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Jul 02

7 Things God Needs To Hear You Say When You Pray

7 Things God Needs To Hear You Say When You Pray by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

What does it mean to pray?

Prayer is meant for the purpose of helping us feel that there is someone outside of our immediate circumstances that will help us with things we have no control over. Many people are taught to pray when they are small. The prayers are for the purpose of gaining pleasure when obstacles are in our way.

We pray to feel better, to get good grades on tests, to get a new bike, etc… As children we may have a feeling of a lack of control which conditions us to be fearful but prayer is suppose to make us feel better because God knows what to do to help us. We may tend to press God for things when we feel impatient to wait for them. This idea of praying in this way has taught so many people wrongly. Fear is one of the worst feelings we can have when we pray.

Unfortunately, we’re not taught the correct way to pray so that the fear is lessened and the things we want granted.

Taking responsibility when we pray

What Does God Hear You Pray?

  • 1. Gratitude
  • 2. Fear
  • 3. Faith
  • 4. Words with intention
  • 5. Begging
  • 6. Demanding
  • 7. Hopelessness


7 Things God Needs To Hear You Say When You Pray

7 Things God Needs To Hear You Say When You Pray

What prayers get answered?

All prayers get answered. Whatever emotion is tied to the prayer when we pray will grant us more of the same emotion. This is the sowing and reaping principle we’re taught about in the bible and other spiritual books. Intention is the key.

What is your intention when you pray?

  • 1. To communicate with someone who can help
  • 2. To get things off your chest
  • 3. To make yourself feel better
  • 4. To state the condition of your circumstances
  • 5. To clarify where you are at in your belief at the time
  • 6. To use God to do what you cannot do on your own
  • 7. To share your feelings with someone who understands you
3 Things Missing When You Pray

3 Things Missing When You Pray

The 3 things missing when we want the best answers as we pray?

1. Faith in the things that bring us pleasure. Depending on the prayer, we will get more of what we believe about what we are asking.
2. Knowledge of what we need. Without having seen the future, we may not know the best things to pray for.
3. Vision of our definite purpose. Until we set a vision of a definite chief aim in life, we are drifting.

Ultimate things to pray for

What do you pray for? When we’re little we pray for things we don’t have the money to buy ourselves. We pray our siblings will be nice to us. We pray for good grades and for our parents to get along. When we’re small, we have little to no control over our circumstances. But we may not have been taught what we do have control over! Unfortunately, if you had not been taught that you are responsible for your thought life, and your belief life, then you may still be living believing that God is the only one who controls your future. This is a great lie and it’s time for you to wake up and realize that you are in control of your life now!

The lie about how to pray

The lie about prayer is that it’s meant to give you hope that God will be merciful to you and grant you what you don’t have now. The truth is, you can have, be or do anything you desire. The keys needed are “vision, knowledge and faith“. Without the knowledge that you have control over your present life, you may be living as a child, with the belief that you have no control and that you are helpless without God to show you mercy.

7 Things God Needs To Hear You Say When You Pray

Even As Children, You Have Control When You Pray

You have control when you pray

Discipline of our thought life should have begun as children whose parents trained us to believe that anything is possible. But today is your day if you didn’t have such parents. Taking responsibility for your life is what God intends for you to do. He set up the laws of the universe to grant you your desires. Wishes are for those who lack a belief that they have control over their life. Desires are for those who know they have control, that God is for them and the laws of God are set up for expansion of knowledge and growth for every individual on earth.

How now should we pray?

  • 1. Control is the key to answered prayer
  • 2. Faith in the good end
  • 3. Belief that God has given you the keys to success
  • 4. Knowledge of what you want in life
  • 5. Vision seen when meditating on your definite chief aim in life

Whether we’re praying for a sick relative or a business expansion, to pray means to believe the best, to be grateful for the outcome, to know that it’s answered as we pray, and to allow time to reveal the best outcome to you.

