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Network Marketing Success – Top 3 Secrets For A Happy And Successful Life

A Successful Life Starts Today

A Successful Life Starts Today

Dreams And Goals For A Successful life

Jeff Olsen said in his book, The Slight Edge, “how do we know what a successful life look like before we achieve it?” This same idea goes for great results in Network Marketing or in having a happy and successful life. I have heard it from more than one personal development coach “we don’t even know what we don’t know!”.. This is true. A successful life begins with knowledge and mentorship.

So What Secret Formula Do We Need For That Happy Successful Life?

Before I share more, let me share a real life tragedy you may identify with.. which left me helpless and even hopeless at times.

The worst thing I experienced in my life came after I awakened from finality of divorce. My mind was deadened because I didn’t know how to get myself out of the life patterns and habitual poor self talk I was conditioned with through many years of living. My freight train brain would keep me hindered and I would grasp at anything ; prayer, other people opinions or just  denial in order  to cope.

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Is Your Successful Life Getting Washed Away?

Was A Successful Life Possible For Me?

I literally would sit for 3+ hours at a time overcome with depression not knowing that I was depressed. It was a downward spiral and the only thing that would break the cycle was mind exhaustion or an environmental need that forced me to change my physical state. Either my dog rang the bell to go out, my cats meowed to eat, the phone rang and interrupt the pattern.

Successful Life And Being Alone

In the evenings, I’d get in bed and my brain would realize there was no one beside me and sadness would take me on a journey to tears, an emotional reaction to this kind of thinking. Sure, I justified it and thought I was being generous to allow myself the opportunity to “cry it out”.. but really, it was such an emotional dis-empowering state. I didn’t know it but my ignorance to true power kept me in the dark!

Worst of all, I didn’t think anyone would understand. I knew no one who reacted to divorce like I did.  I thought to myself, “how am I going to live?” I had a comfortable, though unhappy, but somewhat secure life before divorce. I was successful as a mom. I had been out of the work force too long. I just could not see any happy future at all. Blind.. yes.. so blind..

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I Have A Successful Life

Successful Life And A Mentor

I would take the 45 minute drive to church on Sundays. One day my pastor’s dad approached me, seeing my need, and offered to “mentor me”. He was not going to charge me. He said “I don’t want anything from you. I’m just interested in your success, that’s all.” Do you know what that meant to me? I thought to myself, “am I so special?” What does he see in me to offer this kind of help?” After I said “yes, thank you”, He gave me assignments and we got together monthly or bi monthly to discuss my progress. We did this for one year and I sent him quarterly reports of my progress. Though he helped me create specific goals, his “supportive words” were probably the most helpful thing he could have offered. I progressed in many areas.

I later discovered that having a mentor was essential to my progress. It was the best decision I made.

Life Changing Secrets For Your Successful Life

There are 3 most important questions necessary to answer in order to create and achieve the successful life we long for. If you  are struggling right now I have a gift for you.  Have you ever wondered how you get past “freight train brain”? Do you go to bed at night in worry of missed opportunities and helpless circumstances? Do you want to feel happy but don’t know how to feel good on a regular  basis?


Successful Life Mentor Daniel Dominguez Tells You How

A Successful Life Can Be Yours.

Here’s your opportunity to get the secrets, the insights and strategies of one of the Rising Star mentors in Mexico City and the USA. In the following powerful interview, you will hear from Daniel Dominguez. In this 56 minute interview he will share the 3  most important questions  you must answer for access to  the secrets for your successful life.

I want you to live successfully. I want you to feel great every day. I want you to create the life of your dreams. It all begins right here, right now!

Is Your Successful Future Worth Fighting For? YES!

You may be desperate or perhaps just wanting to become more empowered to succeed. Whichever the case, your successful life is very close now.  Reignite your dreams today.  No more coping! Get the answers to life’s most challenging questions. The following interview contains many of the secrets to start your successful life immediately! And it’s FREE.


Get Access Immediately To “Secrets To A Successful Life” Audio Interview With Daniel Dominguez Now!

Simply sign up to receive this 56 minute interview you can download to your ipod, iphone or burn on a cd. OR just listen right here.

So how do we even know how to get a happy and successful life?  It’s seeking a mentor, one who can show you the way, help ask the RIGHT questions and come along side you and guide you to the success you are looking for.

A Little Bit About Daniel Dominguez

Inspirational Public Speaker – Driven Entrepreneur – Proud Business Owner – Creative Visionary – Passionate Coach – Engaged Researcher – Active Dreamer & Achiever

Daniel Dominguez (Co-Founder of G.O.D. Brothers Venture LLC & Dreamers’ Coach) noticed from an early age that people in the process of growing, put their dreams and passions on hold to acquire a “secure life” and then find them selves living in an “I would’ve loved to…” world.

You must change things in your life for your life to change. Your Successful Life Begins Today!


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