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Dec 05

Can you pass this wealth test? Find out now!

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Feb 19

How To Overcome Regrets In Life

Do you regret things in your life?

How many times have you woken up thinking “I should have done this! I should have done that?” Did it ever help you?

How to overcome regrets in life by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

[pullquote align=” right” textalign=” right” width=”30%”]Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
Love the people who treat you right and forget the ones who don’t.
Believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance, take it.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said that life would be easy.
They just promised that it would be worth it.[/pullquote]

What does our past teach us about life?

We sometimes have beliefs about people.  We can learn from our parent’s beliefs alternate ways we desire to live.  Many of us formed beliefs as children that inhibit us from a prosperous future. Some of us desire to learn from our past and try not to repeat it.

Taking responsibility for our own life, should we take time to judge the motives of others? After all, we haven’t walked in their shoes? If we have ever ended a relationship due to beliefs you had about that person, we may regret that error in judgment after a while.

Most of the time, our regrets are caused by our beliefs. If we know someone who has failed or we have failed ourselves, regretting is another way of punishing ourselves. When we come to that place where we say “why did I do that?”, it’s like yelling at the child for spilling the milk. Instead, we ought to set up a belief that feeling badly for spilling the milk is a poor error in judgment. We are punishing ourselves and this error shows up in regret.

We can be our own best friend though it may be difficult to figure out what that looks and feels like. Why? Because  we may have grown up with a belief that we are sinners, or that we are not perfect. Perhaps we’ve been told we’ll never amount to anything. Additionally, we may have beliefs formed earlier in life resembling those above. Later as adults, we received accolades that we are so wonderful. But we may not be able to receive those compliments because we don’t believe that about ourselves. So sad.

Developing better beliefs that match our present abilities and enhance dreams for our future will help us achieve them much more quickly.  This can help you achieve happiness today.

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

War, tragedy, marital breakup, fatal sickness, and things like these seem to be signs of great failure. But there is another better way to see these events and circumstances. But do you know how to?

Keep our thoughts at home where they belong. We have enough to do in a day to judge our own thoughts, actions, ideas and beliefs. By judging others, we are basically judging ourselves.

Being mature is the goal in life. As we attain to maturity, we learn from our experiences. We gain knowledge through coaches and teachers as well as books on the subject of our desires.

Changes in life

Have you ever felt out of control when changes occurred? Most of us have felt this when we have no rules set up for what must happen in order for us to feel happy. Without rules for happiness, changes may appear bad. However, changes are a turn in the road. That change could be what takes you to a better place, a better relationship, a better job or home. For some reason, we insist that changes are “done to us”. This victim mentality indicates that we have not set up the necessary rules for happiness.

We can set up rules that make it very easy for us to succeed and difficult for us to fail. But these must take that place of rules set up earlier by well meaning parents or teachers. Parents who encourage their children to succeed may set up a belief that a “B” is good but an “A” is better. A child may need to get an “A” in order to feel successful. Again, this sad state adults find themselves in make it difficult for them to feel successful because the rules they made for what success looks like.


A good rule might be “if I have learned something from it, then I have success”. Therefore it makes it easy to achieve. Additionally, we can treat our own children with the same belief and create a rule in our family to foster a feeling of success if something is learned by an experience. A child will begin to look for things they learned so that they feel successful. So simple, this rule will not lead to regret.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Are you living a balanced life? Sacrifice is good but balance is better because self love always must preceed loving others in order to really help others.[/pullquote] If you are in good health, body, mind and spirit, you are going to be the most helpful, beneficial influence for others.

What were you born to do?

We were born to grow like a plant, to expand our leaves and bear fruit and provide shade for others. If life is easy, we are not growing. This could mean, we begin to die slowly. Those who retire may no longer want the stress or challenge that comes with life, but will soon come to death without the desire to expand. Life is no meant to be “hard”. Our life should be a continual process of growing. This belief will help us to live a balance life while loving ourself and others.

How to overcome regrets in life by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

So what makes life worth it?

