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Jun 28

7 Warning Signs That You Are Headed For Failure

7 Warning Signs That You Are Headed For Failure by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Failure And Belief

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t you’re right!

Failure comes in the little things we do. Success comes the same way. We are a compilation of our beliefs about ourselves. From childhood we have been forming our self image. We may have come to believe that we needed to compete for a place in the family, the dinner table, the attention we wanted. In school, we were taught that someone is going to get the “A” and it may or may not be you.

7 Warning Signs That Failure Will Come

7 Warning Signs That Failure Will Come

Failure And Our Present Life 

You may be feeling like a failure right now. Perhaps you made a decision that costs you a bunch of money.  Maybe you took a risk and it doesn’t seem to be working out for you. Perhaps you decided to end that relationship with your spouse or they decided to end it with you. Work went sour and your pay was downgraded. You’ve been on unemployment so long and you just need something to come along!

These events were most likely proceeded by one or more of these following 7 signs.

The warning signs that failure will come begin with

  • 1. a competitive mindset.
  • 2. fear or worry
  • 3. feeling superior
  • 4. being ungrateful
  • 5. forgetting who you really are
  • 6. drifting through life
  • 7. having no chief aim.

Do these seem familiar?

Failure And Your Future

Failure doesn’t need to come with you into your future. Be an advocate today as a person living as a creative person. Listen as I reveal how to change those things into success.

To learn more about eliminating fear of failure and reacting negatively to obstacles Check this out! 

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May 29

How To Take Charge Of Your Negative Reactions

How To Take Charge Of Your Negative Reactions by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Being Positive In A  Negative Environment

Are you aware of how you react to negative comments from others? The world is filled with negativity. It seems like we can’t help but lash out when others come at us with their attitudes. Have you gotten to the point where you just want to leave your family, friends and environment and make a dramatic change in your life? If so, then you are at a great place. You are self aware! You see that your life can be better and you want that!

Shrinking Back From Negative People

Shrinking Back From Negative People


Your Negative Neighbors

Do you become angry when you get negative criticism? Criticism is a low form of assistance others feel needs to be said.  Realizing that negative people are all around us, we want to stop them from questioning our decisions. We become angry to protect ourselves from further attack. We have been given this protective mechanism from birth. Early on in life, we use this continually. By the time we are adults, a fully evolved personality we have mastered “anger” and found other forms of response that cause less anxiety to everyone concerned. But have you?

Shrinking Back From Negative Criticism

Shrinking Back From Negative Criticism

Your Own Negative Mindset

Do you shrink back when someone is negative towards you? Some of us decide to ignore others and this works for a while. But then an eruption occurs and often divorce is in the picture. Or possibly harm is done to another because ignoring a person’s criticism is not a long term solution.

Self Awareness In A Negative Environment

Self Awareness In A Negative Environment

Self Awareness And The Negative Life

We can become aware that a long term solution is needed. When we do, doors of possibility seem to open up. We find a book that explains things. We hear a speaker that seems to talk directly to us. Being aware that we deserve a happy life, we seek for solutions. Self awareness is a gift we’re given and we ought to respect that gift!

 Freedom From Negative Mindset

Freedom From Negative Mindset

The Gift To Overcome Negative Criticism

Living as a self aware person, we begin to grow in a way that trees do: big, strong,powerful, giving shade to others, and fruit to many. This is the value we are all born with. Until we become self aware, we will use anger and shrinking back as mechanisms of protection. But our true nature is to grow prosperous and live productive lives.

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