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Feb 05

10 Tips How Do I Write Effective Webcopy Part 5




Revealed: The “Guru Secrets” On How To Write Effective Web Copy That Converts To Sales.

How does the page look?  Watch Now and discover more secrets in Part 5 of Web Copy That Works.


The pages of your copy must be easy to read.  As you plan your page, think about what it should look like. Then follow these simple instructions.

Dense, intimidating, ragged?
Open, inviting, even?

1. Use a single column.
Several blocks of text side by side is like several people talking at

once. It reduces conversion rates.
2. Use subheadings. They break up copy
and, written right, draw in skimmers

A paragraph which itemizes is more effective as a list.

4. Use sidebars.

They’re excellent for calling out testimonials, benefits, proofs, guarantees,

illustrations—anything which doesn’t readily fit into the body copy.

Reversed text is twice as hard to read as dark-on-light.

Font sizes below 16 pixels are very hard for
many people;

as are columns wider than 75 characters
and line-heights below 130%.

Every page should have a call to action asking Sam to fulfill its


Call To Action (the PS)

1. Weight them.
If you have more than one cta, make the primary one dominant.

2.. Three or fewer.
Too many choices will overwhelm Sam and lead to inaction.

To make call to action buttons too big.
As their size increases, so do conversion rates.

4. Use action words.
Start your ctas button with verbs like “click here”.

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Find more complete training watch the Webcopy series

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Nov 27

Top 4 Quick And Easy Ways To Generate Leads – Relationships That Generate The Best Leads

How’s your bedside manner when you want to generate leads online? Are you able to connect with the right people who want to buy your products or use your service?

Perhaps you need help finding the right relationships that will help you generate leads and sell your products! 🙂

bedside manner girl

Generate Leads With Good Bedside Manner!

Are you sexy in your conversations? In other words, do your words turn people on or off? Many times I’ve experienced new Facebook connections posting links for business opportunities in their zealousness to share the joy they have over a new program. If you’re a guy, would you do that to a person offline? I don’t think so.

If you’re a girl, I’m sure you’d put your best foot forward to try to create a good feeling toward that new acquaintance.

Men and woman can be way more sexy and appealing both offline and online by learning proper bedside manner.

When I went on a date one time, after dinner I told the guy I was going to leave. I was polite but I didn’t feel the connection. Do you know what that creep did? He stuck his tongue in my mouth! Yuck!!! Some people in social media are cramming their tongues down other peoples mouths with their business opportunities! Now that’s raunchy!

bedside manner blunt

You must remember that good bedside manner will help you generate leads

Are you a raunchy person trying to generate leads?

To avoid doing this or having this done to you, listen to this podcast! It will tell you what is right and what is wrong when it comes to generating leads for your business with good bedside manner online!

How do we handle meeting new people in Facebook or other social media you network with while showing good bedside manner?

1. Introduce yourself as you would offline!

A. Shake hands firmly but not forceful.

B. Be confident, look people in the eyes.

C. Tell them who you are and in general what you do.
2. Talk about them, not yourself.

A. “What brings you to Facebook”?
3. Find similarities.

“Oh, you are a marketer! Great, so am I!”
4. Follow up or decide not to!

A. No I am not online for dating. I am a Network marketer and am looking for new team members.

bedside manner funny

Generate leads with better bedside manner than this!


Today’s podcast will give you some great tips to help you
out if you are not sure why others are not desiring to connect with you!

Remember to give others something free to generate leads!

Just like offline, in school, in work, handling online community networking relationships begins with building know, like and trust with a desire to serve others first!

The last thing we want to do is turn others off!

Enjoy and ask me for more help if you need it!


Like this? More help to generate leads here!

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Feb 13

Network Marketing Leadership – Top Tips For Communication Skills

Network Marketing Leadership Courses Available Here

It’s So Nice When We Know The Laws Of Network Marketing Leadership of Communication

Do You Need Help With Your Network Marketing Leadership?

Network Marketing leadership is a great skill if done well. The  laws of communication teach us how to have the highest performance from our coworkers, employees and business partners as well as in family relationships.  Here are my top tips for network marketing leadership for  success in business and in your own personal development.

Communicating effectively comes from well-developed relationships. For without trust and respect, no matter what is communicated, it will not be received well. The fundamental aspects of workplace network marketing leadership have far less to do with grand mission statements, ideal market conditions, desires to serve a customer, or the need for one’s professional advancement, but with how one person treats another as well as how an organization’s culture is aligned.


Network Marketing Leadership And The Law Of Communication

Communicating done by leaders, business builders, parents or friends is a skill that can be learned. Learning how large businesses have success using online training courses should encourage you that it can be done effectively by following the lead of great men and women who implemented  the right strategies for network marketing leadership with others.