Our life’s goal is to live a balanced life, loving ourselves and others. We should look at our experiences as things to learn from. To achieve harmony by taking chances in life,  we grow and develop. Our words and actions become our fruit. Our experiences are like the stalk or trunk. Our life should make a great impact on the world around us.

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Jun 28

7 Warning Signs That You Are Headed For Failure

7 Warning Signs That You Are Headed For Failure by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Failure And Belief

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t you’re right!

Failure comes in the little things we do. Success comes the same way. We are a compilation of our beliefs about ourselves. From childhood we have been forming our self image. We may have come to believe that we needed to compete for a place in the family, the dinner table, the attention we wanted. In school, we were taught that someone is going to get the “A” and it may or may not be you.

7 Warning Signs That Failure Will Come

7 Warning Signs That Failure Will Come

Failure And Our Present Life 

You may be feeling like a failure right now. Perhaps you made a decision that costs you a bunch of money.  Maybe you took a risk and it doesn’t seem to be working out for you. Perhaps you decided to end that relationship with your spouse or they decided to end it with you. Work went sour and your pay was downgraded. You’ve been on unemployment so long and you just need something to come along!

These events were most likely proceeded by one or more of these following 7 signs.

The warning signs that failure will come begin with

  • 1. a competitive mindset.
  • 2. fear or worry
  • 3. feeling superior
  • 4. being ungrateful
  • 5. forgetting who you really are
  • 6. drifting through life
  • 7. having no chief aim.

Do these seem familiar?

Failure And Your Future

Failure doesn’t need to come with you into your future. Be an advocate today as a person living as a creative person. Listen as I reveal how to change those things into success.

To learn more about eliminating fear of failure and reacting negatively to obstacles Check this out! 

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May 30

How To Trust Even If You’ve Been Violated

How To Trust Even If You’ve Been Violated by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

How Do I Trust

When we are born, we protect ourselves with crying for food. We trust our gut because we have no experience to lean on, to analyze. As we get older we experience more and begin to analyze our past actions. We have parents to tell us to “be careful” and try to keep us safe.

 Trust your gut and love yourself

Trust your gut and love yourself


Along the way, we may not trust our gut and decide to trust what others say. Or we may want to take chances beyond what is safe for us. Whether over cautious or foolish, we eventually manifest circumstances in  life. Be they good or bad, we do all we can to adapt so we can feel pleasure and avoid pain.

5 trust mistakes that make you sound like a fool!

  1.  Believe everything you read
  2.   Forget to check your heart
  3.  Jump in with both feet
  4.   Push others into doing things
  5.   Violate yourself by not loving yourself
Trust wisely

Trust wisely


13 Tips To Trust Wisely

  1.  Take time to feel your heart’s cry
  2.  Make decisions that feel good
  3.  Avoid negative influences
  4.  Never be rushed
  5.  Takes small steps when learning new things
  6.  As in sports, learn the skill, test the skill and then be ready to use the skill
  7.  Read books that speak independent of religion
  8.  Address your fears
  9.  Eliminate excuses
  10.  Be honestly aware of your “purpose”
  11.  Love yourself
  12.  Love others as you love yourself
  13.  Trust in a higher power that loves you unconditionally

Learning to trust your gut started in childhood. You are wise to get back to the source as you did then so you can begin to make decisions from your gut and along the way, gain wisdom from the mistakes you made when you didn’t follow it! Knowledge is power and leadership begins with trust.

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May 28

How Do I Homeschool My Kids With “Child Led Learning”?

How Do I Homeschool My Kids By “Child Led Learning”? by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Do you worry if you are choosing the right curriculum to homeschool your children?

I recently met Wendy Jensen, a homeschooler making a difference to many new to novice homeschool parents. On her fanpage Homeschooling from the heart, a concerned mom Angela commented on a post regarding “child led learning”. You may as well have commented yourself! When taking on homeschooling, there is a ton to learn. While I recommend a parenting class on leadership, the principles of leadership for homeschool parents is needed to eliminate the worry homeschool parents have when choosing “child led learning”.

