is seeking us! Be Happy and the world of happiness will bend toward you. xo

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