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Dec 18

How To Find Happiness By Using Social Media

Happiness is an emotion

How Can I Have Happiness?

How Can I Have Happiness?


How happy are you? How sad do you get? People have a varying states of happiness and during the holidays it seems to be exaggerated! High highs during parties, and low lows when you are home alone without family.

Lost a job and can’t buy gifts or have no time to shop because you are working like crazy to finish up projects before the holiday break! No matter what it is… what can help you feel better is to be an encouragement to others.


Happiness Is Where Your Friends Are!

Happiness Is Where Your Friends Are!

Happiness Is On Facebook

Facebook is great place to find happiness. Use Facebook to help you feel better during the holidays and re-post something funny to help your friends in need!

The holidays are sad for a lot of people who really need happiness. Those who use the power of the internet can watch YouTube videos, read interesting and inspiring articles, or read updates from friends on Facebook or other sites they subscribe to. Don’t let the holidays find you sad or alone.
Happiness Is A Mouse Click AwayHappiness Is A Mouse Click Away

Happiness Is A Mouse Click Away

Happiness is in your hands


Using social media, email, or the internet, you can find happiness and give a gift of encouragement to those who need it. The holiday season is meant to help us connect with a feeling of happiness and those we love. If your children live far away, use Skype or Facebook to keep in touch with them. Don’t let Christmas find you alone. Connect with others using the technology given as a gift to the earth. Have faith.
For a heartwarming tale of happiness with a moral, for kids and adults alike, download or read “The Undecorated Christmas Tree” story at http://carynelizabeth.com/blog/the-un…

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Sep 17

What is the quality level of your choices?

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May 16

How Scammers Gamble With Your Facebook Profile – 7 Ways To Protect Yourself

How Scammers Gamble With Your Facebook Profile – 7 Ways To Protect Yourself by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

How Safe Is Your Facebook Profile From Scammers?

There are people who do not have your best interests at heart! Do not be a sitting duck! I’ve experienced scamming and will share from experience the warning signs of scamming.

Action steps you can take today to keep from getting scammed.

Listen to the audio to find out and discover why it happened!

scammers prey on weak

Scammers prey on the Weak

How To Avoid The Scammers

Further steps to take to claim your identity as a confident person

1. Decide that you want to change your life
2. Write down what you want
3. Ask for what you want
4. Keep the vision of this desire as being fulfilled
5. Believe that you are receiving it
6. Read books and attend motivational calls that assist you
7. Share what you learn with others by blogging online, taking action to create the change in your relationships offline, and telling others where they can get the same help to got when they see how much more confident you are now!

Further action steps to avoid Scammers


Some resources you may find helpful:
The Bride by Rhonda Calhoun
Wild At Heart (for men) by Eldridge
Captivating (for women) by Eldridge

If you liked this audio and resources, perhaps you would like these others

The Following audios are available to further develop a “self confident” mindset so you will have control over scammers or other people who would do you harm if you don’t have the power to stop them.

1.Thinking For Right Relationships With commentaries
2.The Science Of Getting Rich Audios and commentaries

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Nov 27

Top 4 Quick And Easy Ways To Generate Leads – Relationships That Generate The Best Leads

How’s your bedside manner when you want to generate leads online? Are you able to connect with the right people who want to buy your products or use your service?

Perhaps you need help finding the right relationships that will help you generate leads and sell your products! 🙂

bedside manner girl

Generate Leads With Good Bedside Manner!

Are you sexy in your conversations? In other words, do your words turn people on or off? Many times I’ve experienced new Facebook connections posting links for business opportunities in their zealousness to share the joy they have over a new program. If you’re a guy, would you do that to a person offline? I don’t think so.

If you’re a girl, I’m sure you’d put your best foot forward to try to create a good feeling toward that new acquaintance.

Men and woman can be way more sexy and appealing both offline and online by learning proper bedside manner.

When I went on a date one time, after dinner I told the guy I was going to leave. I was polite but I didn’t feel the connection. Do you know what that creep did? He stuck his tongue in my mouth! Yuck!!! Some people in social media are cramming their tongues down other peoples mouths with their business opportunities! Now that’s raunchy!

bedside manner blunt

You must remember that good bedside manner will help you generate leads

Are you a raunchy person trying to generate leads?

To avoid doing this or having this done to you, listen to this podcast! It will tell you what is right and what is wrong when it comes to generating leads for your business with good bedside manner online!