Like many parents, we have to learn the kinds of curriculum available. We go to fairs and events. We talk to other parents and buy things without knowing if they are the best curriculum for each of our children. Many try books that work for one child and not another. It can add up to alot of frustration and worry.

Eliminating Worry In Our Homeschool

Books are great. They teach all aspects of a subject but there are some foundation principles homeschool parents get the privilege of teaching. As leaders of our family,  success principles of  leadership and responsibility must be demonstrated while subjects are taught. Wendy’s post about ‘Child Led Learning’ sparked a question from Angela.

Angela asks: “What exactly does that look like? Is that unschooling? I choose a curriculum that I believe suits Madison’s learning style, and there are subjects she needs to learn. I need clarity, b/c I really want her to love learning.”

How To Homeschool Kids With Child Led Learning?

How To Homeschool Kids With Child Led Learning?

The Character of Successful Homeschool Parents

‘Angela, while you homeschool Madison, their must be routine, discipline, passion, and desire.

Your character will shape her character.

  • 1. By your love for learning, she will learn to love it too.
  • 2. Forming habits, rituals, routines of every day life, you will be teaching her to “follow through”, which builds confidence.
  • 3. By assisting her in choosing one thing to be passionate about at a time, you will encourage her to focus, a discipline necessary for “success”.
  • 4. Desiring to homeschool her is the beginning of your living with “purpose” and “power” over one’s own life. You are an entrepreneur! To many, this is “going against the grain” seen my others as “rebellious”.  However, it is simply a decision to take responsibility for your life and your children’s education.”

We are given that responsibility and many have given up that freedom to the public or private school system.

These 4 skills are the foundation for your children’s successful future.

Do a good job with these leadership principles and you’re on your way to a bright and happy future!  One day, Madison  and your own children will come back to you and “thank you” for teaching them the disciplines of a successful homeschool!

For more on Parental Homeschool Leadership

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Apr 19

Pull Out The Roots Of Failure Podcast – What Are Bitter Root Judgments?


Click This Picture And Listen To How Bitter Root Judgments May Be Keeping You From The Success You Deserve!

Listen To How Bitter Root Judgments May Be Keeping You From The Success You Deserve!

Listen Here

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Bitter Root Judgments and Forgiveness

At birth, a child cries instinctively in order to receive the pleasure of security. The pain incurred when a baby is delivered into the cold world removed from the warm stomach of the mother, causes at birth a feeling of fear and lack of security. As a child continues to grow, security is desired through many different avenues of satisfaction.

The moment a child feels the threat that brings a fear of lack of security, the child begins analyzing the surrounding for ways to feel safety again. A child may protect himself by deciding that a parent doesn’t have his safety at heart and the reaction may cause a judgement about that parent in hopes of preventing pain the child wants to avoid.

While the judgments are based on the immediate needs of the child, they are most likely not true, though this small immature mind has begun planting seeds of protection for himself. In many instances, these judgments bear fruit that causes the child to form ideas that take him further from the truth and more insecurity is created.

Parents may see fruit of these ideas being formed. However, they have no way of helping the child unless the child can plainly explain how the idea was formed earlier. These fruits must become grown up to bear fruit so as to decide whether the fruit is good or bad. At that point, a child or adult needs to take responsibility for the forgiveness to oneself as well as forgiveness to the parents or others they formed the judgment of. Forgiveness releases the judgment from the ground in which it grew and essentially, the pulling of it at it’s roots leaves room for the truth, a seed replacing the lies now exposed by the light.

Seeds and The Bitter Root

Parents are to provide the safest, loving environment they know how to provide for their children. As a child grows it’s the parents responsibility to do several things to assist the child in his discovery of a positive, successful life.

  • Children must be told they are in charge of their own mindset and must take responsibility for making good choices.
  • Growing children will make poor choices until they have a handle on the truth that they are unconditionally loved to live their true potential, to give the gifts they were born to give, to co create in true prosperity, and to become agents of change for those they will influence throughout life.
  • Parents must help them to feel safe.
  • Parents or those responsible for children must provide a belief system to support a life of  freedom, beauty and wonder of life, and  the possibilities to create available to them.

