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Feb 11

How Do I Get My List To Open My Emails? Blog Broadcasting With Aweber

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Wow, blog broadcasting makes emailing a cinch!

Does Blog Broadcasting Get Me More Email Opens?

When I was new to marketing, I had no idea that I could do blog broadcasting and automate emails to a large group of people at one time. Now, I can actually automate my blog posts like this one to send it to my “list” without me going to Aweber.

Before Blog Broadcasting

Before you watch the video, let me tell you what it use to be like.  I had a beautiful woman friend whose email list grew to almost 1000 subscribers. She wrote to me asking for computer help. The email provider she used could not send out her encouraging email to more than 50 people at a time, if that. I had no clue about blog broadcasting and  how to help her. I knew somethings about computers but had I known about Aweber, I could have been a great help to her. She struggled and I couldn’t help her.

But now, it’s different. Now I have alot of knowledge about many things online. I have come to learn about the powerful uses of Aweber. So now, I have gone into my Aweber account and set up an automated email that will take this very post and send it to the lists I desire in my Aweber program.  The $19. monthly charge way more than pays for itself, as my time is becoming more and more valuable.

Transformation Age And Blog Broadcasting

Systems like Aweber are transforming the way we do business online. There are several reputable systems like Aweber. I’m not bias only in that it’s the one I prefer. I have not even scratched the surface with all the trainings in the system but this one thing I saw on someone else’s blog and thought I would go hunting in Aweber to see if I could find out about blog broadcasting.

This video is the training you will need if you want to have your Aweber automate your blog posts via blog broadcasting with Aweber.

Click Here To Use Blog Broadcasting For Your Subscribers.

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Aug 01

“Email Marketing” How To – Use Global Snippets To Personalize Your “Email Marketing” Emails

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your opt ins.

Writing the emails can be time consuming. What some companies have done is supply their affiliates with email campaigns ready to go.

Some have a way to easily add your clickbank id if you are selling a clickbank product. But what if you receive emails from someone who has all his links inserted and you have to change them.

Well that is a long process. This video is to show you how to create these codes in the email so that you can share your email campaign with others, who can then easily personalize all of them in one place at one time.

I received a set of Auto Responders from a fellow marketer who does email marketing and he had all his links in there. Over 70 messages would have to be changed in order to place my links in the email messages. That’s alot of work. So I called Aweber, one of the virtual secretary companies. After getting some assistance directly from the one of the customer service agents, I decided to make a video on how to make Auto Responder messages to include global snippets.

In essence these snippets are strategically placed in the email to represent a code; ie  name, email address, link, or  phone numbers, etc. These global snippets are  created for affiliates or anyone the campaign code is shared with. The emails can be personalized by all at one time, thereby saving hours and hours of work.



For More help with email marketing go to: http://learnnetdivvy.com

For Information on using an Auto Responder go to: Your Virtual Secretary

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