Sowing seed is another word for prayer. Allow the water and sun given to every seed by infinite intelligence to do it’s work and in due time, your prayer will be answered. You will have taken control of your present life and your future prayers will be more and more confident. These confident prayers will be answered even more swiftly because your knowledge mixed with skill and experience will grant them to you. You are in control when you pray.

To teach your children how to pray, check this out!

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Jun 11

How To Raise Leaders Not Wimps – A Response To “A Nation of Wimps” Article

Are Leaders Raising A Nation Of Wimps? by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

What Are Parents Doing To Their Children

My daughter shared an interesting article with me on Facebook.  As we all do in social media and even offline, if something affects us emotionally, we share it; a good movie, a great beer, a great value, a new gadget or tool! Often times we learn how to parent from modeling others as well. We learn what to do and many times what not to do from our own parents or guardians. As an example of being one of those who likes to share the wisdom that we as adults declare we have, I share with you my view of this article.

Personally, when I read the first several paragraphs, I thought this writer was very bias and had no clue of a leaders perspective. I later realized that he was just building his case for the case studies he found that others declared was happening to children being raised from 2004-2013. In analysis of this article, I recorded my perspective so that you would not be left in the lurch as to how to fix the problem these supposed reports indicated.

The Laws of Leadership To Raise Wealthy Children

Your children have ability to lead themselves after you learn the skills of leadership!

Parenting Your Children Correctly

Our parents did the best they could in raising us. Imagine if we knew how to raise emotionally healthy children. Do you believe you have the skills to help your children succeed and find satisfaction in life without begging, borrowing or stealing to get it? Honesty is a vital character quality. It begins at home. Some parents are pretty sly at being dishonest to get the teacher to chance a child’s grade. Other parents who don’t know the proper leadership principles use the governmental system to declare their children unable to take tests with a time frame attached. Writing notes and calling professors indicate a parent who is forcing a teacher to treat their child differently.

Undermining Your Children

There are things you may be doing to create children who feel inadequate

  • Make up stories about your children to cover up a mistake
  • Look a child in the eye to keep them from saying something in front of others
  • Go behind your children’s back to make the child feel inadequate
  • Lie on your income tax or when talking on the phone
  • Manipulate the system to get more governmental assistance
  • See others as “poor so in so”
  • Tell your children what to say when they have to call someone to explain a situation
  • Talk to your child daily about everything that’s going on in their day

Our children are meant to be leaders. Parents who are overly concerned about every little thing in their children’s life are generally making up for a lack of training in the early years. Unfortunately, many of us didn’t have parents with great leadership skills. We learned as we went and by the time we had some experience or learned some truth about how best to live, our little ones were teens. Too little too late, great people have troubled teens on their hands. Hoping they could get through to their children, they made a last ditch effort to share the wisdom they wished they had while they were young parents.

What values of Leadership are you teaching your children?

What values of Leadership are you teaching your children?

Leadership for Children

Do you find it hard to get on track with raising kids? I know a lot of well meaning parents whose kids are messed up. It’s sad. They are into drinking, drugs, wreckless driving, unemployment, unmotivated, aimless and more. Many young people head off to the military to get some aim in life. Those that stick with it feel secure in that lifestyle and don’t like to go home to the chaos of civilian life.

Parents must prepare, before they have children, to learn the skills of leadership over their own homes and businesses. We can raise leaders who see life with possibility and who feel great about their future . It takes knowledge and wisdom. Over concern and playing catch up is never good!