Competition and The Bitter Root

Some children feel there is no time for them. This judgment about their parents, especially when both parents work or when the children are raised by a single individual, cause the child to feel they must compete for their parents time. When their are other siblings, the competition stalls the productivity of the child’s mindset growth. This judgment is opposite to the truth that if a child is born, time makes a way to provide for him opportunity to grow, develop and have the love and safety needed.

  • Teach your child that their value is in the clay. They are valuable because they were born. They didn’t have to earn their value. The safety of their value grants them true life because they deserve it! God has SERVED (De – Serve) them to this earth for a purpose and it’s their privilege to live it out by seeking true life.
  • Children have purpose and should write out their “chief aim” for the next 5 years, repeating this every 5 years for the rest of their life. Thinking with the end in mind, children will reach forward toward the legacy they have purposed from early on. We have the freedom to believe in a positive future, whatever it is. Focus, get clear, and step forward believing it is happening daily!
  • Teach your children that nothing will get in their way. There is always a door to go through to take them towards the safety, security, happiness and joy they desire. This truth is so valuable, you may want to read it again!

Security and The Bitter Root

  • Remind your child that you are learning too! With age comes wisdom. They must expect to have more wisdom with age as well. Help them feel secure knowing you are working towards greater knowledge of living a happy, productive, successful life as they desire also.

Things To Consider about Bitter Root

  1. Who is responsible for your success in business and life?
  2. Decide to believe the best!
  3. Follow the fruit to the root of Bitter Root Judgments
  4. Turn on the light of failures in thought which caused bitter root judgments.
  5. Speak out loud with the same vigor of emotion used when you first “believed” the lie, and state the truth about it, denouncing its power. Forgive yourself and others with a simple statement from the heart.
  6.  Plant and protect the soil with a seed of truth that will grow a crop of good thoughts toward prosperity instead.
  7. Ask God (higher power, universe) to show you His love for you.
  8. Ask questions of others to clarify truth.
  9. Be a communicator.
  10. Direct others towards a fulfilling life free of bitter root judgements.
  11. Listen to the podcast here:  

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Feb 18

The Secrets Of The Successful And What They Do To Succeed.

What Can I Do To Truly Succeed?

Does your life seem to be overwhelming or mundane? Do you feel like you have no time to plan or have any peace? There are many people just like you whose lives and businesses are not satisfying.But there are secrets to succeed that will make your life full, satisfying, peaceful and prosperous.

I recorded some ideas for you to glean from here.

Have You Ever Thought That Others Know How To Succeed But Not YOU!

Before I knew the secrets to success, I felt like a failure. I didn’t know how to fix my predicament. I was confused and lonely. People got a job and stayed. They seemed to have no problem getting along with others. I asked the question “Is there something wrong with me?” I got a job at a hotel and every time I went to work, I felt that my boss was going to shoot me down. It got worse and worse until I had to leave that job. At that time, my confidence was so low and I never thought I could  succeed outside my home. As a homemaker I was confident but out in the corporate world, I felt unsuccessful.


I can succeed

I Can Succeed

It took me a while to learn what I was doing wrong.

I was focused on competing “out there”. I didn’t feel like I could succeed. My mindset was so messed up! It took some seeking but after reading some good books and listening to conference calls and affirmations, I caught a glimpse of what success could look like! That was the beginning of feeling my way towards success. Many of my experiences on dating sites, social media and internet marketing sites and businesses compelled me to share how I went from extreme financial loss and a feeling of failure to success in many areas of business and personal life.


These valuable experiences helped me so much.  My success messages are the manifestation of my desire to teach others how to break free from fear of failure to a life of success, freedom and peace.

To Succeed can look tangible or intangible

Take time to focus and envision what you want and you can attain it. Seeing your vision, feeling what it feels like to attain what you want begins with a clear purpose. Successful business professionals all have one thing in common. Listen and find out what it takes to  succeed and feel successful!

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The masterkey experience

Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Success begins with you and those who succeed have a vision.

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