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Apr 15

How To Find A Business That Resonates With You

Is There A Better Direct Sales Business?

I’vebeen talking about MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Sales businesses on this blog for a long time. I have been in many companies before. The shiny object syndrome took over when I became bored with what I was doing. Sometimes it just didn’t resonate. Other times the cost became prohibitive. Can you relate?

Finding A Better Business

I’m not the better business bureau but when my boyfriend decided to join a direct sales company, after I told him I was through with them, I decided I’d better go check out what he’d gotten himself into. When I arrived at the meeting, I realized that these people were really nice. There demeanor was very low key. Cool! I thought! No hype! NICE!

The Best Business

So do I join because he was in? It became apparent that since he’d never been in network marketing before, I’d better show him the ropes! haha Granted he’s been in sales for 10 years but many have found out that sometimes we must unlearn that sales training. I decided to join and found 11 customers rather quickly. The system is set up to be very simple. “Ask for a favor!” What could be difficult about that? Well, are you surprised that some people don’t have such rapport with others? So I had to find some advanced training so that I could happily teach the leadership principles a new team with little network marketing experience would need. What’s my boyfriend doing now? I’ll leave that up to him to tell you! I am building a team. I’m going slow because I’m retraining brains and that takes time. With videos and audios that correct bad habits, I’m setting up my team for success.

Learn To Market Your Business With Free Skills First

Learn To Market Your Business With Free Skills First

Staying in Business

I’m going to be completely honest with you. MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing is really a personal development study with a compensation plan attached. Is the residual income worth the study? I think so. Don’t leave your job to pursue it, I’ll say that! Learn authentic inviting first! It’s a skill based business and my mentor Mark Januszewski gives away free skills he got from him mentor Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.

Spending Your Way Out Of Business

Are you in a company where your auto-ships are piling up in your garage? Been there, done that! I love the company I’m in now because it’s service based. I’m a consultant. You know there are basically 2 types of people. Most people when they hear about a way to save money get excited and curious and seek out more information to see if it’s a fit for them…. But… some of them don’t! You know the type! (hahah) They’d rather sit around watching TV, surf the internet, drink beer and smoke pot… rather than help themselves and their family.

A Business Savings For Your Family

It’s up to you to decide which person you are! If you like what you read perhaps you might like this!

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May 30

How To Trust Even If You’ve Been Violated

How To Trust Even If You’ve Been Violated by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

How Do I Trust

When we are born, we protect ourselves with crying for food. We trust our gut because we have no experience to lean on, to analyze. As we get older we experience more and begin to analyze our past actions. We have parents to tell us to “be careful” and try to keep us safe.

 Trust your gut and love yourself

Trust your gut and love yourself


Along the way, we may not trust our gut and decide to trust what others say. Or we may want to take chances beyond what is safe for us. Whether over cautious or foolish, we eventually manifest circumstances in  life. Be they good or bad, we do all we can to adapt so we can feel pleasure and avoid pain.

5 trust mistakes that make you sound like a fool!

  1.  Believe everything you read
  2.   Forget to check your heart
  3.  Jump in with both feet
  4.   Push others into doing things
  5.   Violate yourself by not loving yourself
Trust wisely

Trust wisely


13 Tips To Trust Wisely

  1.  Take time to feel your heart’s cry
  2.  Make decisions that feel good
  3.  Avoid negative influences
  4.  Never be rushed
  5.  Takes small steps when learning new things
  6.  As in sports, learn the skill, test the skill and then be ready to use the skill
  7.  Read books that speak independent of religion
  8.  Address your fears
  9.  Eliminate excuses
  10.  Be honestly aware of your “purpose”
  11.  Love yourself
  12.  Love others as you love yourself
  13.  Trust in a higher power that loves you unconditionally

Learning to trust your gut started in childhood. You are wise to get back to the source as you did then so you can begin to make decisions from your gut and along the way, gain wisdom from the mistakes you made when you didn’t follow it! Knowledge is power and leadership begins with trust.

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May 23

Warning: Increase Your Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters

Warning:Increase Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters

Warning:Increase Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters

My Daughters And Eating

Our teens are watching us! What we eat, they eat! What we cook, they cook! Maybe not tomorrow but as adults, they will follow our lead!  Teaching our teen daughters to dress may be your first priority.  “Are you going to wear that to school”?, you might ask.  Well, what about what they are buying in the cafeteria? Are you concerned about that?

Teaching Our Daughters To Cook And Bake

Our daughters are so cute as babies. We feed them anything to get a giggle or grin out of them. Grandma’s especially like to feed them cookies and ice cream. While this is adorable, it sets our little darlings up for bad habits and addictions.

So What Should I Feed My Daughters?

We generally feed them what our mom fed us! Sadly, food choices have changed dramatically and preservatives and substitutes are causing weight gain for many young daughters.

Get the Authors Advice!

Warning:Increase Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters

Warning:Increase Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters



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Raising our daughters is our responsibility. They are our legacy! They may come back to you later in life and thank you or “curse you” for being a hippocrate or even worse, a poor example!

We don’t want that, right?

