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Sep 30

How Do I Master My Feelings So I Stop Making The Same Mistakes

Great Feelings Will Start This

Great Feelings Will Start This

Is there a healthy way to good feelings every day?


All emotions are not healthy for ourselves and others. Sure, becoming angry for a good reason may feel powerful at the time but it violates those back of it. Learn how to master your feelings for good.

The Science Of Feelings

The scientific fact behind our need to get “emotional” is that when emotions are expressed, a chemical is released and the sensation is addictive. Now you know why you keep repeating the same mistakes.

Beliefs And Feelings

Our beliefs contribute to our emotional cause which doesn’t help when those emotions harm others. This audio will help you find the answer for mastering your feelings.

Thoughts And Feelings

Let’s form good habits and exhibit healthy emotions which release the same satisfaction in our body. These emotions do no harm to you or others. Let the good feelings create habits that uplift us.

For more help on mastering your feelings www.carynelizabeth.com/masterkey

Feelings are part of our human experience so enjoy them.

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Apr 29

A Simple Secret To Feeling Great Every Day

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Feeling Great Will Stop This

Feeling Great Will Stop This

Do you find yourself punishing yourself for the experiences you are facing right now?

Would you like to live your best life every day? Listen to this weeks podcast and discover the secret for feeling great every day! You can stop feeling guilty for your mistakes. You can keep feeling great without regrets.


The Secret To Feeling Great

There is a secret trick that brings clarity and the happy life you want. When I went through divorce, I isolated myself somewhat and subconsciously punished myself with a loss of self confidence. I made financial mistakes and punished myself by being fearful of taking any risks at all. You may identify with these extreme measures if you are have high standards of success like me. It’s so sad how long it lasted because I lacked the wisdom I needed to embrace this secret. I heard it. I said it. But I didn’t embrace it wholeheartedly until my attitude was right.

You can stop harming yourself and others when you learn this secret. These are some of the ways life will get better for you.

Getting a good handle on our life, spiritually, in your mindset, and physically, we must learn the secret so we can  plow through our future with surety.

Feeling Great Will Start This

Feeling Great Will Start This

Some of the ways the secret will get us feeling great.

  1. We will think about ourselves differently.
  2. We will think about others more positively
  3. We will have a life of order and happiness.


Feeling great starts:

  • To create a love for oneself and others that was missing.
  • To wake up daily and know how to feel great right away.
  • By daily practice with conscious effort we push aside the negatives.
  • We attract other who want what we want as well.
  • Our friendships are trustworthy.
  • Our relationship to our source is strong and secure
  • Our wealth becomes measurable by the smiles we give and receive from others.


You will help others feel great too!

You will help others feel great too!

Leadership and feeling great

Do you want to feel great every day? This podcast will give you the secret you can use to begin the process. What happens next is up to you. Applying this secret and searching for further knowledge, you can begin to give hope to others and become a leader others want to follow. Feeling great begins at home, with you.

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Jun 05

How To Lose Weight Fast Diet – Massive Weight Loss

The Ultimate Lose Weight Fast Diet Question


Learn 2 ways on a how to lose weight fast diet. Losing weight with fasting, radial diets, and drinking diet shakes are some ways to lose weight.
Obesity is at its highest right now and many are looking to radical means. Weight loss pills, acupuncture, fasting, diet shakes are all available. The trick is to find a way to lose weight fast that works for your schedule.



lose weight fast diet

lose weight fast diet tips

Radical Lose Weight Fast Diet Plan

Are you radical and willing to fast and drink milk and eat yogurt and the eat just veggies and fruits alternating days? If so , go for it!

If you want a way to lose weight fast, you may prefer a $1.87 shake that you drink 1-2 times a day. Eric Rose lost 124 lbs in 90 days on the 90 day challenge using a Shake kit.

Cost To Lose Weight Fast Diet

Weight loss and losing weight is really a big money maker these days. For under $2. a shake,  Life Plan is cost effective and thousands of testimonials on fb provide the social proof you may need.

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