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Jun 27

The Shocking Truth About Advocacy

The Shocking Truth About Advocacy by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Advocacy For The Employee

 Have you ever been around one of those employees who seems to suck the life right out of their environment? Instead of looking for ways to bring value to the company, they show up with the attitude of “What can you do for me?”

That’s the problem with 98% of employees! They are looking for what they can get out of their company or their job — a paycheck, a promotion, benefits, a big year-end bonus, or even personal satisfaction. Bottom line, they’re taking advantage of the company.

I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s better to give than to receive. That’s not just a nice little saying, and it’s not just Christmas. It applies to you here and now my friend.

I know you’re thinking, “But Caryn, what does giving have to do with my job?” My friend, there are opportunities to share your gifts and talents, whether you are a receptionist or a CEO. But if you are only looking for what you can reap, you will miss opportunities to sow. So think about it today — do you contribute to your environment, or do you suck the air out of it? If you want to grow, you must give more than you take.


The Shocking Truth About Advocacy

Leaders Know The Shocking Truth About Advocacy

“Employee Of The Year”  Because You’re An Advocacy Expert

As an employee or business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to get ahead. But guess what — so is everyone else!

How do you contribute to your work environment? It’s so simple, most people would never think to do it…

Study Advocacy! An advocate is someone who defends, supports, and promotes the interests of others.

Advocates are rare, and advocacy has an extremely high value in the marketplace. And why? Because they continuously feed positive energy into their environment. They encourage and edify. They invest their hearts and souls into the company. They consistently look for opportunities to enrich the people around them.

The Marketplace And Advocacy

We desperately need more advocates in the world today. We need people who will push each other toward their goals and pull the best out of each other.

A student of advocacy constantly reminds people of the heart of the company to keep them focused. They protect the integrity of the company and the reputation of the leaders.

Be an advocate and watch what happens! As a positive influence at your place of employment or your network marketing company, you will receive much more by giving than you know!

Be blessed today and everyday! You are magnificent. I am for you! Go today and live the championship life! Your success is your responsibility! 

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Advocacy is your key to promotions and influence in the marketplace!

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