How do we handle meeting new people in Facebook or other social media you network with while showing good bedside manner?

1. Introduce yourself as you would offline!

A. Shake hands firmly but not forceful.

B. Be confident, look people in the eyes.

C. Tell them who you are and in general what you do.
2. Talk about them, not yourself.

A. “What brings you to Facebook”?
3. Find similarities.

“Oh, you are a marketer! Great, so am I!”
4. Follow up or decide not to!

A. No I am not online for dating. I am a Network marketer and am looking for new team members.

bedside manner funny

Generate leads with better bedside manner than this!


Today’s podcast will give you some great tips to help you
out if you are not sure why others are not desiring to connect with you!

Remember to give others something free to generate leads!

Just like offline, in school, in work, handling online community networking relationships begins with building know, like and trust with a desire to serve others first!

The last thing we want to do is turn others off!

Enjoy and ask me for more help if you need it!


Like this? More help to generate leads here!

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Feb 19

What Is “The Gift”? Attraction Marketing Poetry Of Simone Segal


Presence Poetry Author Simone Segal

Who is Simone Segal?

Simone Segal is a poet living in Spain. She writes poetry that speaks to the heart of every entrepreneur. If you are in personal development, you will enjoy Simone’s poetry.

Because I have been into developing my mind, will, emotions, body and spirit for many years now, I have attracted many things and people into my life. Being online has opened up doors that nothing else can do. Offline, it’s so much slower to connect with like minded people. Online, I have met so many wonderful people.. too many to mention here.. truly!

While on skype recently, and after a long day of blogging, fixing, creating videos, seo’ing, and networking, I called on my friend Tom Bice, a pastor entrepreneur in Texas. I was hoping to connect him with a friend who I felt in my heart desperately needed a mentor. Tom is a wonderful person, who considers me a mentor to him. Funny how this works in the industry. We mentor and encourage each other from time to time.

Simone Segal And Presence Poetry

So Tom answered his skype phone and their began his story of having chatted on facebook that day for 3 hrs with Simone Segal. Interesting how we meet each other on social media. So he had such conviction that this beautiful hearted woman had the gift of poetry that he knew would be a gift to the entrepreneural community, he directed me to facebook. I friended her and there began my journey into “Simone Segal world of Presence Poetry”.

One thing lead to the other and before I knew it, I recorded an audio of “The Gift” a poem she blessed me with on my facebook wall. I sent it to Tom who asked if I’d put music behind it. Upon his advice, I took off finding just the right music. After my fumbling, which I do from software to software, the audio with music was complete.

“The Gift” by Simone Segal

This is the beginning of something beautiful. I can feel it. Whenever I read her poems, they resonate with me in my heart. They make me happy. Presence poetry is a term I coined because it takes you to the “present” moment.. everything else stops if you choose to truly listen. As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you would agree that networking with like minded people makes this industry worth the work we put into it. There is nothing better than a quality conversation with someone you admire.

“The Gift” is a poem of quality. It is as if you met a like minded friend. Simone’s gift is just beginning to change the world. Who knows what rippling affect this woman’s words will have on the masses? Let’s believe well for her, shall we?

Click Here Now To Listen to “The Gift” audio version produced by Caryn Elizabeth

Personal development, presence poetry and ideas and beliefs stir many hearts. Simone, Tom, me, and multitudes of others have embraced the ideals and truths that are the secrets now being revealed to multitudes. Though they are simple, they are equally simple to miss.

To begin receiving my weekly audio newsletter, place your name and email address below. It’s FREE.. but the value is not free.. it was bought with a price. So don’t ask for it unless you will actually listen. After you listen and like what you hear, let others know about me.

I would be happy to share it with them directly to their inbox. All the audios are in MP3 form ready for ipod or phone.


THE GIFT is the answer of a bright new dawn
The law of attraction in poetry form
These poems guide you to a life of success
They are simple instructions, one can easily digest

I live by the law and my life is so sweet
I would love to share this inspirational treat
What I think about I bring about, It’s incredibly true
It’s all in the THE GIFT about dreams that come true

We all need hope, and now is the time
The key to success, a changing of minds
When you take this on trust, what you are about to read
It will show you how, in life to succeed.

