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Apr 16

Life Insurance as Retirement Savings Option – Things to Consider

life insurance after retirement exercise

Our Plan For Life Insurance  After Retirement Includes Brings  Freedom

Thinking about Life Insurance?

If you are someone who is thinking of investing in a Life Insurance Policy to add on to your retirement savings then you must consider a few things before that. It is important to understand whether such a cover will at all be of any substantial value addition to your post retirement savings or not.

Firstly as soon as you seek expert advice, there might be chances that you will be flooded with mixed advice. Most of them will ask you to refrain from investing in a policy cover. According to them, it is mainly provided by people who are at the peak of their earnings willing to ensure that their families do not have to face financial hardships in case they die. So according to them it would be useless to invest in something like this when you already have reached your stage of retirement and do not have a large family to take care of apart from your spouse.

Life Insurance Cover

On the other hand, there will be others who will opine that it would be better if you invest in a Life Insurance Cover in case you have an estate that is subject to estate tax.

Whatever the expert opinions are, the decision to invest in such a scheme, lies with you. Here are certain questions that you must ask yourself before availing the benefits of the Life Cover:

Are you someone who has received substantial death in service benefits of your spouse?

If you are someone who has had the misfortune of loosing your spouse while he or she was still in service, and are entitled to considerable death in service benefits from the company you need not invest further in a Life Insurance in your retirement— these benefits are high enough to see you through your troubled days in case your children are grown up and you have nobody to look after

Are your premiums going to be costlier than usual just as you are older?

Life Insurance Premiums

Yes as you age, the premiums of the Life Policy will increase. For instance if you are 70 years old and are thinking of buying a level term insurance you will be charged double of what you would have paid in the age of 40.

Do you have anyone to look after even after your retirement?

If yes, then you can think of taking a Life Insurance Policy

Are you thinking of buying an insurance with the pension funds you have received, keeping your spouse as a nominee?

If yes then please remember that the road ahead is going to be very complicated. You have to calculate the total amount of pension that you are supposed to receive and substitute it accordingly with your life insurance policy— yes it is going to be that costly. In case you fail to pay the premiums regularly then both your Life Insurance and Premiums are gone.

Author Bio: Alan Starc has been passionately writing about informative insurance articles for quite some now. Relevant Life Policy is something about life insurance that he has been writing about in recent times.

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Mar 13

Life After Retirement And Internet Marketing Freedom For Life

Geri Walker Life After Retirement

Geri Walker Is Living The Good Life After Retirement

Have You  Written Your “Life After Retirement” Plan?

With the economy in such a shambles, life after retirement may have been forced on us. Sure, we plan to “stay” working but not to be “forced” to leave and perhaps take a reduction in pay if we stay. Perhaps a dream you had early on was to own your own business? Bills piling up you just got  a job and  stuck with it for 30 years like it or not! Geri Walker, Internet Marketing consultant with WalkerMarketingGroup.com shares Her strategies with us in this 24 minute interview.

We make the best of a bad situation most time believing that one day we can retire and do what we want!  With our gold watch and plaque in hand, our dreams are looking as dim as the menu or book we’re trying to read without glasses!

Retiring has it’s pluses and minus’s. Having a plan for life after retiring may prepare us to move forward with a sense of happiness rather than worry over the latter years.


life after retirement exercise

Our Plan For Life After Retirement Includes Freedom To Exercise

Some people retire without a plan and within a few years die. Sitting in front of the tv all day, looking for something to do, puttsing around without a plan,  having nothing to inspire us may contribute to that mental and physical death.  My mom has always been “with it”. She loves numbers and reads alot. She finds joy in sending cards to everybody and the responses she receives sustains her in her latter years. On the other hand, my dad got to the point where he could no longer do wood working and found only pleasure in watching tv. His mind began failing and weakness took him, body and soul.

It’s been said, “Ignore your health and it will go away.”

Life After Retirement And The Possibilities

There are some who can’t wait to retire so they can begin to enjoy their latter years and their pensions. One such woman I interviewed, Geri Walker, planned for retirement. She also began learning a new skill of internet marketing, knowing that it would fit well with the future travel plans she desired for herself and her husband.

Having a retirement plan is just as important as having a health plan or a business plan. Realizing that we may be looking forward to a less active life down the road, the internet is a place to use  our skills effortlessly. No more having to get up early to make  our coffee, lunch, fight traffic, and listen to  our young boss tell us what to do.

Life after retirement  and woodworking

Does Life After Retirement Include Mentoring Others?

Internet Marketing And Your Life After Retirement

Planning for retirement could mean an opportunity to create an income we can access throughout our later years. Network marketing is an industry that suits those retiring. Retiring salesmen, realtors, insurance agents, IT techs, and many others skilled socially and  on the computer, transition beautifully.

One tip I suggest. As we get close to retirement, begin doing the following”

1. Set up some goals for the next 10 yrs.
2. Write a retirement plan
3. Begin today learning a new skill using the internet
4. Grab your children or grandchildren to help you navigate the basics online
5. Set up accounts with facebook, linkedin, twitter, and create a gmail account.
6. Begin adding friends, pictures, and write interesting content on your wall of  facebook that will attract others to who you are and what interests you have.

Starting these things before we retire, we will be taking action on our plan with the spare moments.

Does My Life After Retirement Include Having Freedom

Does My Life After Retirement Include Having Freedom

Practical Tips For Life After Retirement.

1. Start or  revisit our health and exercise plan
2. Read books on personal development and biographies of successful men and women
3. Listen to beautiful and inspiring music
4. Call only the friends and family who make us feel good about yourself
5. Write in our journal or write stories or poems that  may inspire others
6. Sing around our house..
7. Think more about living a long and healthy life.

Retiring may be supplemented by working online or joining an MLM, Direct Sales or Nework Marketing company. Using the leadership skills and experiences we’ve gained over the years  is our most valuable asset. The world needs our mentorships, our story and our expertise. With the laws of attraction, if we are worrying about our future, worrisome experiences will find us. Being positive and living as a “possibility thinker” will make our retirement years  satisfying and financially profitable.

Life After Retirement Mom Working With Daughter

Life After Retirement Mom Working With Daughter

Begin Today For Our Life After Retirement

In the following interview with internet marketing entrepreneur Geri Walker,  find some tips and strategies to make life after retirement more fulfilling. Geri Walker works with me in several programs.

Click Here For Interview With Geri Walker as she discusses with me  how she planned for life after retirement and how she is creating an income with internet marketing, while maintaining the freedom that the retirement years can bring.


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There is really a life after retirement.

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