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How To Trust Even If You’ve Been Violated

How To Trust Even If You’ve Been Violated by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

How Do I Trust

When we are born, we protect ourselves with crying for food. We trust our gut because we have no experience to lean on, to analyze. As we get older we experience more and begin to analyze our past actions. We have parents to tell us to “be careful” and try to keep us safe.

 Trust your gut and love yourself

Trust your gut and love yourself


Along the way, we may not trust our gut and decide to trust what others say. Or we may want to take chances beyond what is safe for us. Whether over cautious or foolish, we eventually manifest circumstances in  life. Be they good or bad, we do all we can to adapt so we can feel pleasure and avoid pain.

5 trust mistakes that make you sound like a fool!

  1.  Believe everything you read
  2.   Forget to check your heart
  3.  Jump in with both feet
  4.   Push others into doing things
  5.   Violate yourself by not loving yourself
Trust wisely

Trust wisely


13 Tips To Trust Wisely

  1.  Take time to feel your heart’s cry
  2.  Make decisions that feel good
  3.  Avoid negative influences
  4.  Never be rushed
  5.  Takes small steps when learning new things
  6.  As in sports, learn the skill, test the skill and then be ready to use the skill
  7.  Read books that speak independent of religion
  8.  Address your fears
  9.  Eliminate excuses
  10.  Be honestly aware of your “purpose”
  11.  Love yourself
  12.  Love others as you love yourself
  13.  Trust in a higher power that loves you unconditionally

Learning to trust your gut started in childhood. You are wise to get back to the source as you did then so you can begin to make decisions from your gut and along the way, gain wisdom from the mistakes you made when you didn’t follow it! Knowledge is power and leadership begins with trust.

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