The theory has been around for thousands of years
But been kept a secret, so it appears
Now it’s out, of this there is no doubt
I would like to tell you what it’s all about.

What you are thinking, and how you feel
Is creating your future, It’s called the law of attraction
And on this subject, I have been very well tutored
Life seems to be full of highs and lows

We all need a shield for the knocks and the blows
Controlled thoughts, and controlled feelings
Will grant you your wishes, and all you are dreaming.

Nothing comes easy, like learning to drive
But when you have mastered it well, your spirits alive
Nothing can stop you; you’re well on your way
Confidence takes over, it’s a brighter day

The same on this subject, in which that I write
For when you have mastered the concept
Your goals are in sight, you become what you think about
Sounds crazy but true, It’s all in the poems

Written solely for you.
Read the rhymes, over and over
THE GIFT will be your 4 leaf clover
We all have the power, we all can succeed
Enjoy the poems

By Simone Segal

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Dec 16

What is Google+ And How Can I Make Money Online With It?

Anyone up for playing Google+

 Research shows that Google is the master player in the monopoly game of internet marketing.

They have competitors like Yahoo, Bing, MSN, some of which have merged to get some leverage and compete in this game.

Google + is a new game being played. Some say it’s not being played as often as hoped but from what I can see, guys likes Ian Anderson, creator of My Space has connect with half a million in his circles, and Mari Smith, new guru facebook marketer has 10’s of thousands in her circles. They must know something of the game if they’ve decided to play.

Below are some rules and strategies for you to get in the google + game.

Google and facebook connections

Getting Facebook And Google To Help YOU

Getting Facebook Contacts Into Google +

Ok , first question. Where do I go to Import my fb contacts to Yahoo mail? I have in the past imported my yahoo contacts into Google voice contacts. But I don’t know where to import fb to yahoo.

Here’s what you do:
1. Use your existing or create a Yahoo Mail account, login to Yahoo Mail and Import your Facebook contacts to Yahoo Mail.
2. Export your Yahoo Mail contacts to a CSV file (select Yahoo… format)
3. Use your existing or create a new GMail account (and associate it with Google+ through account settings if it’s not the one you used to create the + account) Import the Yahoo format CSV file into GMail.

I did create a new email address for Google+.. that was a real drag.. so many names with the word “Google” in them were taken.

4. On the right side of the “Stream” page in Google+ it will continue to feed “Suggestions” from your GMail contacts, by mousing over “Add to Circles” you can check the boxes for the circles you want people added to. Once they are signed-up for Google+ they will be preconfigured for the circles you’ve assigned.

I love google+ pages

I love google+ pages

Creating Pages In Google +

Like Facebook Google + offers a profile page and business pages (like fb fan pages)

I would recommend:

1. Create a separate G+ page for every web site you do have.
2. Link every G+ page to the respective web site’s home page.
3. You also might want to create G+ pages for different types of products (or web pages discussing different products – over and above your home page).
4. Create (and RESERVE) your G+ pages right now before someone else does it.
5. Upload your company logo.
6.Complete your business profile (AND make sure you provide your web site’s URL)!!
7. If you have a Twitter account, start sharing your G+ page’s URL with your followers so that they can visit your page.

8. Then, start searching for companies (when you are logged in as your G+ Business Page (not your personal G+ profile account) that you want to network with .
Think of keywords – In my case, for example, entrepreneur, business success, mastermind and more.
9. Like their pages and put them in your circles (you can create your own custom ones). You will then start seeing their posts in your stream.
10. Comment on their posts. Slowly but surely they will add you back.
Over a weekend you can have 15 or more already circling you back.
11.Share your business page with the people in your circles under your personal page.
12. Ask them to visit your biz page.

Then… do it every day 🙂

The Games Google Plays

Connecting to Play the Google+ Way

What New Game Is Google+ Playing?

Remember, G+ is a combination of Twitter (the idea of follow and followed back… here they talk about circles) and FB – you can have longer posts than on Twitter.

I know it sounds like a game.

It is a game.

The new monopoly money maker.

For more ways to generate leads and building your list , using Google+ check this out!

  Connect with my Google+ Profile

Connect with my Google+ Biz page


Yours In Mastery,

Caryn Elizabeth
 Milford, PA 18337

Google is playing the game and believing they hold all the cards. Better to get in the Google+ game so you can win a hand or two!


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Nov 30

What is Xobni And How Do I Use It To Make Money Online?

