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Sep 25

Book Launch Webinar – Sept 26 – 9-pm Invite- Branding You The Brand New You

Branding You The Brand New You by Caryn Elizabeth

Branding You The Brand New You by Caryn Elizabeth

What is branding myself as a trusted authority?

Branding yourself as an Online marketer is not easy to learn. I experienced 2 years of hit and miss opportunities, programs, messages, people and more. In my new book I will “tell all”.


Offline Businesses And Branding

Branding is something offline businesses need as well as marketers part of network marketing companies.
In a webinar I did with Branding System Pro developer and my business partner Todd Gragg, I expose the mysteries that new marketers have no idea about. Novice marketers may know but are too busy doing to explain to others. Experienced marketers are making money and have no desire to teach strategies that are competition for themselves.

Some teachers and trainers are excellent at sharing this information for large one time price or a monthly charge to be part of a community. But Branding You The Brand New You is a different kind of book. I share my personal journey for the past 2 years. I tell you the people I met, the businesses I was in, the times I was scammed, robbed, and beaten up! No literally, of course. I was online, behind my desk, so to speak!

Newbie Marketers and Branding

I experienced what happens when you don’t know what you don’t know! Like all newbies to the industry, I experienced it all. I was the worse case scenario. But in the process of defeat I was gaining in many ways that I would come to find out was creating “a brand new me”.

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The masterkey experience

Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Register for the Branding You Book Webinar that explains it all when you CLICK HERE!

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Sep 25

How Do I Brand Myself? Branding You The Brand New You

Branding You The Brand New You Video Book Review

Branding You The Brand New You Video Book Review By Clicking The Picture.

What does branding you as a trusted authority mean?

Branding yourself  in order to market your goods and services online can be quite a challenging endeavor. Before I wrote my first book about it,  I experienced 2 years of hit and miss strategies, here now gone tomorrow online mentors, skill-set trainings, scam programs, manipulative messages, as well as some great skill and mindset development before I felt like I knew enough to enlighten and teach others. The test of skill is your ability to teach others with proficiency. In “Branding You The Brand New You, I share my experience and secrets as your trusted authority!

Offline Businesses And Branding You

Branding yourself online draws your followers to a specific niche you market to. It is something offline businesses need. It is also what network marketers who are part of Multilevel or Direct sales companies are doing to build huge businesses using the internet. I have been in several companies and have experience with good teams and bad teams, with good leadership and poor leadership.

Leadership and Branding You

Leadership has become one of my passions and it’s due to the poor quality of leadership demonstrated in all these platforms using online marketing. This type of team building draws charismatic leaders but needs much more to keep a loyal following. One must learn how to build “know, like and trust” in order to keep that following. While large businesses like Pepsi, Apple, and Nascar have tremendous skill at this, new wanna be leaders to online marketing training and team building are manipulative and greedy and the followers lose heart over time and jump from company to company looking for someone who has both skill and moral values in leadership.

 Mindset + Skill-set X Performance = Branding You Results

Thousands of businesses are busy marketing their goods and services and customers only see the results of their efforts. Training systems are springing up all over the internet. I’ve been part of a few of them and learned alot using them.

Branding oneself requires the 4 P’s of high performance.

  1. Psychology
  2. Physiology
  3. Productivity
  4. Persuasion.

Experienced marketers are busy keeping up with the changing market for making money and have no desire to teach strategies for future competitors.

Some teachers and trainers are excellent at sharing this information for monthly fees to be part of a training and support community. However, Branding You The Brand New You is a book resource to equip you with coaching to prepare you with a firm foundation for marketing anything online. share my personal journey for the past 2 years. I tell you the people I met, the businesses I was in, the times I was scammed, robbed, and beaten up! Not literally, of course. I was online, behind my desk, so to speak!

Social Media and Branding You

Social media managers are the new trend. Marketers are creating trainings for business owners and affiliate marketers are getting commissions for sharing these training companies. In “Branding You The Brand New You”, I share my social media tips using Facebook, Skype, Linkedin, Twitter, You Tube and other communities and ways to brand yourself as a trusted authority.


Brand New You Book Video Review

Branding You The Brand New You Book Video Review Available By Clicking This Picture

Newbie Marketers and Branding You

I experienced what happens when you are not focused with the correct mindset for building a business, generating leads and building a list online. Like all newbies to the doing business using the internet, I experienced it all. I was the worse case scenario so I have knowledge to help even the simplest business developer/owner. In the process of overcoming obstacles, I learned that they were only temporary setbacks. I gained mindset skills while gaining skill-sets in the practical side of creating pages, posts, ads, and more. I basically created “the brand new me”!

Here’s where you can register for your copy of “Branding You The Brand New You” today.

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Mar 29

“Earnership” How Do I Have Fun, Feel Rewarded, Gain Fulfillment As An Entrepreneur?

Jonathan Budd on earnership

Earnership Starts With The Mindset Of Earning What You Want

What Is Earnership?

Asking good quality questions is a concept that creates greater fulfillment in life. Because you found your way the earnership, you probably want to know how do I have fun and feel rewarded while creating fulfillment. Today is the beginning for you to a more rewarding life.

How Can Earnership Help Me Feel Rewarded While Having Fun?

If you are LIVING the concept, the freedom & success you can create in the world is unparalleled.

However, If this concept is missing from your life… you will be ineffective, & powerless. Unlock more of your own natural strength & ability today by watching the video below now…

Those who believe they deserve things for free will reap a life where others want things from them for free. Do you want to be that person? I don’t think so! The Bible says “Give and it shall be given to you”. Good books with a good reputation are always best to listen to.

Earnership is a concept we all can embrace if we truly desire a more fulfilled life.

