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13 Quick Start Steps To Marketing For Millions

You found a training system and you want to know where to start! I want to share with you 13 vital things to do when you first join any online marketing training system. Success is inevitable when you implement these vital strategies.

Your mindset must first be one that says “I can do this thing.” Remember that every successful business begins with you taking the first steps. Some of you will fly through this training, while others will crawl. Know that it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you start. Like any vehicle, once you get into 3rd gear, your momentum will kick in and it will be easier.

A new business or a new year means the beginning of setting attainable goals by starting with the big picture, the “why”, thinking with the end in mind. Financial freedom, more time with family, doing the things you want, are a few of the typical ones. Your business goals should include 3,6, and 12 month lists which include goals in financial gains, personal development and training gains.

You signed up for a training system because you realized you needed support and a plan that works.

•    1. First, you have to sign in. Your username is one that will be seen on the leadership board so make it the name you want to be remembered as.

•     2.Your password should be memorable by you only.

•    3. Scan the site.  You need to stay focused on “first things first”!

•    4. Proceed to the back office. The details of this system are enormous.

•    5. The calendar is your first stop. Find out when the training webinars are and sign up for all that are available by clicking the box. You will receive an email    confirmation.

•    6. Be sure to assign a specific email account that you commonly use so you will not miss any system emails.

•    7. Next, you go to the free member trainings or beginning or introductory trainings.

•    8. Assign a block of time to watch these trainings, which you included in your goals list under training gains.  E.g. 3 month goal- I will have gone thru all the free training.

•    9.  Each training builds on the other. Glean as much as you can. For some of you, it will take watching a few times.

•    10. Once you understand it somewhat, go to the next training. No need to know it completely, each training will help with the previous one.

•    11. After you’ve watched each training video, take action on that training.

•    12. Take 30 minutes or so to move in the direction you were taught. Again, I’m speaking to a broad range of people here. Go as quickly as you can, without causing yourself anxiety. This mindset is positive and will propel you forward to future trainings.

•    13.  As part of your “mindset” training goals, find a list of affirmations you can use, or write your own.

Success online begins with a positive mindset, a spirit of adventure, a good training system and support  of mentors and leaders.


Caryn Elizabeth is part of the new breed of Social Media Marketers whose passion is to affect the lives of  thousands of online marketers flooding the industry daily. Visit her facebook fan page Caryn Elizabeth and “like” it. The NetDivvy Community is making a new United Tribal Commitment to each other. We do this by highlighting each other weekly in all social media sites, subscribing to each others pages and commenting. Caryn’s You Tube Channel: NetdivvyCaryn To Join For Free NOW: Http://www.LearnNetDivvy.com

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