10 things you can do today to help your children become leaders are:

  1. Read to your children
  2. Homeschool if possible
  3. When your children want to help, let them
  4. When your child is curious, see this as initiative
  5. If your child falls and gets hurt, help him right away
  6. If you child has difficulty sleeping, investigate the true reason
  7. Keep your children from watching horror films
  8. Play inspiring music at home
  9. Teach your child how to save money
  10. Pay him money for jobs above and beyond the chores you set up for him/her

Parenting is  an amazing opportunity and done correctly, you will develop a team that will pay to back over and over. Over concern is an anxiety emotion and shows a lack of trust on your part. A lack of trust in yourself, in your children, your spouse, your job, the government or whatever you attach the emotion to, you pass this anxiety on to your children when you don’t do things with the intention of a positive aim in life. This chief aim is necessary to get you and your children to a life of success and satisfaction you will be proud of in the end.

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PS.Audio based on “A Nation Of Wimps” article in “Psychology Today” Feb 19, 2013. Article asserts hyper concerned parents creating fragile children who go into depression in their 30s.


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Mar 05

How To Explain “Definite Chief Aim” To Children

What is your Definite Chief Aim? by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud


What is a Definite Chief Aim?

Definite Chief Aim is another way of saying “our purpose”. Stephen Covey said “Think with the end in mind”, when you write down your purpose for living. Teaching our children to create a purpose statement will help them to go more directly to the success that is their birthright.

We as parents can stimulate our children to organize  and direct to a definite end the forces of his or her mind  thus harnessing the stupendous power which most people waste in spasmatic purposeless thought.

Singleness of purpose is essential for success no matter what may be ones idea of the definition of success. This calls for thought on many allied subjects as a fighter must learn many types of punches and exert himself in many forms of exercise to win the match.

The punching bag for speed and eye coordination, running for leg strength, proper food, and other forms of strength building to make him well rounded and ready to win in every battle.
arrow and target

The Battle For Achieving Your Definite Chief Aim

So do we need to stimulate our children regarding the training of their mind  that will give them the needed information to grant them success in the battle of life.

The mind needs to develop success steps by habit and repetition using a variety of thought inspiring stimuli. Hopefully as you read and study this series of leadership posts for the benefit of your children,  it  will stimulate ideas for your own leadership education.

To get an in depth study of these principles, you may want to get a copy of “Think And Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill.

In sharing these principles with your children, both parent and child need take the stand that no man knows enough about any worthwhile subject to entitle him to feel that he has the last word on that subject.

It is wise and honest that we wipe out ignorance and make way for some of the useful truths of life.

Being Teachable While Pursuing Your Definite Chief Aim

Humility is a for-runner of success. Until we become humble in our own heart, we are not apt to benefit from the thoughts and experiences of others.

Training ourselves and our children to be teachable will take us much further in life. As parents, forcing children to do things teaches them to compete for power. Rather, explaining to our children the benefits of listening  only to those who have what we want and are the kind of person we want to become, we are helping them tremendously.

The bottom line is that our children need to develop a mindset that includes the value of having a definite chief aim in life. Using the examples of our heroes, our children should write down the way they want to be remembered when they die.

While this may seem daunting to you, children have great imaginations and can come up with plenty of ways they want to be remembered. This forms their definite chief aim in life.

written chief aim

An Exercise To Establish Your Definite Chief Aim

Perhaps the both of you can do an exercise. Take 20 minutes and on white lined paper take a blue pen and  answer this question, “Why am I here?”.

As you keep writing reasons why you are here, you will see similarities and after a while, your sentences will become more clear and simpler. When you have written for about 20 minutes, you should have a very good sentence you can post in your journal, on notes around your home, in your car, locker, notebook or inside your bike helmet or on your mirror.

This is your definite chief aim. Any child who comes up with one and aims to reach for that purpose will have an extremely high chance of achieving that purpose.

This will help your child to be a leader over his life.

  • Peers will not shake him.
  • Obstacles will be only temporary setbacks.
  • He’ll look for friends to help him get to that end.

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line and a chief aim helps us get to where we are headed as if it were a magnet drawing us to it.

Help your child become the leader over his own life. Help him or her write his purpose statement and share yours with him. In humility, you will both become accountable to each other through life as you reach for that definite chief aim!


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