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Dec 18

Best “Video Marketing” Training- Google 1st Pg. With “Video Marketing” And 2,170,000,000 Searches

Get Help making videos and getting your videos on google page one.
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Apr 15

Free Ways To “Advertise My Business”| UK And USA Businesses How To “Advertise My Business” Online

advertise my business for free

Geez, how do I advertise my business free online?

Are you asking “How do I advertise my business for free?”

Do you ask yourself, “How do I advertise my business online without it breaking the bank?” Using newspapers or costly yellow pages ads, is considered  old school, outdated and not cost effective. This is causing many competitive small business owners to gravitate to online advertising. Many have actually asked their spouses or children for help to bring them up to speed. There seems to be a lot to learn and many successful offline but ignorant online business individuals feel overwhelmed.

Online marketing consultants may be the answer to your problem. If you want immediate help learning how to market your business online without getting ripped off or spending a lot of money, go directly to the link below.

Many small business owners asking how to advertise my business, have little to no idea of what forms of advertising are available.

Even more want to advertise your business for free and don’t know where to find help.

There are knowledgeable consultants and legitimate training systems available online that help small business owners learn how to market their businesses online. Trained professionals can give you free tips all day and it wouldn’t exhaust their knowledge. First off, they will help you brand yourself and your business. They can help you posture yourself and your business in a professional way using facebook, twitter and you tube, just to name a few of the most popular ones. There are many forms of free marketing online and any small business owner can benefit immediately from learning anyone of these methods.

There are 2 ways to get the knowledge on “how to advertise my business” that you need.

Number 1: You google “how to advertise my business on google” and figure it out. The benefits of googling it yourself is that it costs you only your time. You can also use You tube videos to teach you just about anything. I recommend you take a look at other competitors sites and channels.

Number 2: You hire a consultant to explain what’s available. He can offer you tools and systems with ranges from “free” to thousands of dollars. Leveraging someone else’s experience has proven to be a better use of time.

Consultants fees range from $50. per session into the hundreds per hour. Whether opting in for a one time session, or a monthly consultation, he/she can offer you many tools including online marketing training systems which range in cost from free to $150.00 a month, depending on your budget. These specialists will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars and are in demand by your competition. Knowledge +Action + a Positive Attitude =Success. It can be a lot of fun learning all the ways to get free advertising for your business.

One more tip I can offer you right now is to begin placing free ads on Craig’s list. You can create a text ad or hire someone with experience in hyperlinking, to make the ad for you and post it monthly. Once the ad is made, you only need to renew it monthly.  Craig’s list is free in many cities.

While it may feel overwhelming at first, I’m confident that you can learn these marketing techniques and before long, they will become second nature. Consultants have spent the time already learning what would take you months, if not years to learn and they are able to answer the question “how do I advertise my website” as well.  Consulting with experienced online marketers is probably the most cost effective use of your budget. There is a lot to know. The most profitable way a small business owner can cream the competition is to begin now advertising your business online using the many secret free ways available. Find a consultant you can trust.

Ps. For more tips and strategies on how to advertise my business online and dominate your competition, Click Here Now.

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Nov 20

“Can You Trust Your Conscience?” | Personal Development

People all over this world in regardless of what industry they are in, are looking for the secrets for successful living.  In this part two of ‘Where do you place your confidence?’, I want to continue to share the first of seven secrets for success. Is it possible that our conscience is condemning us even though we walk in truth? In this chapter, I will reveal a secret that only those who diligently seek, will find here in these pages.

The truth cannot lie.

There is a secret found in the Word that can cause a shift in your mindset that could be the difference between failure and success in your life, your business, your family, and whatever else you are involved in.  Multitudes of people have bought the lie that has kept them in bondage for decades. But that lie is being exposed right now. There is a force reminding us daily that we are not worthy, or good enough to deserve success. For some of us who don’t know this is happening, it can arouse our soulish imagination and keep us believing lies.

Like our laptop, built to be programmed, so is our “spirit”, our core, born to receive software. Past programming, can cause our “spirit” to crash from time to time, if there are server or other conflicts. We know our past experiences serve as a great platform for creating conflict with our personal development techniques and strategies. This is where most crashes occur. So where does this manifest in us? It occurs in our conscience. This is the emotional area of us that reveals what the core or spirit believes. In fact the Word of God for example says that our conscience can condemn us. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Is your conscience condemning you?

The Word says if we’re walking in the truth, we are in union with God and He with us. We also gain access to the Holy Spirit, our supernatural power source, who is like the most cutting edge spyware package programmed in us too. Again, some may not buy this. Buy the Holy Spirit is an added bonus for those who received Jesus salvation package. You guys know about added bonuses right? Lol !

So let’s continue!

Considering all this, it is clear that we may be believing things that we need to admit. Jonathan Budd and others have spoken about getting to the root of an issue. Expose it. Like a virus, we need to get rid of it! Taking all this into consideration, could your conscience be condemning you? If so, it’s lying to you. In today’s society it common to hear about the positive impact affirmations have on those who say them. I urge you to consider reading the following affirmation out loud. It may be the thing that changes your mindset for good.  For some of you, reword it with something similar if you want to satisfy your own belief system.

Say this now: ‘In the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of condemnation and it’s lie that I am not worthy to be successful in my life. Jesus, my conscience has lied to me.  Take that lie to hell where it belongs. I tell my conscience the truth that I walk in love and obey God’s commands.’
Be reminded of this; If your conscience does not condemn you, you walk in peace with God. Now you can be confident again. You are more than a conqueror. You are victorious even in this! You are better able to to have success in life including your online business or any business. Netdivvy is the training system that gave me an opportunity to bring this article to you. I am having much system using this system and I hope you will take a look at it.

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