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Jan 15

How To Do A Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Party – Top Tips For A Successful Visalus Party

Caryn With Cedrick Harris In Tampa Florida

Join My Team And Get Mentor Cedrick Harris From Tampa Florida

What Do They Do At A Visalus Party?

Will My Visalus Team Train Me So I Can Succeed?

My trip to Tampa for the Visalus 90 Day Health Challenge Party was quite an event. From start to stop, my business partner and my Visalus Mentor Cedrick Harris gave me hope for success.


Making travel plans for a Visalus Challenge Party may turn out to be a challenge itself.

For me, what started out one way, turned out even better than  expected!

Because it was sudden, it was a financial sacrifice for me to get down to our first team challenge party.  I had grand plans of visiting friends and making it a vacation as well.. simply because I don’t work a 9-5.  Seemed like what I thought would be  fun to visit friends in Orlando for a couple days, then go down to Lakeland and visit friends I met at the Lakeland Healing Revival in 2008. But no one was around.. Me being high spirited and enthusiastic in nature, I kept believing things would be fine.. As it turned out, upon the advice of my business partner Todd Gragg, I changed my flight to go directly to Tampa for 4 fun filled days..

Todd Driving Me Around Tampa

Everyone Needs A Chauffeur Like Todd Gragg, Mentor and Business Partner..

As it turned out, my 4 days were filled with excitement beyond comprehension.

 The highlights started with meeting my business partner for the first time live.

As expected he was the same as
our conversations declared. However,
spending time traveling around Tampa
was unexpected and over the top fun!

Partying In Tampa After The Visalus Party

Todd took me to a pub for fish and chips (yum), Balyhoo’s for more fish! (can’t get enough),
Ybor district (where 50 yrs ago it was the cigar district) for a torilla platter,
Chipotle for a (humongous) burrito…, and to a local BBQ spot for Ribs and sweet tea.


Barbeque Ribs

This Food Makes Visalus Shakes Worth Taking! Wow,, a lot of sugar!


I created videos about the visit and will share them  soon..

This Visalus  video was the highlight of  my visit.. It was my first challenge
party for Visalus 90 health challenge and it was so much fun.


Ready To Go Into  The Visalus Party

Ready To Go Into Your Visalus Party Next!

Enjoy, and I’ll share more later.. including an interview
with Larry Beacham , Visalus National Director.

Get Started Now

Get More Information  Here  

The Visalus 90 Day Health Challenge Starts With YOU!

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Jan 12

What Is The Visalus 90 Day Health Challenge? What Visalus Team Should I Join?

Cedrick Making Shakes For Our 90 Day Health Challenge PartyVisalus is making waves in Tampa Florida with Team Takeover.

Headed up by Cedrick Harris, with Larry Beacham, the Visalus ripples  

are affecting a new team build started by Todd Gragg and Caryn Elizabeth who are stirring the Tampa waters…

Caryn’s facebook community and her Empower Network team as a whole are watching things happen.
2012 has brought with it many who would create new years resolutions, including weight loss goals, getting fit goals and creating new ways of bring home more bacon. Although marketers in the Network marketing industry are running to Visalus to join, Caryn and Todd have hit a home run in Tampa. From new member superstar Earl Christy, who was running back in the 1969 Super Bowl 3 Championships, this Visalus team is extremely desirous to create a team spirit that goes as far north and the poconos of PA, Chicago IL., and as far west as California.. with members joining the team almost daily.

Cedrick Giving The Challenge Party PresentationThe Visalus Start Up Team Leading Empower Network

January 9th began with calls from Cedrick Harris to George Gragg’s residence in a lovely little development in Tampa.. Nearby Cedrick Harris and Larry Beacham make their homes.  In came Cedrick and Larry with large bags in hand.. filled with the new Challenge Magazine, the only Network Marketing Company’s independent magazine available in news stands and book stores.. first thing were we told.. go purchase as many as are available in the stores.. those you leave.. place your own business card inside for those looking for help with the new years challenge.

Larry Beacham And My Biz Partner Todd Gragg Loving The Party~Having  A Visalus Challenge Party

Once the table was set, Cedrick took to the kitchen with strawberries, cream cheese, and almond milk, some flavor packets and shake mix in hand. Into small sample cups we shared a huge tray of several shake options.. The shakes taste like cake mix is the reply most give.. next up was the Neuro.. an energy drink, conveniently packaged in skinny tubes you tare open and empty into a bottle of water.. Orange, or berry are the options and we had glasses of this energy supplement in a water bottle to taste.
After the shakes were mixed and served, Todd and I began videoing and photographing this event. For us it was a privilege to have the man himself share the challenge.. But you have to know that Todd and I we wide eyed with wonder as Cedrick captivated us.