Key Elements of Network Marketing Leadership

  1.  Communicate vision, mission, intent, and philosophy.
  2.  Communicate regularly, clearly, effectively and actively
  3.  Communicating best not be missing or strained.

The following are qualities Ronald Reagan and other network marketing leadership have.

  •  Made easy jokes with reassurance.
  • Maintained grace under pressure
  • Turned enemies into friends.
  • Put humility before honor
  • Held straight forward conviction
  • Avoided bigotry and prejudice
  • Was candid , had tough words
  • Manly conduct
  • Gave clear invitation to a new beginning
  • Was politely stated
  • Loved a good story
  • Conveyed strength and gentleness
  • Possessed steadfastness and calm
  • Maintained cheerful confidence
  • Exhibited eloquence
  • Demonstrated inspirational conduct
  • Offered humor and laughter
  • Acted on behalf of values and ideals.

  Click Here For Audio Portions From Law of Communication by Richard Schuttler

Here are some graphs  Network Marketing Leaders use from the book “Laws of Communication”.

Law of communication 2011-05-29_2047_l_of_c__chart_1

Law of communication chart 1

Law of communication 2011-05-29_2047_l_of_c__chart_2

Law of communication Chart 2


Click Here To Become A Powerful Network Marketing Leadership Master.

Whether you are the CEO of a corporation or the owner of your own business the Network Marketing Leadership online training courses available using the  “Laws of Communication” make the difference between success and failure in life.


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The masterkey experience

Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Network marketing leadership training and courses are available online.

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Nov 22

Show Me The Money Being Made With Empower Network!

Click This Picture To Get Started Making The Money With Empower Network.


Empower Network Has The Way To Put You Back In The Black.

Make Money Online Using Empower Network.

Lawrence Tam shows the specifics of Empower Network.. This video explains how you make money, by using fear of loss as the psychology behind this excellent compensation plan. It’s power gives you leverage to marketing faster, harder and stronger. The genius behind this affiliate system is creating a new marketing culture for the average player.

If you are in Empower Network, this video exposes the secret motivation that keeps retention. No one wants to leave if money is being made right away! You can’t build a feeling, if people leave. If you get them paid, you can keep people in your business and build a culture that way!

Watch how this is done in Empower Network!


With all the marketers taking advantage of big money, find a team you like. Empower Network offers alot for $25.00

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Oct 28

Desperate To Make Money Online? The Simple Easy To Miss Secret To Making Money Online

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How does it make you feel when you get your offline pay check?  What did you use the money for? Whether making money in a brick and mortar business or in an online business, the wealth principles are the same.  In this audio , listen to Paul Omubge, entrepreneur and leader, share a simple but easy to miss  secret about how to make money online.

Take 2 men…  Same job!   2 mindsets!   2 outcomes!  

One is always in need. The other never in want!  One works to pay his own debt. The other looking for ways to give to others! What makes the difference in 2 men working at the same job?

In this story on the belief about how to make money online,you will learn how to leverage your income by knowing the secret to unlimited wealth.


If you are coming online for the quick buck, leave now! That’s called a pipe dream. Like any business owner, it takes time to build up your client base and sell or customers in your niche. Having this secret in place, as you write down your dream of an online business success, you will have the necessary ingredients for success to make money online with for ultimate and long lasting business success.



Yours In Mastery,

Caryn Elizabeth
 Milford, PA 18337

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Make Money Online The Easy When You Know The Secret!

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Oct 20

Anyone Ever Reject Your MLM Opportunity? 5 Rules To Beat Rejection For Business Success







THE FEAR OF REJECTION takes many out of the MLM network marketing industry. Others would not even consider getting into it. Rejection is a mindset and  a proper response can become the way to positively plunge you forward.


Feeling rejection in business or personal life sucks! So how do we keep from having it happen to us? I want to share with you in this audio podcast.

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audio mp3


Being  confident makes you an attractive influence to others. You can sell more products, earn others trust, gather many into your MLM’s or  business opportunities.

If you haven’t done so yet, a little soul searching may be in order. I get my strength to live from my relationship with my creator. He tells me who I am. In fact he demonstrated his passion towards me. By experience and through time, I trusted his opinion of me. Now I believe Him and have received my identity and my own passion for living.

Rejection is a response by another who just doesn’t agree with what you are saying. It’s their opinion and has nothing to do with who you are.


1.Someone would have to demonstrate for me that I consistently violate my own standards, values and beliefs.
2.If a person rejects me, there perception or state is not aligned with mine. That is all. They don’t see it the way I do.
3. The person’s reaction would have to demonstrate that I am dishonoring myself and my God who gives me the words, the strength and the power to live.
4. The only way to feel rejected is that they say something and I agree 100%.
5. If someone is rejecting me, it probably means that I’m on the right track. If no one is rejecting me that probably means I’m insignificant, not doing anything.