Daughters Become Wives and Mothers

Our daughters will be as wise, smart, and intelligent as their parents. It’s been said, “if your daughter goes to college and then stays home and raises her children, she is just wasting her degree.” This is an absolute mistake. Daughters who study for 4 years, learn many things. At the very least, they learn how to seek knowledge, to take tests, write papers, and study for exams. Of course, they learn how to work as a team, to obey instructions, to honor professors, and establish friendships. All of these are advanced skills and our daughters can become excellent parents after graduating from college.

Unfortunately, there are some skills not taught even in college. Primarily we call them “leadership skills” and “wealth training” skills. Of course, there are many students who enter college with some of these skills and it makes them all the more prepared to achieve high ranks in their careers and an ability to create wealth.

Educating Our Daughters

As parents, we have been given the responsibility to teach our children manners, civil duties, and morality. Leadership begins at home. There are some daughters who become dishonest employers. There are some women who are morally corrupt! Telling a lie here and their, they promote themselves over others. This little bit of error in judgment can bring our daughters to ruin later on in life!

Help For Daughters

Our daughters need us! The world has many obstacles in the way of understanding how to be a leader over our bodies, minds and moral life. We are not totally corrupt. But there are parts of us that need help throughout our lives to become the kind of daughter we are proud of.  Let’s help our daughters see someone special in the mirror each day. Lets teach them to cook and bake and eat healthy so they’ll stay fit and trim.  Let’s lead them on a healthy path their children, and your grandchildren, will one day tread.

Let’s help our teenage daughters begin life with honest awareness about habits of eating, thinking and leadership.

 Learn more about raising your teenage daughters here!

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Feb 04

The Framework For Success – The Basic Framework To Achieve The Life You Want


A Framework is a basic structure by which success is built!


To achieve success in business, a person may go to school to gain skills but there is a framework that

true happiness must be built on.

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Here is the podcast


There are 4 things we must do to build the framework for success in business and life.


1. Love the creator (God, universe, etc..)
2. Love yourself
3. Love others
4. Live by the golden rule

Framework of success

Framework Is Key For success

These simple steps I expound upon here are the basics for success in business. To many love is a personal word and has no bearing in business. Understandably so, love is to many the reason they live. Business is a vehicle by which they give things to those they love. However, many have grown up with a poor framework of love.

1. They began life in pain
2. They had little training in loving and nurturing themselves
3. They didn’t know how to overcome obstacles at each stage of life
4. They became adults with little knowledge of control of their emotions

What is the best success principle we can strive for to love ourselves?

Discover the truth about this from a babies viewpoint.

1. Babies cry
2. Babies work without stopping
3. Babies see love or pain
4. Babies either believe in themselves or believe in others

Adults need a framework for success.

Without the basics a successful life will bypass them.

A book like “Be Free From Fear Audios” contain ideas about how to find success. In the recording and commentaries, I share the secrets of success that I learned in overcoming the negative mindset I learned as a young girl.

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Jan 29

Secrets To Happiness, Power and Freedom From Fear – Answers To Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask About Fear

Secrets To Happiness, Power and Freedom From Fear – Answers To Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Fear is pain and no baby wants it.

They cry till they get relief. When a baby grows up they stop crying for one of 2 reasons. Their fears have been relieved by supportive family and friends or they shrink back resolving that life is just like that!

Fear Is The Absence Of Faith

Fear Is The Absence Of Faith

There’s so much more to life than struggle and fear.

Fear is crippling while faith and knowledge lead to ultimate freedom and success all around.
I found this out when I was a child. I also found this out when I went through separation and divorce. Your circumstances will reflect the way you deal with your thought life.

Fear is the absence of faith

But love is a precursor of faith. Discover what true love is when you get more help with overcoming fear here.

Do you feel isolated? Do you feel like you aren’t being affirmed for who you are? Do you know
your gifts? Have you reflected upon them and have embraced the ones who affirm who you are?

Find out what happens when we’re babies that makes the biggest difference in fear in adulthood.

Also find out how you can change your life in an easy to understand way and grant you the
success  and validation you desire and deserve!

Has life messed your plans up? Have your circumstances made you lose your momentum in
business? Has loss of money caused you to doubt your ability to pay your bills? Do you drink
or smoke your worries away?

No matter our age or employment, problems with fear must be addressed. If we feel we have value, potential,
and purpose yet something just isn’t right, gaining knowledge on how to overcome fear will help us! In the case of fear, ignorance is NOT bliss! Our life is extremely precious and being able to change our mind so we can live free from fear is the straightest path to happiness.

 Learn What FEAR Is Doing To You! You Deserve Success and Fear is keeping you from it!

If you liked this, you may also find these 14 life changing audios on the how to think better once we have addressed and overcome fear, helpful. It’s our birthright to be free. We must not let fear keep us in the dark.

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Sep 14

How Do I Get My Mind Prepared For Business Success Right Now- Healthy Habits For Business Success

Do you have healthy habits for your business?

Do you struggle with keeping momentum going?

World Ventures Leader

Gordon Attard and I did a webinar on Healthy Habits for your business success.

