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Jun 25

How to use discernment when you can’t tell what you should do next

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Do you use discernment when you are deciding what to do next?

Over 70% of the people in the world are not utilizing the secret to success. Are you? Listen and discover what at most, 30% of the world’s population do that others don’t.

Do you know what discernment does?

Do you know what discernment does?

How many of us have wasted our time on a project we liked the first week but struggled to finish because we lacked discernment? I have. That crocheted afghan, refinishing that chair, making those slipcovers, all look like fun but after the first week, may seem like too much work. I remember becoming ambitious on re-roping a hammock. It began great but soon became so overwhelming, I had to stop. It was not fun and I gave up. Did you ever feel that way?

Do you know what discernment is?

Do you know what discernment is?


Discernment and knowing when to give up

Some things require a lot of our time. Many using social media either on their computer or smartphone, come across videos or podcasts like this one and have only a few minutes to listen or watch. Which ones should we view? Which podcast should we listen to? Granted podcasts can be listened to while we drive and only require our ears but we have priorities.

With the busyness of life, we hesitate to give some things our undivided attention because these may be distractions.  But what if they can help further our growth or success in some way? How do we decide?  How do we know what things to give our time or attention to?

What secret does discernment hold?

What secret does discernment hold?


What is discernment?

Should we take that job? Should we volunteer for that cause? Will it take us away from the other priorities for too long?
[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Discernment  helps us determine if things that come to us are distractions or the open door to further success. [/pullquote]Will it use up too much of my savings? We must have something more in place for discernment to work for us. Aimlessness is a vise and a life of impulse isn’t much better. Being inspired can be great if it is in line with our major definite purpose in life, but which of us has that in place? There is that special something that less that 30% of people in the world implement and may be the reason for a lack of success in that 70% of the population.

Discover what that thing is as you listen to this weeks podcast here. It requires 11 minutes.

For more go to www.carynelizabeth.com/podcast

The power of discernment combined with this simple secret will bring you more happiness than you can imagine.

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