Jun 18

“Personal Power” And Relationships – How Do I Get “Personal Power” Into My Life?




Hi My name is Caryn Elizabeth and I want you to know that you can keep a positive attitude using your personal power in both your business and personal relationships. You can change your life when you know the secrets of reconditioning those negative beliefs to create a more positive mindset.

Personal Power Mindset

We all use our minds to perform actions daily, some positive and some negative. We have 2 perspectives generally and move away from pain and move toward pleasure or the lesser painful choice. While entering into a choice, if we are conditioned to see it as painful, we will sabotage our success. If we have a painful mindset about the experiences it is causing regression in our life of personal power.

Relationships are an area where one can be conditioned towards pain or pleasure. Even our relationship with God can be painful . Some people have a negative attitude about God and avoid religion because of a negative conditioned view and it can be painful and therefore avoided all together. If you have a negative attitude about God, we are missing a part of our life, the life in the spirit.

Commercials marketing us have conditioned our minds get use to thinking a certain way about a product. Catchy tunes are unforgettable and become “truth” to us. But we can recondition our minds toward the positive if the things we are conditioned towards do not serve our potential positive destiny.

Personal Power  Emotions 

We can begin to shift the positive emotions we may have during a football game and use those emotions to begin associating a positive feeling about something we have perceived as a negative.

If we want a positive destiny and make a difference in people lives, reconditioning our negative mindset is the best investment we can make in ourselves. Does the negative mindset serve you? Of course not.

 Personal Power Homework

I suggest you pick 3 areas where you have positive mindset and choose 3 areas you have a negative attitude about. Realize that if we have 2 painful choices, we will always choose the lesser of the 2.

We have the personal power to recondition our thinking and we can have a positive attitude about God as well. God’s given us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. We can recondition the negative mindset about God and unblock your spirit life to live more sound in God.

Your life is important and you can make an impact for others by example or by teaching. Be inspired! Be motivated  to do something that replaces boredom. Invest in yourself. You are very valuable. You can make the difference in one persons’ life which could affect thousands.

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