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Aug 06

“Who Are You Now?” The “Gutsy” Mindset And Bitter Truth About Marketing Online Stuff

What the heck did he mean, “Who are you NOW?”

One evening at dinner with my business coach, he asked me to identify myself by this:“who are you NOW”? I told him all about who I was connecting with and how great it was going. I felt that my online presence was growing and I was becoming an authority and able to share my content better on social networking sites.   The bottom line reality was wrapped up in this startling question which tugged at my financial reality: “Who are you NOW” regarding your finances?

Wow, we were heading into the restaurant about then and I was torn between my ideologies, my visions of grandeur and the reality that my car died, my house needed to be sold in order to collect alimony, and my near front tooth had to be extracted, leaving my smile to a retainer until I could afford a more permanent solution. Surely, I was not the shining star of the internet at this point! My balloon had burst! And so what would become of my positive mindset?

Who Are You Now? The Online Stuff

All this online stuff is great because I love to write! So sharing is easy for me. But when it comes to my personal successes, I am humbled by the success stories of the many online individuals marketing themselves so beautifully in social media. I am fortunate to have networked and connected with who I consider pretty powerful and influencial individuals who are in the personal development and online marketing niches.

The real question I believe I was asking was “What have I to do with all these successful individuals?” Yes, I felt comfortable talking to them on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Netdivvy, and other sites. But I have yet to experience the “financial” success they have gained through years of online and network marketing and MLM’s.

What kind of mindset must we have to see the success of others and forge ahead instead of feeling intimidated or disillusioned and giving up?

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Who Are You NOW? The Money Stuff

For a marketer online, the truth is, you must be authentic so you can find “like minded ” individuals you CAN identify with, those who have similar experience as you, so you don’t feel too insecure about where you are at so far. When my coach asked me that question, “who are you now?”, he was asking me to look at my present circumstances and realistically take stock of my financial accomplishments.

Who Are You NOW? The Gutsy Mindset Stuff

The present circumstances were grim. But I don’t believe that the future is grim! I have many success stories that are tied to no money whatsoever… but tied to a seed well planted and watered..

Someday you will realize your financial goals if we don’t give up! If you take stock today, ask yourself “Who are you NOW?” and listen for the answer.

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Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Gal. 6:9

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