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Dec 16

What is Google+ And How Can I Make Money Online With It?

Anyone up for playing Google+

 Research shows that Google is the master player in the monopoly game of internet marketing.

They have competitors like Yahoo, Bing, MSN, some of which have merged to get some leverage and compete in this game.

Google + is a new game being played. Some say it’s not being played as often as hoped but from what I can see, guys likes Ian Anderson, creator of My Space has connect with half a million in his circles, and Mari Smith, new guru facebook marketer has 10’s of thousands in her circles. They must know something of the game if they’ve decided to play.

Below are some rules and strategies for you to get in the google + game.

Google and facebook connections

Getting Facebook And Google To Help YOU

Getting Facebook Contacts Into Google +

Ok , first question. Where do I go to Import my fb contacts to Yahoo mail? I have in the past imported my yahoo contacts into Google voice contacts. But I don’t know where to import fb to yahoo.

Here’s what you do:
1. Use your existing or create a Yahoo Mail account, login to Yahoo Mail and Import your Facebook contacts to Yahoo Mail.
2. Export your Yahoo Mail contacts to a CSV file (select Yahoo… format)
3. Use your existing or create a new GMail account (and associate it with Google+ through account settings if it’s not the one you used to create the + account) Import the Yahoo format CSV file into GMail.

I did create a new email address for Google+.. that was a real drag.. so many names with the word “Google” in them were taken.

4. On the right side of the “Stream” page in Google+ it will continue to feed “Suggestions” from your GMail contacts, by mousing over “Add to Circles” you can check the boxes for the circles you want people added to. Once they are signed-up for Google+ they will be preconfigured for the circles you’ve assigned.

I love google+ pages

I love google+ pages

Creating Pages In Google +

Like Facebook Google + offers a profile page and business pages (like fb fan pages)

I would recommend:

1. Create a separate G+ page for every web site you do have.
2. Link every G+ page to the respective web site’s home page.
3. You also might want to create G+ pages for different types of products (or web pages discussing different products – over and above your home page).
4. Create (and RESERVE) your G+ pages right now before someone else does it.
5. Upload your company logo.
6.Complete your business profile (AND make sure you provide your web site’s URL)!!
7. If you have a Twitter account, start sharing your G+ page’s URL with your followers so that they can visit your page.

8. Then, start searching for companies (when you are logged in as your G+ Business Page (not your personal G+ profile account) that you want to network with .
Think of keywords – In my case, for example, entrepreneur, business success, mastermind and more.
9. Like their pages and put them in your circles (you can create your own custom ones). You will then start seeing their posts in your stream.
10. Comment on their posts. Slowly but surely they will add you back.
Over a weekend you can have 15 or more already circling you back.
11.Share your business page with the people in your circles under your personal page.
12. Ask them to visit your biz page.

Then… do it every day 🙂

The Games Google Plays

Connecting to Play the Google+ Way

What New Game Is Google+ Playing?

Remember, G+ is a combination of Twitter (the idea of follow and followed back… here they talk about circles) and FB – you can have longer posts than on Twitter.

I know it sounds like a game.

It is a game.

The new monopoly money maker.

For more ways to generate leads and building your list , using Google+ check this out!

  Connect with my Google+ Profile

Connect with my Google+ Biz page


Yours In Mastery,

Caryn Elizabeth
 Milford, PA 18337

Google is playing the game and believing they hold all the cards. Better to get in the Google+ game so you can win a hand or two!


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Nov 30

What is Xobni And How Do I Use It To Make Money Online?

You Become Contacts Smarter With Xobni!

Networking With Xobni Just Got Easier.

Deciding Why To  Xobni

Downloading this program to Outlook and Gmail will help you make money by saving your time and keeping your trips to your inbox useful instead of a time waster! Frustration over lack of time to keep up with email contacts has ended by implementing Xobni.

Marketers are trained to keep different email addresses for each company or domain name purchase. Some online business owners keep affiliate products in separate email addresses. Having several gmail accounts is common. However, there is a problem switching over to gmail from Outlook or yahoo.

xobni makes your contacts smarter

Xobni Makes Your Contacts Smarter So You Make Money Online

Tips to get your contacts into gmail for Xobni

1. In Yahoo email, go to contacts tab. Find export and click to save as a csv file.
2. In gmail, import the contacts.
3. In facebook, find the export list and transfer them to gmail
4. When all your contacts are in gmail, set up Xobni.
5. Link your facebook, Linkedin, and twitter accounts using Xobni.
6. Now you will be able to see the goings on of all contacts in these accounts.

Xobni is one product used to not only connect email accounts together but to automatically link these email addresses with facebook, linkedin and twitter. This is a time saver for marketers and those who use email to prospect for clients by sales and services.

Is Your Contact List Growing Out Of Control?

Xobni spelled backward is “inbox”. Its’ Smartr product suite, discovers all the people you’ve ever emailed, called or SMS’d, and creates complete and social profiles that are instantly searchable. Profiles include a photo, job title, company details, email history as well as updates from your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Products for Gmail, Android and iPhone are available under the Smartr brand; and Xobni is available for Outlook and BlackBerry. Xobni Pro is the premium offering that connects all Smartr and Xobni products.

Some Statistics for Xobni

Xobni is a rapidly growing company based in San Francisco, California. Xobni is funded by leading venture capitalists and angel investors including: Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, RRE Ventures, Cisco Systems, BlackBerry Partners Fund, Baseline Ventures, Atomico Investments, and prominent angel investors.

With this technology in the hands of marketers and business owners, keeping up with the social media status of clients and prospects got way easier. Now you can ‘follow’ someone on twitter right from your inbox, as long as that prospect is in your contacts list. With the option of exporting your facebook contacts to gmail, you may have a gold mine of an opportunity to network more thoroughly with contacts in many places at once.

Making Money With Xobni

Making money online is easier when you have time to dedicate to marketing instead of getting distracted by email. Now you don’t have to fear going into your inbox any longer, thinking your time will be swallowed up. Now checking your email will have a dual purpose. Downloading Xobni will help you make money by saving your time and keeping your trips to your inbox useful instead of a time waster!

PS. To learn more about Xobni and to generate leads and make money online Get Direction Now


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