The Visalus Challenge Party May Have Challenges

The event was delayed when George realized his dvd player was not hooked up. Larry ran home and returned with a player and before we knew it, the dvd was placed in the player.. Upon excellent instructions from Cedrick, Todd welcomed everybody, and introduced the video. There are 3 parts to the video. Each part strategically created to share the simple challenge that is making a phenomenon in the industry in it’s simplicity.
After each section, Cedrick and Larry took turns sharing stories and testimonies. Both have extremely helpful stories and everyone was engaged. Though the stories shared real life testimonies.. they were not unlike those of other average people.
My take, it only takes one person strategically placed , to alter the course of thousands.. and Cedrick has given many many average people an above average jump on success in this industry.

The Best Team Build Visalus With Cedrick Is Making In Tampa Visalus Testimonies

Cedrick has an amazing testimony, not in the fact that he had jobs most others experienced, but what was different was that Cedrick saw something.. Yes, from his fathers advice ringing in his ears, to other influential people He took massive action to learn from, Cedrick began and then became world known in the Network marketing arena..

Visalus Team Takeover is not just building but it’s a phenomenon.

After the 2 parts of the video was finished and stories were shared, those interested in the 3rd section we shown how to “promote the challenge”. A fast start training was done on the spot. This led Earl Christy to give testimony to the thoroughness in the process developed by Cedrick and his team.

What Visalus Number Will You Be?

Once all 3 parts were complete, forms were given out and all those present had the option of getting involved in some way. It was as natural as being offered ice cream or cake for dessert and all took advantage of one thing or another.
Afterwords, we interviewed several, took photos and then Larry Beacham and Cedrick Harris gave video viewers the value of fast start training. Both me taught by example, that focus is vital, and all answers led to the power of Visalus and the option that it’s now time to get in.

Getting Started here.

OR   Call this number now to get more information. 507-726-3700  

Visalus is a phenomenal company with a track record to prove it.  

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Jan 06

7 Simple Steps To Lose Weight With The “Shaklee 90 Day Health Challenge”


Shaklee Girl With Measuring Tape

Does Your Health Measure Up For Your New Years Resolution?

Can  Shaklee  90 Day Health Challenge  Really Help Me?

I just found out about the Shaklee 90 Day Health Challenge that I am starting and promoting. My goal is to get fit and earn a BMW within the next 90 days.

The 90 Day Challenge – Get Your Free Healthprint Analysis Here

Get your emailed results immediately!

Then click Here for your free  30 minute consultation to help set up your personal routine. Use the paypal menu and click “free consultation”.


Email me at carynelizabeth1@gmail.com and let me know you want a consultation!


 Here are some of the things I do to get fit and stay fit with Shaklee Life Plan:

1. When I wake up, I immediately drink a glass of water I’ve left on my bedside table

2. When I enter the bathroom, I look at myself in the mirror and say something nice to myself.

3. As I am getting my morning routine underway, I choose to think about the things I like about my life.

4. If it’s my walking day, I dress appropriately, place my ipod on, which contains my affirmations and walk for 30 min. to 1 hr.

If it’s my off day,  I prepare a cup of tea and grab a piece of fruit and get on my motivation call.

5. If I’m having a shake, I use non fat milk, a flavor packet and 2 scoops of Life Plan Shake mix.

6. When showering, I apply moisturizer to my body while I’m still wet to moisten my skin.

7. The rest of my day goes very well, afterwards..

Preparing the right foundation for success with Shaklee 90 Day Health Challenge  begins with a healthy mindset, healthy food, and a healthy body.

I Really Need To Do Something That Works This Time

I Really Need To Do Something That Works This Time

Will Life Plan 90 Day Challenge Work For Me?

A shake is a shake.  But the Life Plan shake tastes like a  dream sickle.. My favorite is the Coffee packet.. Tastes like a mocha shake. The different flavor options make it very versatile. It’s like grabbing fast food but healthy. Everything is fun.. the colors, the flavors, the supplement packs.. all set up to toss in your purse and go!

Ok, I saved the best for last though.. My absolute absolute (I’m not typing that twice by accident) favorite is the cinch tea.  wowwy kazowy.. again.. it reminds me of the feeling I get when I first have coffee, except I don’t get Jittery!  I pour i cup each morning and can go for a long time, without my blood sugar dropping after a while, like happens with coffee! tear a pack into 8 oz. water, hot or cold and voila.. it’s a potent delight..

Well, that’s my take on the 90 day challenge products.. If this resonates with you.. it’s worth getting your 30 days worth of Shaklee Health kit and see what happens!

Statistics show that those who stick to the challenge lose a significant amount of weight depending on what program they choose.  For some, it’s the balance kit to just get fit. For others, its the  shape or core kit. And finally the transformation kit is for those who want to really transform their body, lose weight and feel great!

With a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s really a win win..

Promoting The Shaklee Life Plan Challenge Is Easy When You Join The Right Team.

listen man

Who Will Help You Promote The Challenge? The Value Of Shaklee Leadership.

