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Dec 17

The Undecorated Christmas Tree And Help For Feeling Forgotten

Every Christmas Tree Is Special

Christmas time is filled with sparkle around most homes and towns. Lights, candles, wreaths, tinsel, garland, ornaments, toys, window shopping, even parades..  But there was once a Christmas tree that felt forgotten.


Every Christmas Tree Is Special!

Around Christmas, the family took out their decorations and hung lights outside on window wreaths. Inside, the garlands were lighted and laid out across the buffet and the mantle. The candles were placed on the Christmas table cloth and the little candle wreaths were laid carefully atop the glass holders. The 3 foot decorated Christmas tree was removed from the storage closet and placed carefully on the buffet where it was plugged in and ready to celebrate.


Everything was looking great! The spotlights outside shown on the bare leafed trees and towards the front door covered with Christmas garlands and pine cones. Inside the bare Christmas tree was left opened and standing but without any decorations.


This beautiful tree , quite frankly, felt abandoned. Everyone passed by it day after day not even noticing it’s beautiful branches. It’s smell was vibrant yet it longed for attention. Several days passed and the Christmas tree thought she  heard word of new lights! “Perhaps those lights will be for me”, she said! “I love getting presents and that would make me even more beautiful so that everyone would look at me.” This tree had a problem, you see!


The problem of the Christmas tree


Christmas trees pretty much look alike. Some are tall and others small. But all of them have similar green branches. The only difference the tree can bare is it’s outward appearance. Some trees get very beautiful adornment while others get the bare essentials. But in the end, it’s not even the tree that gets the most attention. It’s the gifts under the tree that are given top priority.


So what is the tree to do?


The Christmas tree knows full well that the short life it has to be adorned is it’s crowning glory! This tree longs for it’s adornment yet it seems so long in coming. In the mean time, the simple branches are left to hang bare and wanting. Well, finally the day came when the glory of Christmas would shine through the lights and garlands this tree would bare. She indeed was correct. Those lights were for her! The Christmas practitioners wanted to adorn her with fresh lights and garlands to make her glory even brighter than in the past! The day came and she could feel alive and vibrant as each light and ornament was carefully hung to make the tree fuller and brighter! Oh, when each ornament was hung, she stood strong and held on to each as if it were life and death. Each piece of tinsel sparkled as she held her lights firmly in hand as if to jump rope with them. When the tree was finally finished the feeling of heaviness came over the tree. She knew the time was coming and she must have some water to keep her strength. Would she be fed or neglected?


The neglected Christmas tree


The feeling of neglect overwhelmed the Christmas tree this season. She worried that she would not be decorated. Now she worried that she’d not have her needs met. Would she have to drop some ornaments to get attention and quench her thirst? The following morning, after a restless night upholding her perceived burdens, the Christmas practitioner awoke and turned on the radio and some Christmas music. The Christmas tree was aroused with hope and the caregiver walked by. Plugging in the Christmas lights, the caregiver disappeared to the kitchen and returned with a large container. “Ahhhh, water”, thought she. And in no time, her strength mounted and she felt the refreshment that only water can bring.


Christmas day


In time, the tree held many packages under it’s wings and protected everyone from onlookers. The children danced around it and begged mother to let them sleep under it the night before Christmas eve. What excitement the Christmas tree felt at that prospect. All eyes would be on her and she would feel terrific. There wish came true as they grabbed their sleeping bags, cookies and milk and lay at the foot of the tree looking at all the sparkles. Christmas tree was in her glory getting the attention she longed for and knew it was what she was born for!


The final stages came to be and Christmas day came. The tree released each gift with pride knowing her job was about complete. Her wish came true. She was adorned and she bore the responsibility well. In time, as trees know, they must be released back into the wilderness to assist the baring of other Christmas trees. Her day was complete and the Christmas caregivers dealt fairly with her through the whole process. She was satisfied with her work and Christmas was a success for her and for the family she shared it with.


Moral of the story: We may think poorly and we will sometimes. But we will be dealt with fairly as we allow ourselves to be aroused with hope for a prosperous future. Every Christmas Tree Is Special!





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Nov 28

How Do I Get Christmas Peace? Simple Ways To Find Peace At Christmas

What does Christmas Peace mean to you?


 christmas peace of mtns

Your Christmas peace can be like these mountains!


Some get excited about buying gifts and hope that they will receive back something nice.
Others are too busy for Christmas at all. It’s in the way of making money and working!

To some, it’s a time to reflect on the love that Jesus represents.
Lastly, still others plan out the month in order to get through it without getting in the way of their regular schedule.

Christmas peace is way more powerful and different than the standard ideas!

This podcast shares top solutions you can trust!  Here’s help to feel better!

Christmas in my opinion is way more and different than your standard ideas! I believe in forming our own opinions and living out Christmas the way I feel is best!

Yes, I’ll cook, clean and bake but I’ll also do what I share on this podcast!

christmas peace

Start your new year with Christmas peace

Give yourself a present for Christmas peace

Spend some times coming up with word affirmations or statements that help you in the coming year! What does the child in you want for peace this Christmas?

I am in the midst of writing my list!
What’s on yours today?

For peace sake,
Caryn Elizabeth

PS. Eliminate fear of business failure here.

Christmas peace begins with an open mind and desire to love, live and have a chief aim!


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Nov 26

How Do I Create Peace In My Home Office? – Peace In My Home On Earth

How Do I Create Peace In My Home Office? – Peace In My Home On Earth by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

How do I create peace in my home office?

clutter office vs peace in home

A cluttered office shows no peace in my home!

To create peace in your office, you must first have peace in your home. This is so important. It can keep us healthy. It can keep our home safe. Lack of peace can cause chaos and disrespect to members of the family.  Keeping order in your home helps keep the balance of logic and emotions for the members of the family.

Today’s audio explores the ideas of tapering dominating personalities and tells a story of my own mom and dad and a lot of stuff my dad decided to deal with in order to have peace in my home!

clutter vs peace in my home

Clutter adds no peace in my home living space!


Is Christmas the only time to have peace on earth and peace in my home?

While being practical is necessary, we must be aware that some people are more emotional than practical.

If you have a small home, be aware of what I share in this audio.

Christmas means more gifts and stuff to add to lasts years stuff. Might I suggest you spend time each autumn to give away older items to make room for the new things.

If you have a very emotional spouse, this audio will help you know how to help this person to think more logically.

If you have children in your home, this audio will help you understand what the consequences are on your children.


cluttered bedroom gives no peace in my home

Cluttered bedrooms offer no peace of mind in my home for my children!

How do we deal with all our stuff  and have peace in my home?

1. Buy a bigger home

2. Get rid of stuff

3. Organize your stuff

This audio will enlighten you as to why people collect stuff at the expense of peace in their home.

Listen Here


To Your Peace this season,


PS. Having peace in my home helped me to keep my office organized and my children respectful of my work.




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