You Become Contacts Smarter With Xobni!

Networking With Xobni Just Got Easier.

Deciding Why To  Xobni

Downloading this program to Outlook and Gmail will help you make money by saving your time and keeping your trips to your inbox useful instead of a time waster! Frustration over lack of time to keep up with email contacts has ended by implementing Xobni.

Marketers are trained to keep different email addresses for each company or domain name purchase. Some online business owners keep affiliate products in separate email addresses. Having several gmail accounts is common. However, there is a problem switching over to gmail from Outlook or yahoo.

xobni makes your contacts smarter

Xobni Makes Your Contacts Smarter So You Make Money Online

Tips to get your contacts into gmail for Xobni

1. In Yahoo email, go to contacts tab. Find export and click to save as a csv file.
2. In gmail, import the contacts.
3. In facebook, find the export list and transfer them to gmail
4. When all your contacts are in gmail, set up Xobni.
5. Link your facebook, Linkedin, and twitter accounts using Xobni.
6. Now you will be able to see the goings on of all contacts in these accounts.

Xobni is one product used to not only connect email accounts together but to automatically link these email addresses with facebook, linkedin and twitter. This is a time saver for marketers and those who use email to prospect for clients by sales and services.

Is Your Contact List Growing Out Of Control?

Xobni spelled backward is “inbox”. Its’ Smartr product suite, discovers all the people you’ve ever emailed, called or SMS’d, and creates complete and social profiles that are instantly searchable. Profiles include a photo, job title, company details, email history as well as updates from your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Products for Gmail, Android and iPhone are available under the Smartr brand; and Xobni is available for Outlook and BlackBerry. Xobni Pro is the premium offering that connects all Smartr and Xobni products.

Some Statistics for Xobni

Xobni is a rapidly growing company based in San Francisco, California. Xobni is funded by leading venture capitalists and angel investors including: Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, RRE Ventures, Cisco Systems, BlackBerry Partners Fund, Baseline Ventures, Atomico Investments, and prominent angel investors.

With this technology in the hands of marketers and business owners, keeping up with the social media status of clients and prospects got way easier. Now you can ‘follow’ someone on twitter right from your inbox, as long as that prospect is in your contacts list. With the option of exporting your facebook contacts to gmail, you may have a gold mine of an opportunity to network more thoroughly with contacts in many places at once.

Making Money With Xobni

Making money online is easier when you have time to dedicate to marketing instead of getting distracted by email. Now you don’t have to fear going into your inbox any longer, thinking your time will be swallowed up. Now checking your email will have a dual purpose. Downloading Xobni will help you make money by saving your time and keeping your trips to your inbox useful instead of a time waster!

PS. To learn more about Xobni and to generate leads and make money online Get Direction Now


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Sep 30

Finding Likeminded Friends On Facebook – Would You Like Me?

Are you on Facebook for business or is it just for spying on your family, friends and co workers?

I’m sure you’ve watched Facebook change over time from just  a social platform for college students to meet guys and girls, to an extremely excellent way to monetize a business and has changed the way people connect, buy  and learn new things. Employers and employment agencies actually check profiles of those prospective employees to see how they handle themselves in a social setting. I would hope that is not the only basis they go on but plenty of individuals should know that the comments they allow their friends to leave on their walls could contribute to the job they get.



Being Real, Sharing from my heart, desiring to impact your life for good, Facebook is one social media where i can share my passion and help you if you want some help with the practical details that make life great! Connect with me at http://www,facebook.com/carynelizabethlive


Facebook for Business

What kind of skills do you have to offer others?

If you are using Facebook to generate leads for your home business, network marketing business or direct sales business, there is a right way and a wrong way to use Facebook. You will want to learn the right way if this is a new platform for marketing your network marketing company or your own home business. Over the years, I’ve experienced people using their personal profile pages to share their business opportunities. That’s the quickest way to loose friendships and get banned from your family!

But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.  With your life skills and work experience,  you can make an impact on your friends and family  and make money using Facebook.  Good business best practices need to be learned. Mari Smith teaches all the best practices but you ought to also learn relationship etiquette.

Blogging And Facebook

The learning curve is pretty steep but with a good teacher, you can have a blog up and running in a couple months, given you spend a couple hours a week setting it up. Want to know more about WordPress? I have a series of training videos that helped me get started.  Many fail because they haven’t the stamina to endure it.  Those who persevere  know to seek  ongoing training. With definite purpose and a business worth sharing, the results can be phenomenal.