Listen Now:  Caryn Elizabeth Rant’s Her Personal Secrets About Why  Joining This LifePlanTeam- the whole dang  truth.  

Making Money Online With Shaklee Is Possible.

Shaklee  has  a great compensation plan. The attrition rate is very high because of this. One team member had to borrow the money to get started. 6 months later, she is making 20,000 a month. I believe that says a lot. The rags to riches is possible with this compensation plan. But I joined because I believed in the products and helping others create wholeness and harmony in their life and family. And I get compensated very well for it!

Get  your  free Healthprint  Analysis here: HERE

Then email me or set up a consultation asap!


Ground breaking, innovative,  breakthrough health  products, front loaded comp plan.

Not convinced? Check this out! 

To the health you deserve,


ps. Need some mental discipline? Click here for my free ebook and start your 7 day mental diet!

Shaklee 90 Day Health Challenge is a no brainer..

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Oct 20

Anyone Ever Reject Your MLM Opportunity? 5 Rules To Beat Rejection For Business Success







THE FEAR OF REJECTION takes many out of the MLM network marketing industry. Others would not even consider getting into it. Rejection is a mindset and  a proper response can become the way to positively plunge you forward.


Feeling rejection in business or personal life sucks! So how do we keep from having it happen to us? I want to share with you in this audio podcast.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

audio mp3


Being  confident makes you an attractive influence to others. You can sell more products, earn others trust, gather many into your MLM’s or  business opportunities.

If you haven’t done so yet, a little soul searching may be in order. I get my strength to live from my relationship with my creator. He tells me who I am. In fact he demonstrated his passion towards me. By experience and through time, I trusted his opinion of me. Now I believe Him and have received my identity and my own passion for living.

Rejection is a response by another who just doesn’t agree with what you are saying. It’s their opinion and has nothing to do with who you are.


1.Someone would have to demonstrate for me that I consistently violate my own standards, values and beliefs.
2.If a person rejects me, there perception or state is not aligned with mine. That is all. They don’t see it the way I do.
3. The person’s reaction would have to demonstrate that I am dishonoring myself and my God who gives me the words, the strength and the power to live.
4. The only way to feel rejected is that they say something and I agree 100%.
5. If someone is rejecting me, it probably means that I’m on the right track. If no one is rejecting me that probably means I’m insignificant, not doing anything.

Writing downs the benefits you get out of the past experiences of rejection or failure is a positve way to beat the negative feelings. Developing the eraser technique of exposing the lie, and ridiculing it helps too.

Rejection doesn’t have to affect you for long. Use what you learn to plunge you forward towards the determination that you are an over-comer and a leader.



Yours In Mastery,

Milford, PA 18337 tel.: 570-580-0756

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Jun 24

What Are “Facebook Notes”? How “Facebook Notes” Helps Make Money Online



As I was browsing my doc’s  on in my facebook group United Tribal Community Group, I noticed a post with html codes to spice up your facebook notes. There was an awesome training on using facebook notes to post articles, use a “ps” regular link and tagging facebook groups for maximum exposure. This technique granted me a large following as I implemented this in one note called Looking For Love and My Journey Around The Corner“.


The Notes section in Facebook is a great way to post your articles and redirect toward your website, blog, squeeze page, optin form or another article. Tagging groups you are marketing towards is a natural way of syndicating and gaining lead opportunities. Asking people to comment is an excellent way of getting feedback and testimonials you can post on your blog.    Also, you may want to post a survey. This is a way of giving a “call to action” that is “passive” but effective.


Create a facebook strategies folder on your desktop. Place this simple chart in a notepad and store in your folder for ease of access.   If you know what to do to make your notes look clear and easy for anyone to read, this  not only empowers you but your readers will enjoy it and come back for more. Remember to give them “valuable” content and be authentic and you are well on your way to having business success. Targeting the right prospects with this facebook notes strategy is just one way to find people you want to work with, sell to, and even partner with on future projects.



Make your Facebook notes easy to read and more attractive using these simple codes. Facebook gives some of these options in the notes section but you may want to keep these in a notepad for access other times.

  • Bold: <b>this text is bold</b>
  • Italics: <i>this text is italic</i>
  • Underline: <u>this text is underlined</u>
  • Strikethrough: this text is crossed out
  • Big text: <big>this text is big</big>
  • Small text: <small>this text is small</small>
  • Insert a link: <a href=”URL”>this text is a link</a>
  • Insert a headline: <h1>This is a Level 1 Headline</h1>
  • Numbered (ordered) list: <ol>

<li>list item 1</li>

<li>list item 2</li>

<li>list item 3</li>

<li>list item 4</li>


  • Bulleted (unordered) list:

<li>list item 1</li>

<li>list item 2</li>

<li>list item 3</li>

<li>list item 4</li>


  • Hyperlink an image: <img src=”image link” alt=”image title”>
    caption text


PSS. So you never miss any Facebook Notes, GET Your PC Repaired Right from home here!


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