Writing downs the benefits you get out of the past experiences of rejection or failure is a positve way to beat the negative feelings. Developing the eraser technique of exposing the lie, and ridiculing it helps too.

Rejection doesn’t have to affect you for long. Use what you learn to plunge you forward towards the determination that you are an over-comer and a leader.



Yours In Mastery,

Milford, PA 18337 tel.: 570-580-0756

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Oct 07

Who The Heck Is He? Getting To Know The Best Leaders And What They Are Saying!

What Does An Entrepreneur Do?

Interviews Upcoming:

Mylon Wason 28 yrs. as a business owner and entrepreneur.

He’ll tell us his story. It will surely inspire you.
I’m hoping to get a few friends on here to tell you some secrets about web design, how to think like a leader, and is it possible to become successful without a team?

Listen to this short recording. Leave your comments. I would love for you to ask me a question you have been wanting an answer to, concerning the “who, what, when, where, and how to do online stuff with success!

If you are looking for a new business opportunity, ask me.
Yours In Mastery,

Milford, PA 18337 tel.:570-245-1844 cell:973-970-8128

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Sep 30

Finding Likeminded Friends On Facebook – Would You Like Me?

Are you on Facebook for business or is it just for spying on your family, friends and co workers?

I’m sure you’ve watched Facebook change over time from just  a social platform for college students to meet guys and girls, to an extremely excellent way to monetize a business and has changed the way people connect, buy  and learn new things. Employers and employment agencies actually check profiles of those prospective employees to see how they handle themselves in a social setting. I would hope that is not the only basis they go on but plenty of individuals should know that the comments they allow their friends to leave on their walls could contribute to the job they get.



Being Real, Sharing from my heart, desiring to impact your life for good, Facebook is one social media where i can share my passion and help you if you want some help with the practical details that make life great! Connect with me at http://www,facebook.com/carynelizabethlive


Facebook for Business

What kind of skills do you have to offer others?

If you are using Facebook to generate leads for your home business, network marketing business or direct sales business, there is a right way and a wrong way to use Facebook. You will want to learn the right way if this is a new platform for marketing your network marketing company or your own home business. Over the years, I’ve experienced people using their personal profile pages to share their business opportunities. That’s the quickest way to loose friendships and get banned from your family!

But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.  With your life skills and work experience,  you can make an impact on your friends and family  and make money using Facebook.  Good business best practices need to be learned. Mari Smith teaches all the best practices but you ought to also learn relationship etiquette.

Blogging And Facebook

The learning curve is pretty steep but with a good teacher, you can have a blog up and running in a couple months, given you spend a couple hours a week setting it up. Want to know more about WordPress? I have a series of training videos that helped me get started.  Many fail because they haven’t the stamina to endure it.  Those who persevere  know to seek  ongoing training. With definite purpose and a business worth sharing, the results can be phenomenal.

Mentors are great to help you learn what you would otherwise have to go to college and pay tuition to learn. In order to become trusted as an authority, mentors learn to develop leadership skills to gain your trust and business. As you may have seen, good leaders understand how to develop friendships online as they would working offline.

Using advocacy as a networking tool, leaders are just skilled individuals who learned how to get what they want without doing harm to others. Anyone can be a leader if they learn the skills of leadership!

Do you realize that network marketing businesses are the only style of business where you must  help  other team members succeed in order to succeed yourself?

Are you the kind of Facebook friend you would want to build a friendship with?

Facebook Networking Support

Do You Need Support While Learning Leadership on Facebook? Daily inspiration was a great help to me. Having that support in masterminding or just having an audio to listen every few days gave me some direction I could look forward to each week. It was the consistent and persistent effort of a mentor that really made the difference for me!

If we want to learn how to use Facebook to build a large business or just a network of like-minded friends,  we must do at least these 6 things:

  • set an intention,
  • be driven by a great desire,
  • set up a business plan
  •  get ongoing  training.
  • study personal development
  • develop leadership skills

Personal development is the key to overcoming obstacles keeping you in the low income bracket! Reading good books and audios helped me to take control of my fear possessed past when I was faced with divorce. It was because of the powerful books like “As A Man Thinketh” and “The Science Of Getting Rich” that made the biggest impact on my mindset.

To connect further, find me on Facebook Here.

PS. If you are retiring and want to create some income with your spare time, Geri Walker’s interview may set you in a good direction using Facebook groups.

If you like this, perhaps you’ll like to know more. Click the banner below now!

The masterkey experience

Learn More About The Master Key Experience

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Sep 15

Finally Xyngular Scam Exposed – Best Review #1Leaders In Xyngular

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

#1 Leader Xyngular

What’s Up With Xyngular?

