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Success in Life


As Spiritual beings, do you know that at one point in your life you were given dominion over your thoughts, words and actions?  Our word life and our thought life are a manifestation of our spirit life. So if we are manifesting negative thoughts about ourselves, about God, and about others, these thoughts are telling us what our spirit believes.

I want to share with you further how to help yourself manifest what IS TRUE, and what is NOT. Thereby living as close to your destiny as possible at all times.

Life is a journey. Along the way, we travel on different roads.  People around us place us on roads when we are children. When old enough to reason, at age 9, we begin choosing our own roads. All this time, our thoughts are being formed about ourselves, about God and about others.  God bless parents who are wise to set their children on paths of success. Words spoken over a success filled child, advances him so quickly, and he gets to the winner’s circle way quicker than others. I would hope that all parents would be consistent in speaking well toward their children.  However, these parents were also children at one time and were subject to this same opportunity path.

So what happens to those children whose parents spoke dishonorably over their children? Parents speak word curses that bring death to the spirits in their children. These words paralyze the spirit of a child and it could take years to recover from the wounds.

So what do wounds have to do with business or personal success in life? Well, what is success to you? Having a family and making a decent living? For some this is success. What do you think that person heard as a child growing up? Ok, how about another persons’ idea of success; become president of the US., invent a cure for cancer. What did his parents speak over him as a child?

We are all born with a spirit, innate qualities and gifting. Some call these giftings, “redemptive” gifts. They are teacher, exhorter, giver, ruler, servant, mercy, prophet. At the core of each person, the spirit is born with a personality and gifting. All may have the capacity to exhibit every one, but one gift dominates and is key to discovery of the person we are made to be. Once we find that gift, we are well on our way to success in life.

Success though, can be stifled by the words we were told about our identities. Parents would do well to speak to their children’s spirit and call forth, or draw out the truth calling inside their little bodies. If this is not changed, generations will repeat the same mistakes and success will be limited to what your spirit believes about himself.

What a person’s spirit believes is also influenced by belief in God. God is always present but He is like the best of men, a gentleman. I don’t use the word father right now because so many of us have had fathers who do not represent themselves as moral, just and judgmental positively.  But in all fairness to some fathers, I say that Father God is the best example of a positive role model for men and women.  We don’t know this if we have not had an opportunity to know God when we are youngsters.

My goal here is to share with you some generalities about who you are, who God is, and who others are.  We have 2 options in life. We either know God as a good God, a father, a friend, a creator, a fierce warrior, a lover and a victor, OR we do not know Him. The only change for men and women who have had word curses placed on them to achieve success in life is to know God.  Sure, some may use the laws God set up for His people. These laws are universal and anyone who finds these laws and uses them to his advantage will reach a certain degree of success. God is not trying to take things from us. He is trying to get things to us.

In getting things to us, God must make a way for that person, whose spirit has been wounded to a greater or lesser degree, to receive the TRUTH about him.  What things? Well… Freedom for one! Success in everything we set our hands to, is another.  This is the core of the Christian faith.  You will know the truth and it will set you free. According to the Bible, Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the father but by Him. Taking this truth, for God’s Word is true, is appears that Jesus is the key to this freedom and success.

So how can the spirit of a person be set free from the word curses and negative beliefs he thinks are true? How can the spirit of a person experience success to the highest degree?

These are questions many must ask before they attempt to be successful in life. Success to some is paying the credit card payment, others not using a credit card, others, being the lender of the money and not the borrower. The Bible states that it is better to be the lender and not the borrower. Of course that makes sense. But what about all of us who are using the credit card and are maxed out on it? What do people like us do? We want to be the lender and not the borrower but it seems like we can’t ever get ahead. We are always the ones getting the traffic violations while the guy in the Porsche gets away with going 90 down the expressway.  What is wrong here?

That is an excellent and truthful question. The only answer I know to be true is that Jesus has made a way for us. Somehow, some way, in God’s love for us, and according to His design, we must lean on His truths and not our own. What we believe is keeping us under bondage of credit cards, of being the borrower instead of the lender. How can we possibly succeed without some TRUTH? So I resorted to leaning not on my own understanding. I can’t be trusted because I have a faulty belief system.

The way, the truth and the life, Jesus teaches us the TRUTH ABOUT WHO WE ARE AND WHAT THIS LIFE IS FOR.  The most difficult thing for me was TRUSTING God. It has taken be a while to really let Him in. He so wants me to know what He thinks of me. The HOLY SPIRIT is the voice of God. Our spirit is also like Him, as we are told that we are made in His image.  According to the Bible, when we ask the Holy Spirit to come close,  which He is specifically designed to do,  He is ready to come as close as you want. He will be with you all the time if you want.

However, like God, He too is a perfect gentleman. He will never violate your trust, or force Himself on you. For me, that was a real eye opener. I was so closed off, trying to protect myself from words and actions of others, in fear of being hurt, that it took me a long time to hear the Holy Spirit’s words of encouragement to me.  Funny thing was that I thought I was close to God all along. My spirit was so wounded that as I let Him in a little at a time, I would cry and cry and became exhausted from the love He was trying to express towards me.

It was a painful process by that time.

I use the following illustration to explain what I felt was happening.  It seemed like I had all these weeds growing on the inside of me. And I had to take a hand full of seeds and push aside a spot of weeds, and shove the seeds into the dirt, and hold them there, so that the weeds would not overtake the seeds of love. All the weeds were like the word curses, lies I believed, and circumstances I experienced in my life to that point. Yes, it was I who was putting the seeds inside. I don’t know why I felt that I had to do the planting. I still am not quite sure. It must be that I was given freedom to choose by God. He knew I needed to do this for myself. He knew I would want to be part of the process and that is would make me feel empowered somehow. It did. I do feel good that I had a part to play in the process. God knows exactly what is needed for our spirits to become free.

Well, freedom is the first step to success in life. But true success is a matter of more than be set free. It means using the freedom as a help so that others can be free too. Positive affirmations alone are not enough to get us free. At the root of our spirits is a lie. Follow the fruit to the root and cut that root off and the fruit will no longer be. In the same sense, plant good seed, and the fruit produced will be 30, 60 and 100 fold. This is a law from the Bible.  A field needs to be protected in order that the weeds will not be able to encroach and over take it. So maintaining your garden is vital. This is where affirmations can help.

Success is doing this enough and over and over. We are transformed by the renewing of our mind.  So we can win the race, if that is what we see as having success.  What is success to you? Is making your car payment? Is it owning 5 cars? Is it owning a dealership? Be transformed, renew your mind, believe the Holy Spirit’s loving words about who He says you are, and you will have 30, 60 or 100 fold return on what you believe about you.

Joyce Meyer says “the battlefield is in the mind”. Well, I say that the mind is the place where our spirits demonstrate or live out what we believe about who we are.  The root cause of a lack of success is a lack of belief that we can be successful. With God, all things are possible. So allow Holy Spirit to root out the lies you have believed about yourself. Ask Him to remove the word curses spoken over your spirit. Ask Him to protect your spirit and to keep telling you the truth about who you are. You have a core gifting, given by the Father God, a redemptive gift that is at the root of your spirits personality.

Your success is in that gift.

Get to the roots, cut them off. Find your gifting.  And you will grow up a garden of flourishing fruit a 30, 60 or 100 fold.  Success is inevitable when we choose to trust the Holy Spirit. God is not trying to take anything away from you. On the contrary, He is so willing and able, with your permission, to get to you, everything you need for life and success.

Best Wishes,

Come fly away with me to the place where you can be free: Caryn Elizabeth

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