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May 31

How to save time, money and stress filing papers

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Filing mail

Trouble Filing Papers?

Filing Papers

Here is a short introduction on how to save time, money and stress
when filing mail and other paperwork.

If you like this, comment below and I’ll share another.
I hope to keep them short and address one
concept at a time. Then give you time to adapt to it.

I understand overwhelm with filing mail. Perhaps this will help avoid that!



Need more tips like this?

The masterkey experience

Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Filing papers just got easier!

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Jun 09

How do your emotions help others reach contentment

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Listen to the podcast for  help on  emotions and being content.


 Influencing others with your emotions

Do yo not, do you believe it’s your duty to change yourself so you are like them?

  • believe differently
  • work more diligently
  • become more disciplined
  • gain knowledge

Would you ever choose to be less productive to fit in?
If you are different, do you want others to change to become more like you?

What emotions are influencing others?

What emotions are influencing others?

Emotions and force

You see, changing others doesn’t really help them . It forces them to do what they wouldn’t do without force.

Change is best, when done naturally, influenced by wisdom that came via emotional experiences and knowledge.

How can we truly affect/influence others?
By becoming self confident and being an example of faith in God, in our dreams and goals, we have a great opportunity to guide others to self confidence and their own goals.

Ultimate use of emotions

We all die. But while we’re here, we can enjoy going through the motions and emotions of living, good or bad, feeling all kinds of emotions.

  • grief
  • ecstasy
  • pain
  • pleasure
  • happiness
  • exhilaration, etc

Emotions and life events

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Each event in our life, each opportunity we take, will lead us to experience emotions via opportunity to choose that path.[/pullquote]
We can choose to push others to feel good or bad, angry or happy, frustrated or challenged. What emotions are you going to pull out of those you love and those strangers, co workers, church members, friends, children?
By examining these issues,  you will gain wisdom usable to succeed, with self confidence, and become the whole person God would be proud to have created.

People united by emotions

People united by emotions

Growing into excellence using emotions

When we’re young, we want to fit in. While employed, we are told we must fit in. Self employed, we have freedom to do things from our gut, but hopefully we’ve learned enough about business skills to keep us grounded. There’s a fine balance between living free and having success financially.
One is just passing emotion. The other is strength with emotion. The first peters out quickly. The other is built as a structure. The first rises up quickly. The other rises slowly and steadily and sustains itself. I liken it to eating a candy bar or a steak. Both give energy, the one sustains it. Another example is drinking coffee rather than a protein shake. With the coffee, your blood sugar actually drops further afterward than before you drank that cup and you become addicted to “more”. Listen to the podcast for further help on this subject of emotions.

Emotions and experience

Your emotional experiences will help you be an influence in others lives, giving you yet another feeling of satisfaction in life, the emotion of contentment. How will your emotions influence others so that you will experience contentment? [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”][/pullquote]
Listen to today’s podcast to hear more so you can use your emotions to help others.

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Apr 02

Secrets For Making Money Online- How To Start Making Money Now


Marketing Education Before Making Money Online

The need for a good marketing education with a proven system, a good mentor and coach and a community is the secret to making money online. In this article I will explain the simple strategies for getting the best marketing education before without getting scammed or spending your kids future.


Like all experienced marketers, I have been reading marketing materials, joined membership sites, learning about article, video, forum, classified ads marketing for over a year at the time of writing this article. I have talked to newbie, novice and guru marketers and I have observed that everyone at every level continues to educate themselves.


They all had the same problem.


They started out with little to no money and they wanted to make some quick. They had no knowledge and they scrambled to anything that promised millions. In their naivety, they lost more money and many left defeated. Some stayed and those are the ones who discovered the secret I am about to expose!

Making Money Online: Coaches and Mentors


Finding like-minded marketers through social media sites is the best way now to network for business success. I have been forming bonds for a long time that have influenced my marketing and helped me to exercise leadership and sometimes keep me from making mistakes if I had marketed without help.


Making Money Online: Training


Many marketing training systems are being developed by “novice” marketers and they are an attempt for these marketers to teach what they have been learning. These marketers are also building their brand and exercising the power of ‘perceived authority’ to those who know less than them.


Making Money : Advanced Training

The internet is evolving and it’s important to keep up with the current trends. Continual change in social media, ownership of the big sites, and shutdowns, new sites and products are continually showing the need for advanced training. Those in the know are generally those who have learned what to focus on. The novice to experienced marketers are generally up to date because of the focus on optimizing their sites, product offerings and mastermind groups they formed or been part of.


Making Money: Spending Your Money


The biggest deception is that making money online requires spending lots of it. When starting out making money online, more grunt work is done. The new marketers secret weapon is the “Novice marketer”. They will give away value in order to earn trust. After a while, may choose to spend big money on a product by the “gurus”. I will tell you though, more importantly, getting plugged in to a community will serve your interests way better. A mastermind group is a great benefit for you.


Making Money: Education

If you are new and want the basics for making money online, find a system that’s free to start. If you want an MLM to exercise new leaderships skills, find one that’s inexpensive to join. A good foundation is necessary before you jump into big time. If you have the money go ahead and join an expensive system. They will have optimized things for you and it may save you time.

Making Money: Spending Your Time


If you go the free to learn way, you will save money but spend more time. That’s the way I started. Or if you have a couple hundred dollars extra per month to spend on training, go ahead and do that. Either way the learning curve demands you give yourself some time to absorb and then take action on each step. There is so much to learn that I can’t really put it all in this article.


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Aug 01

“Email Marketing” How To – Use Global Snippets To Personalize Your “Email Marketing” Emails

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your opt ins.

Writing the emails can be time consuming. What some companies have done is supply their affiliates with email campaigns ready to go.

Some have a way to easily add your clickbank id if you are selling a clickbank product. But what if you receive emails from someone who has all his links inserted and you have to change them.

Well that is a long process. This video is to show you how to create these codes in the email so that you can share your email campaign with others, who can then easily personalize all of them in one place at one time.

I received a set of Auto Responders from a fellow marketer who does email marketing and he had all his links in there. Over 70 messages would have to be changed in order to place my links in the email messages. That’s alot of work. So I called Aweber, one of the virtual secretary companies. After getting some assistance directly from the one of the customer service agents, I decided to make a video on how to make Auto Responder messages to include global snippets.

In essence these snippets are strategically placed in the email to represent a code; ie  name, email address, link, or  phone numbers, etc. These global snippets are  created for affiliates or anyone the campaign code is shared with. The emails can be personalized by all at one time, thereby saving hours and hours of work.



For More help with email marketing go to: http://learnnetdivvy.com

For Information on using an Auto Responder go to: Your Virtual Secretary

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Jul 23

Destiny Word For The Day – Change Your Life Knowing the Why of Destiny

Your destiny is your Why in life.

Find out what having a destiny means and what to do with it! This video will give you several definitions of the word “DESTINY”, give you some famous quotes by famous men about destiny and then share in detail an explanation on how understanding what destiny actually is can be the beginning of an awareness that can change the course of your life.

For more inspiration Go To “What’s Your Mindset?”

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