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Nov 30

What is Xobni And How Do I Use It To Make Money Online?

You Become Contacts Smarter With Xobni!

Networking With Xobni Just Got Easier.

Deciding Why To  Xobni

Downloading this program to Outlook and Gmail will help you make money by saving your time and keeping your trips to your inbox useful instead of a time waster! Frustration over lack of time to keep up with email contacts has ended by implementing Xobni.

Marketers are trained to keep different email addresses for each company or domain name purchase. Some online business owners keep affiliate products in separate email addresses. Having several gmail accounts is common. However, there is a problem switching over to gmail from Outlook or yahoo.

xobni makes your contacts smarter

Xobni Makes Your Contacts Smarter So You Make Money Online

Tips to get your contacts into gmail for Xobni

1. In Yahoo email, go to contacts tab. Find export and click to save as a csv file.
2. In gmail, import the contacts.
3. In facebook, find the export list and transfer them to gmail
4. When all your contacts are in gmail, set up Xobni.
5. Link your facebook, Linkedin, and twitter accounts using Xobni.
6. Now you will be able to see the goings on of all contacts in these accounts.

Xobni is one product used to not only connect email accounts together but to automatically link these email addresses with facebook, linkedin and twitter. This is a time saver for marketers and those who use email to prospect for clients by sales and services.

Is Your Contact List Growing Out Of Control?

Xobni spelled backward is “inbox”. Its’ Smartr product suite, discovers all the people you’ve ever emailed, called or SMS’d, and creates complete and social profiles that are instantly searchable. Profiles include a photo, job title, company details, email history as well as updates from your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Products for Gmail, Android and iPhone are available under the Smartr brand; and Xobni is available for Outlook and BlackBerry. Xobni Pro is the premium offering that connects all Smartr and Xobni products.

Some Statistics for Xobni

Xobni is a rapidly growing company based in San Francisco, California. Xobni is funded by leading venture capitalists and angel investors including: Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, RRE Ventures, Cisco Systems, BlackBerry Partners Fund, Baseline Ventures, Atomico Investments, and prominent angel investors.

With this technology in the hands of marketers and business owners, keeping up with the social media status of clients and prospects got way easier. Now you can ‘follow’ someone on twitter right from your inbox, as long as that prospect is in your contacts list. With the option of exporting your facebook contacts to gmail, you may have a gold mine of an opportunity to network more thoroughly with contacts in many places at once.

Making Money With Xobni

Making money online is easier when you have time to dedicate to marketing instead of getting distracted by email. Now you don’t have to fear going into your inbox any longer, thinking your time will be swallowed up. Now checking your email will have a dual purpose. Downloading Xobni will help you make money by saving your time and keeping your trips to your inbox useful instead of a time waster!

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Sep 30

Finding Likeminded Friends On Facebook – Would You Like Me?

Are you on Facebook for business or is it just for spying on your family, friends and co workers?

I’m sure you’ve watched Facebook change over time from just  a social platform for college students to meet guys and girls, to an extremely excellent way to monetize a business and has changed the way people connect, buy  and learn new things. Employers and employment agencies actually check profiles of those prospective employees to see how they handle themselves in a social setting. I would hope that is not the only basis they go on but plenty of individuals should know that the comments they allow their friends to leave on their walls could contribute to the job they get.



Being Real, Sharing from my heart, desiring to impact your life for good, Facebook is one social media where i can share my passion and help you if you want some help with the practical details that make life great! Connect with me at http://www,facebook.com/carynelizabethlive


Facebook for Business

What kind of skills do you have to offer others?

If you are using Facebook to generate leads for your home business, network marketing business or direct sales business, there is a right way and a wrong way to use Facebook. You will want to learn the right way if this is a new platform for marketing your network marketing company or your own home business. Over the years, I’ve experienced people using their personal profile pages to share their business opportunities. That’s the quickest way to loose friendships and get banned from your family!

But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.  With your life skills and work experience,  you can make an impact on your friends and family  and make money using Facebook.  Good business best practices need to be learned. Mari Smith teaches all the best practices but you ought to also learn relationship etiquette.

Blogging And Facebook

The learning curve is pretty steep but with a good teacher, you can have a blog up and running in a couple months, given you spend a couple hours a week setting it up. Want to know more about WordPress? I have a series of training videos that helped me get started.  Many fail because they haven’t the stamina to endure it.  Those who persevere  know to seek  ongoing training. With definite purpose and a business worth sharing, the results can be phenomenal.