Mentors are great to help you learn what you would otherwise have to go to college and pay tuition to learn. In order to become trusted as an authority, mentors learn to develop leadership skills to gain your trust and business. As you may have seen, good leaders understand how to develop friendships online as they would working offline.

Using advocacy as a networking tool, leaders are just skilled individuals who learned how to get what they want without doing harm to others. Anyone can be a leader if they learn the skills of leadership!

Do you realize that network marketing businesses are the only style of business where you must  help  other team members succeed in order to succeed yourself?

Are you the kind of Facebook friend you would want to build a friendship with?

Facebook Networking Support

Do You Need Support While Learning Leadership on Facebook? Daily inspiration was a great help to me. Having that support in masterminding or just having an audio to listen every few days gave me some direction I could look forward to each week. It was the consistent and persistent effort of a mentor that really made the difference for me!

If we want to learn how to use Facebook to build a large business or just a network of like-minded friends,  we must do at least these 6 things:

  • set an intention,
  • be driven by a great desire,
  • set up a business plan
  •  get ongoing  training.
  • study personal development
  • develop leadership skills

Personal development is the key to overcoming obstacles keeping you in the low income bracket! Reading good books and audios helped me to take control of my fear possessed past when I was faced with divorce. It was because of the powerful books like “As A Man Thinketh” and “The Science Of Getting Rich” that made the biggest impact on my mindset.

To connect further, find me on Facebook Here.

PS. If you are retiring and want to create some income with your spare time, Geri Walker’s interview may set you in a good direction using Facebook groups.

If you like this, perhaps you’ll like to know more. Click the banner below now!

The masterkey experience

Learn More About The Master Key Experience

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Aug 19

How To Upload Photo To Facebook And Tag People To See Your Article

You can upload a photo to facebook and tag people in the photo.

The description can introduce the article on your blog. A link can be attached in the description that leads them to your blog article.


For More Facebook Strategies Click Here

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Jun 24

What Are “Facebook Notes”? How “Facebook Notes” Helps Make Money Online



As I was browsing my doc’s  on in my facebook group United Tribal Community Group, I noticed a post with html codes to spice up your facebook notes. There was an awesome training on using facebook notes to post articles, use a “ps” regular link and tagging facebook groups for maximum exposure. This technique granted me a large following as I implemented this in one note called Looking For Love and My Journey Around The Corner“.


The Notes section in Facebook is a great way to post your articles and redirect toward your website, blog, squeeze page, optin form or another article. Tagging groups you are marketing towards is a natural way of syndicating and gaining lead opportunities. Asking people to comment is an excellent way of getting feedback and testimonials you can post on your blog.    Also, you may want to post a survey. This is a way of giving a “call to action” that is “passive” but effective.


Create a facebook strategies folder on your desktop. Place this simple chart in a notepad and store in your folder for ease of access.   If you know what to do to make your notes look clear and easy for anyone to read, this  not only empowers you but your readers will enjoy it and come back for more. Remember to give them “valuable” content and be authentic and you are well on your way to having business success. Targeting the right prospects with this facebook notes strategy is just one way to find people you want to work with, sell to, and even partner with on future projects.



Make your Facebook notes easy to read and more attractive using these simple codes. Facebook gives some of these options in the notes section but you may want to keep these in a notepad for access other times.

  • Bold: <b>this text is bold</b>
  • Italics: <i>this text is italic</i>
  • Underline: <u>this text is underlined</u>
  • Strikethrough: this text is crossed out
  • Big text: <big>this text is big</big>
  • Small text: <small>this text is small</small>
  • Insert a link: <a href=”URL”>this text is a link</a>
  • Insert a headline: <h1>This is a Level 1 Headline</h1>
  • Numbered (ordered) list: <ol>

<li>list item 1</li>

<li>list item 2</li>

<li>list item 3</li>

<li>list item 4</li>


  • Bulleted (unordered) list:

<li>list item 1</li>

<li>list item 2</li>

<li>list item 3</li>

<li>list item 4</li>


  • Hyperlink an image: <img src=”image link” alt=”image title”>
    caption text


PSS. So you never miss any Facebook Notes, GET Your PC Repaired Right from home here!


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