Aug 09

NetDivvy Marketing Mission

You have a dog that needs a haircut. The place you’ve been going to charges you $40.00 to cut the dog’s hair. You hear about a place that charges $25.00  for the same hair cut. So what do you do? Do you go back to the place you’ve been going out of loyalty? Do you call that place and tell them you can get the haircut for less and will they honor that price? Or do you just go to the place that’s less expensive?

This is a matter of your character and your answer says a lot about you.

Short range goals like saving money are good to have. Be faithful in the little things and you will be given responsibility over much.

For a long time, I didn’t have long range goals. Oh, I had dreams but not goals.  I didn’t want to disappoint myself by making a goal I couldn’t achieve.  But I found that if I set a goal that I knew I could achieve, then I’d feel glad when I did it. For instance… eat breakfast! That I can do. Sometimes I do it. Sometimes I don’t. But I know I can if I put my mind to it.

One goal I know I can achieve is to help you set goals you can achieve so that you don’t have to be discouraged by failure. You have so much potential. You deserve to have success in every area of your life.

This is part of my mission in life. Help others succeed in any area they want. Assist in making it happen for them. I’m for you. I’m here ready to provide materials, products and encouragement so that you can   have success in every area of your life: spirit, soul and body.

I will provide you with the best materials out there to meet every need, the cutting edge strategies to put you ahead of the rest, the best products that keep things simple and easy to make money with and products that yield high profits.  You are capable of greatness in every area of your life. Stick with me and let’s go!

Do you burn out when you over work?  I’ll show you how to balance your time and still be number one in your field.  Do you love to analyze so much you can’t make decisions? I’ll show you how to strategically make choices. Do you live to help others look good? I’ll let you in on the secrets of not getting taken for granted.  Do you want to make lots of money and have fun? I’ll show you products that make you lots of money so that you can take that trip to wherever you want and blow how much you want!

My mission is to become involved. I will no longer sit on the sidelines and let life pass me by.  You are important to me! Your success is important and attainable!

You may not want to succeed, but I doubt that. You may fear the unknown. That’s always a possibility. You may have lost a lot of money in other ventures. Many have. You may not want to follow someone else and reinvent the wheel instead.  I will tell you this, you don’t have to.

If you are willing to let me come along side you, you will absolutely not be disappointed. I promise you that. The stuff I have at my finger tips is unlike anyone else out there. It’s unique and absolutely sound.  I am partnering with the best of the best. Trust me. My success is directly related to your success… and your success is directly related to those you lead.

We lead by example. So I suggest you take advantage of everything I am offering you.  And trust me, you will not be disappointed.

What decision would you make regarding getting your dog’s hair cut? I know what I would do!

Best wishes always,

Caryn Elizabeth

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