Watch the webinar here: http://www.anymeeting.com/travelexpansion/E952D782874B

For greater success you deserve and are needing go here: http://learnnetdivvy.com

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Feb 12

Is Your Business Success Being Hindered? Business Success Depends On Your Ability To Run Away!


I’m reminded of the movie Forest Gump, as he ran from the boys wanting to harm him and ridicule him.  It has been said, “We are what we eat!”, “Garbage in, Garbage out!” Well I say, “You are only as good as your worst friend!” Friends and family are part of everyday relationships. We can pick our friends. We are born into our family. Whatever influence your family and friends have on you depends on you. We all make choices daily towards our future by written goals or default. Either you plan your life or your life plans you! In this video training, I want to share with you the importance of looking forward, envisioning and writing down your goals for future business success. A positive mindset is vital and achievable with training.

I feel the following explanation of how we are to think about ourselves and our future is very true. Read it and meditate on the value of it. It will promote a more positive mindset for your future business success.

Beloved, separate yourself from everything that instills fear and brings confusion. Refuse to allow anything to undermine your peace and stability in Me. If you will do this, you will be able to see clearly the attack of the enemy against you, which will then position you to resist him while you maintain spiritual integrity. I will give you this insight if you will set your heart to see, says the Lord.

There are many in the faith community who receive “words of knowledge” regarding what they read in their preferred spiritual sourse book. The words here are a revelation from the following bible verse.

1 Peter 5:8-9 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world.

As Forest Gump matured, he made a decision to “run” but his choice was based on his goal, not because anyone was chasing him. In fact, because of his diligence, others wanted to follow him, and did.  Business success will come more quickly when your mindset is correct. Be vigilant, resist negative thinking, negative friendships, negative family members. Instead be steadfast. Be an example to others who are still in a negative mindset. Choose to separate yourself  from negative family members, friendships that drain your energy AND from negative habits that destroy good health. Most importantly, run toward your goals for your own business success.  Free Training with Netdivvy will help you.

If you want to explode your business success go to http://learnMLMtraining.com
Connect with  Caryn Elizabeth here:  http://on.fb.me/MLMTrainingSecrets

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Feb 12

Is Business Success The Way To Rock? | Truth Is Rolling Towards Your Business Success

This audio/video devotional uses the language of the ”marketplace”, the farming community, to explore a relationship with God, knowing truth or being in ignorance yet.  Words like twigs and logs, weeds, fallow ground and showers surround the deeper truth but make is easy for even the ignorant to identify with. Done purposely, scripture relates to common living through relationships with others. Soulful words  like heart, comfort and crying out are relatable to those who lean on emotions. For More Help With Seeking Truth Go Here: http://LearnMLMTraining.ComConnect with Caryn Elizabeth: http://facebook.com/carynlee910

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Aug 13

Small Business For Sale


[mage lang=”en|es|en” source=”flickr”]small business for sale[/mage]
How can companies Ph No permit for the type of SAEs? And what is the requirments needed?

I'm thinking put a small business concern of buying and selling agricultural products such as copra, vegetables and SEAFOODS.

Find all rules and regulations and download forms you need to present here: http://www.gov.ph/default.asp?mytab=3 http://www.gov.ph/cat_agriculture/default.asp http://www.gov.ph/ download / Hope this helps. Good luck with your business …

Business for Sale in Pensacola FL, Small Business, Business

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Aug 07

Debt Help

debt help
How does the concept of debt consolidation work? Especially when applied to credit cards.?

I'm trying to help aboout someone who has $ 10,000 in card debt credit spread over 6 cards, things turned around. Does anyone know the options have and what processes are best. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Debt consolidation and balance transfers are two different things. If you are looking for consolidate debt, a low-interest loan is probably more in line with what you're looking for. While you will not have the lowest rate out there, will bill a fixed amount to pay each month, and at the end of the loan, the debt will be repaid. There are some very good ones out there, just look around and weigh your options carefully. Balance transfers in brand new accounts usually have a teaser rate of 0% for about a year, then the periodic will be in April. Keep in mind that you also pay a transfer fee in most accounts, about 3% to the maximum recommended by the company for each transfer made. If the person concerned is their credit limits low on their current accounts and amounts that are being close to that line, the chances that you will be able to find a company willing to transfer the sum total is low. You are asking them to assume a balance of $ 10K with little or no interest being paid and in return will only make a small amount of the discount rate. Balance transfers have a very low cost by what issuers do not like to treat them as "consolidations" because they know they are going to have a loss in the amount, unless the person is unable to switch to another emitter after the teaser expires. If you go the route of balance transfer, also note that you will not know what limit is adopted, so that no know in advance if you are able to transfer the balance in full or not. Do not give information in advance of transfer, because it is not enough to transfer the total amount going to go ahead and transfer as much of the allowed limit, leaving more than a bill and a hit on your credit for research. With information I have here, the loan debt consoliidation sounds more like what you need. At least with that, no guessing what your payment will be, what its rate of interest can change, and you'll know when the debt is fully paid.

Detroit Debt Help

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