I’d never heard of it till recently and apparently there are some very skilled people making a great impact on the MLM Health and Wellness world.

Chris Hummel, a regular  guy with as awesome degree of intelligence, came to me recently wanting to connect. I thought he, like so many marketers I meet, was just another person trying to make money online. NADA.. This guy really has his “you know what” together! Let me tell you, based on our conversations, number one, he cares about people. YUP! All true..

Chris, like other offline business owners, worked in Real Estate. But Chris wasn’t just a realtor! Nope. He was thinking how he could leverage the real estate industry to make money work FOR him by becoming a broker..

Listen To This!  [quicktime width=”200″ height=”30″]http://carynelizabeth.com/files/2011/09/chris-hummel-promo.mp3[/quicktime]

I’m telling you. This is a smart man.

Then he joined with some other business owners, like himself, “smart people”, to form his team Visionaries Worldwide.

Visionaries Worldwide Vision

This organization took on Xyngular as a vehicle, with the mission  to take those with little experience to achieve a  6 figure income. One of their goals is to help 1000 teachable people achieve the level of success they dream they can have with the right training.

Visionaries Worldwide is about helping individuals develop the mindset of  making money work FOR them so they can achieve “TRUE”  financial freedom. Along side this, they  teach marketing skills offline and online with an emphasis on leadership and team building.

Your Vision – Lost Or Found?

If you have lost faith in your MLM company and have been looking for the skills and training you deserve, perhaps Chris Hummel’s team is a place to start.
Marketing any MLM can be difficult without leadership, the right product, the right timing, and the state of the art skills and training that smart guys like Chris and his team bring to the table. It may not be for you but then again..

Lost Vision – Are you still stuck?

Are you in a company with a product you don’t like, can’t afford, no one wants or needs? Almost 2 yrs old,  Xyngular is a company with a good track record, awesome owners and leadership, which presently ships to 32 countries.

Find Vision – Getting Through

Are you open to new opportunities that will not interfere with what your are currently doing ? Chris’s team is the #1 fastest growing team in Xyngular today.

This guy is for real. The company is for real but are you for real? What excuse is not good enough to get you to where you want to be financially? What vehicle is good enough to get you the time freedom you want? Chris Hummel is available to offer you an opportunity to have it all. The thing is;  are you available to take him up on it?  Check Him Out Here!

Check out more Stories of Individuals making a difference in the online community!

Yours In Mastery,

121 Stonefield Rd Milford, PA 18337 tel.:570-245-1844 cell:973-970-8128


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Jun 24

What Are “Facebook Notes”? How “Facebook Notes” Helps Make Money Online



As I was browsing my doc’s  on in my facebook group United Tribal Community Group, I noticed a post with html codes to spice up your facebook notes. There was an awesome training on using facebook notes to post articles, use a “ps” regular link and tagging facebook groups for maximum exposure. This technique granted me a large following as I implemented this in one note called Looking For Love and My Journey Around The Corner“.


The Notes section in Facebook is a great way to post your articles and redirect toward your website, blog, squeeze page, optin form or another article. Tagging groups you are marketing towards is a natural way of syndicating and gaining lead opportunities. Asking people to comment is an excellent way of getting feedback and testimonials you can post on your blog.    Also, you may want to post a survey. This is a way of giving a “call to action” that is “passive” but effective.


Create a facebook strategies folder on your desktop. Place this simple chart in a notepad and store in your folder for ease of access.   If you know what to do to make your notes look clear and easy for anyone to read, this  not only empowers you but your readers will enjoy it and come back for more. Remember to give them “valuable” content and be authentic and you are well on your way to having business success. Targeting the right prospects with this facebook notes strategy is just one way to find people you want to work with, sell to, and even partner with on future projects.



Make your Facebook notes easy to read and more attractive using these simple codes. Facebook gives some of these options in the notes section but you may want to keep these in a notepad for access other times.

  • Bold: <b>this text is bold</b>
  • Italics: <i>this text is italic</i>
  • Underline: <u>this text is underlined</u>
  • Strikethrough: this text is crossed out
  • Big text: <big>this text is big</big>
  • Small text: <small>this text is small</small>
  • Insert a link: <a href=”URL”>this text is a link</a>
  • Insert a headline: <h1>This is a Level 1 Headline</h1>
  • Numbered (ordered) list: <ol>

<li>list item 1</li>

<li>list item 2</li>

<li>list item 3</li>

<li>list item 4</li>


  • Bulleted (unordered) list:

<li>list item 1</li>

<li>list item 2</li>

<li>list item 3</li>

<li>list item 4</li>


  • Hyperlink an image: <img src=”image link” alt=”image title”>
    caption text


PSS. So you never miss any Facebook Notes, GET Your PC Repaired Right from home here!


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