Mentors are great to help you learn what you would otherwise have to go to college and pay tuition to learn. In order to become trusted as an authority, mentors learn to develop leadership skills to gain your trust and business. As you may have seen, good leaders understand how to develop friendships online as they would working offline.

Using advocacy as a networking tool, leaders are just skilled individuals who learned how to get what they want without doing harm to others. Anyone can be a leader if they learn the skills of leadership!

Do you realize that network marketing businesses are the only style of business where you must  help  other team members succeed in order to succeed yourself?

Are you the kind of Facebook friend you would want to build a friendship with?

Facebook Networking Support

Do You Need Support While Learning Leadership on Facebook? Daily inspiration was a great help to me. Having that support in masterminding or just having an audio to listen every few days gave me some direction I could look forward to each week. It was the consistent and persistent effort of a mentor that really made the difference for me!

If we want to learn how to use Facebook to build a large business or just a network of like-minded friends,  we must do at least these 6 things:

  • set an intention,
  • be driven by a great desire,
  • set up a business plan
  •  get ongoing  training.
  • study personal development
  • develop leadership skills

Personal development is the key to overcoming obstacles keeping you in the low income bracket! Reading good books and audios helped me to take control of my fear possessed past when I was faced with divorce. It was because of the powerful books like “As A Man Thinketh” and “The Science Of Getting Rich” that made the biggest impact on my mindset.

To connect further, find me on Facebook Here.

PS. If you are retiring and want to create some income with your spare time, Geri Walker’s interview may set you in a good direction using Facebook groups.

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The masterkey experience

Learn More About The Master Key Experience

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Apr 15

Relationships And My Journey Around The Corner

Looking For Love In All The Right Places

I’m writing to share with you a quick note about  how  you, my facebook friend, have impacted my life for the better.  Relationships mean so much to me and YOU are so special to me. My life would not be the same without you in it. I honor and respect you. I love what you are doing in your life, you work, and your relationships with others. I just wanted to tell you that!

In a very short time, my life will take a turn and I will move and start a new chapter in my life. Perhaps many of you have gone thru the journey of divorce. This is my first time.

I know how crazy it feels from the first moment of shock to finalizing the divorce papers. Yes, it sucks to experience the head trip.  But now I know one more thing that many humans have experienced.

Now I understand some of what you may feel or have felt. I want you to know that it’s going to be ok. We are survivors. In fact, we are more than conquerors of this circumstance.

So if anyone of you has been through divorce, I’d love for you to comment on what you learned about yourself and how it’s helped you to be a better person.

Perhaps you’re more understanding of others. Maybe you’re STRONGER. What have you learned that you can share with others?

You have become my huge facebook family. Many of you men have humored me, taught me things, or have asked  to date me! Many women have inspired me, loved on me, <3 encouraged me and showed me attention.

So many men and women have helped me become a better marketer. 🙂

I am grateful for every single one of you. My life would not be the same without you. Yes, there are  a lot of you. You live in places I may never go. And yet, I have been there in my mind as we’ve chatted, messaged or skyped.

My life is fuller and because of you, I am rich. I may have never been physically in your presence but you have touched my heart, which transcends time and space.

When I think with the end in mind, I want to always be friends with you, forever and ever. This is love. I don’t want to fight with you.

I want to love you.

So today, to all my untangible friends, know that you have been kissed and hugged by me. I will love you till forever.

Let us celebrate freedom from relationships with those who don’t see our value and who don’t want our love. Celebrate my freedom with me by sharing what you have learned about starting a new chapter as a single person. I will be sure to alert you the day I sign that final form.

Please help me further if you want to, by answering these 5 questions!  Thank You ((huggs))

1.Have you ever been divorced?

2.What was your chief problem going through it?

3.Now that it’s happened what advice would you give me?

4.What was the one thing you wished you had that you never found?

5.What was the most valuable thing that made the difference in your victory?

I would love to know all of what you have to say!     Leave your comments here. Let me know if you like my Looking For Love Page. Thank you.

PS.. For some excellent dating tips, and relationship advice I found to make lasting relationships and keep romance alive in your present ones,  Click Here Now!

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