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Aug 20

How To Master Happiness

Questioning Happiness

What is your emotional level? Low? We want to move from low to high to help us get through our day to feel great! But perhaps you question your happiness as I did! Worried? There is an instinct in nature! GOD! nature is a proponent of positive thought!

Everything in nature is moving towards creating something greater!

Love, joy, happiness are places we can dwell.

Feeling Happiness

Learning to observe thoughts and feelings are some of the special trainings I received in The Master Key Experience. I’m learning how to think better! We learn to become open to the better and better life! “Joy comes in the morning” Holy Bible

#1 Secret To Happiness

#1 Secret To Happiness

From Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

“I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep. I hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny!

Happiness is your Destiny

I found so many things we did in The Master Key Experience a great help for me. My favorite was connection with others like myself – likeminded individuals. I loved having a guide to direct me toward the next steps without spoiling the surprise that each weeks webinar gave me. I loved the childlike practices, so simple yet powerful. I loved practicing being honest with myself. I loved all the prepared statements that guided me to my greatest interests.

Happiness in The Master Key Experience

Without The Master Key Experience, my life would be on the same ole’ same ole’ track it had been for several years. I found out about the class from an email I was sent. Perhaps you will find a similar email. If it’s your time, you will notice it. I sure did and I’m so glad I discovered the next step to manifesting the better and better life; one where happiness reigns supreme, where steadiness of faith and depth of gratitude become effortless practices.

Get on the waiting list for September 2015 class.

Not sure if The Master Key Experience is for you? Click the pic and get more info here!

The masterkey experience

Learn More About The Master Key Experience

The Master Key Experience gave happiness a permanent place in my life.

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May 07

How Does My Purpose Help Get My Prayers Answered?

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How to get your prayers answered quickly by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Do you have a definite major purpose?

Many people don’t know what having a definite major purpose has to do with getting prayers answered. This podcast explains what it is, where you get it, how to use it and how to feel great about your life because of it.

I address unity, competition, comparison, perspective, success, happiness, satisfaction.

People united for a common purpose

Do you know  the purpose of gathering in groups?


The collective energy has a specific purpose. When you gather, your purpose is to get what you want. Having a definite major purpose will help you utilize the power of this gathering.

Do you know how science shows us how the universe works. Science expresses the laws of the universe so we can understand what plants and trees are for.

 What is the purpose of asking God for things?

Why do we pray? How does the universe support the answers to our prayers?

Do you want to live better and set goals?  The source is your answer to our faith for these things. Understanding the seasons of sowing and reaping, we will understand that it takes time for answers to manifest and must continue to believe without doubting.

People in unity for a purpose

People in unity for a purpose

What is the purpose of other people’s opinions and beliefs?

Are you led by everybody and not focused on your own mind? You are here to do something but as you listen to everything else around you, ignoring your source, you will be tossed and turned by “every wind of doctrine”, as the bible states. You individually are here to create and expand. Asking source, God, for your needs, aligning with a high vibration of love and unity, your needs will be met quickly.

You are meant to become “whole”, holy. By establishing your definite major purpose, you will live a more focused life and get your prayers answered quickly.


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Feb 20

Faith And Goals Do Mix

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What does faith have to do with goal setting?


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Oct 23

The Action Plan Strategy That Organized People Don’t Share About Life

Your life plan for success

Your life plan for success

Without a life plan, we flounder about without a life raft. Get this free download and get started. After reading this book, you can utilize the Life Plan template to assist your planning.

This book will give you the strategy that is needed to get you started building the life you want.


My Life PLAN

[Your Name]

As of Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Outcomes For Life

How do you want to be remembered by the following?

[Write your outcome here.]

My Spouse             [Write your outcome here.]

My Children          [Write your outcome here.]

My Parents            [Write your outcome here.]

My Colleagues      [Write your outcome here.]

My Friends            [Write your outcome here.]

Priorities In Life

What is most important to you?

  1.          1.      [Write your first priority here.]
  2.          2.      [Write your first priority here.]
  3.          3.      [Write your first priority here.]
  4.          4.      [Write your first priority here.]
  5.          5.      [Write your first priority here.]

Action Plans For Life

Account 1: [Write your first account heading.]

Envisioned Future:

[Write your envisioned future statement.]

Purpose Statement:

[Write your purpose statement.]

Supporting Verse:

[Optional: Include a supporting Bible verse.]

Current Reality:

  • [Write your first item.]
  • [Write your first item.]
  • [Write your first item.]
  • [Write your first item.]

Specific Commitments:

Account 2: [Write your second account heading.]

Envisioned Future life:

[Write your envisioned future statement.]

Purpose Statement:

[Write your purpose statement.]

Supporting Verse:

[Optional: Include a supporting Bible verse.]

Current Reality:

Specific Commitments:

[Copy and Paste the action plan for life template as many times as you need.]

