Apr 15

Relationships And My Journey Around The Corner

Looking For Love In All The Right Places

I’m writing to share with you a quick note about  how  you, my facebook friend, have impacted my life for the better.  Relationships mean so much to me and YOU are so special to me. My life would not be the same without you in it. I honor and respect you. I love what you are doing in your life, you work, and your relationships with others. I just wanted to tell you that!

In a very short time, my life will take a turn and I will move and start a new chapter in my life. Perhaps many of you have gone thru the journey of divorce. This is my first time.

I know how crazy it feels from the first moment of shock to finalizing the divorce papers. Yes, it sucks to experience the head trip.  But now I know one more thing that many humans have experienced.

Now I understand some of what you may feel or have felt. I want you to know that it’s going to be ok. We are survivors. In fact, we are more than conquerors of this circumstance.

So if anyone of you has been through divorce, I’d love for you to comment on what you learned about yourself and how it’s helped you to be a better person.

Perhaps you’re more understanding of others. Maybe you’re STRONGER. What have you learned that you can share with others?

You have become my huge facebook family. Many of you men have humored me, taught me things, or have asked  to date me! Many women have inspired me, loved on me, <3 encouraged me and showed me attention.

So many men and women have helped me become a better marketer. 🙂

I am grateful for every single one of you. My life would not be the same without you. Yes, there are  a lot of you. You live in places I may never go. And yet, I have been there in my mind as we’ve chatted, messaged or skyped.

My life is fuller and because of you, I am rich. I may have never been physically in your presence but you have touched my heart, which transcends time and space.

When I think with the end in mind, I want to always be friends with you, forever and ever. This is love. I don’t want to fight with you.

I want to love you.

So today, to all my untangible friends, know that you have been kissed and hugged by me. I will love you till forever.

Let us celebrate freedom from relationships with those who don’t see our value and who don’t want our love. Celebrate my freedom with me by sharing what you have learned about starting a new chapter as a single person. I will be sure to alert you the day I sign that final form.

Please help me further if you want to, by answering these 5 questions!  Thank You ((huggs))

1.Have you ever been divorced?

2.What was your chief problem going through it?

3.Now that it’s happened what advice would you give me?

4.What was the one thing you wished you had that you never found?

5.What was the most valuable thing that made the difference in your victory?

I would love to know all of what you have to say!     Leave your comments here. Let me know if you like my Looking For Love Page. Thank you.

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