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Jan 15

Exposing The Lies About Business Success – 8 Excuses To Business Success Online

Excuses show a  lack self confidence

Excuses show a lack self confidence

Excuses and your mindset

We are all human and have a set of circumstances that we inherited as human beings. Some things were brought on by parental input, the education system, work environment and church affiliation. But there is a time when enough is enough and something happens in our lives. We go through difficult circumstances and we decide we must change things.

Excuses and our Environment

Our lifestyles promote external circumstances. Our work environment may be great! It may be less than perfect! It may be down right rotten! Each view is the result of both our mindset and our environment. It’s said that we are the average of our 5 best friends. This could refer to our incomes, our attitudes, our experiences and more.

Excuses and Failure in Business or Work life

So we have a job we love, or maybe we are going to get laid off or even fired. While this is bad, this temporary setback is an indication that something in our life is out of sorts. We all experience failure sometimes. It’s said that a the measure of a man is not determined by the amount of times he falls but on the number of times he rises and at what speed he is able to do so. Some of us have made excuses. I have. So if our excuses are shown to be just obstacles in our way, do you think we would no longer fail?

penny in hand poverty about direct sales

Poverty Mindset Of A Person Who Makes Excuses

Excuses and the Entrepreneur life

Entrepreneurs have a tough time when they make excuses. A sign of the lack of responsibility, an entrepreneur may as well not pursue his/her own business. I created a series of videos to share some simple excuses entrepreneurs make. I have made them and sometimes catch myself making the mistakes of believing these lies. Books like “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles will help tremendously to show you more about how to get rich as an entrepreneur.

Let’s expose the lies and move forward to the business success we deserve. These are a good start!

Excuse 1: I Don’t Have The Money!

Wise men are telling us over and over, “You are the prophet of your own life”. Do you want to make money online? By open invitation,the internet provides the opportunity to make money without spending money the way traditional businesses do it. Free online marketing tools are available to give you skills to increase your visibility and traffic to landing pages which contribute to financial gain. Some systems even offer up front compensation to help with the small expenses.

Excuse 2: I Don’t Know Where To Start

Knowing you can pay nothing and gain knowledge, the next step, is for you to design your future. The S.M.A.R.T. System goal setting approach and affirmations give you an excellent start at creating the income, lifestyle, security, and freedom you desire. Seek out direction, focus, and encouragement from mentors and trainers. They become ones most powerful asset besides the “will” to succeed in having business success.

Excuse 3: I Have Goals But I Don’t Write Them Down.

Before you begin writing business goals, having a positive mindset is helpful. Your best success is based on your belief about yourself and your value. If you have deliberate goals in place, valuable content can be delivered to your business prospects. Ones profitable deliver-ability comes primarily from a positive mindset.

Excuse 4: My Goals Are Okay. Why Change Them?

Though the internet is a very powerful tool marketers use to release value to the global community, strategic, focused goals will create the best business success. The dividends are so wide spread, they continue to pay you residual income year after year. Those who purchase a social franchise such as an MLM, will agree with this concept.

Excuse 5: I’m Okay, But You Aren’t.

Becoming a student of personal development is an important part of  business success. Can you say, “I intend to give it freely as it is given to me?”  Though the internet provides free materials, tools and systems, some may hoard these resources. By doing so they cut off their dividends. Personal development helps one gain the right attitude about sharing tools and resources. These students learn the benefits from giving more value than the compensation received.

Excuse 5: I Have Nothing Worth Giving.

Everyone has value. Skills gained  from free marketing training increase with deliberate study. One will learn not to give everything away.But we are to give freely to others. This will secure the future positive business success. It is fair to be justly compensated for taking risks and actualizing your money making ideas.

Excuse 6: I Am Not A Leader

What do you dream about? What visions to you have about life, your family, and your business? The raw materials that make up your personality are unique to only you. A leader creates an environment others want to duplicate and follow. Each person is responsible for themselves. Leaders lead. They do not drag others along. The more training you receive the greater your belief in your leadership ability.


prosperity money in hand with direct sales

A Prosperity Mindset Comes After Excuses Are Exposed And Eliminated!

Excuse 7: I Don’t Know What I Really Want.

Concerning the entrepreneur who wants to learn marketing online, there are marketing training systems and tools available to teach you the skills. There are mindset training tools to help you focus on your purpose. My you tube channel was terminated and I had to decide what I really wanted. So I created another channel but I decided that I really wanted to do more audios because they are easier for the average person to listen to. In order to have  business success  your goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. These goals must support your definite chief aim. Read them 2-3 times a day, saying them out loud. Your mind will create pathways to those goals and your daily to do list will come naturally. You have great power to create your future. Gone are the days of excuses. You know who you are, you know you have powerful resources at your disposal. What is stopping you?

If you liked these videos about excuses, perhaps you would like “The 10 things you need to give up in order to move forward

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