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Jan 15

How To Have Peace Of Mind

peace  of mind

We can have peace of mind

Peace of mind and You

Ever feel like you’re going to die? Without inspiration, peace in life is useless. Success philosophies teach strategies to make money, have more time, and gain freedom. But there are times when all those strategies don’t seem to work.

Peace  and Personal Experience

Divorce struck me hard and my peace was gone. I struggled for 3 years to overcome what I thought I should. Later, as I worked through fear I failed in several online business opportunities. Then I became inspired to write a book about my experiences.  In  ” Branding You The Brand New You“, I was inspired to share my story about almost got scammed on Match.com. Then I talk about some of the men I chatted with on Plenty of fish dating site. My photos and profile were complete and even more than other women’s profiles, which gave different impressions to various men. One guys comment was, “So you think you’re all that! You ought to take a look in the mirror!”.  My book tells the conclusion.   Overall, the dating sites gave me an idea of what single men were about. I did a lot of counseling them on their profiles and their mindset, as I was learning about it myself.  Through  spiritual inspiration and a desire to meet someone perfect for me, after 2 years of dating sites, I met a great guy offline. While at a business meeting for Pike County Builders Association, I followed up with those I met for work as a social media manager and website creator. He was one of those I emailed. And he returned an email response which made me reply again. The rest is a beautiful story for another book.  Life after divorce gets better and my peace of mind is being restored in that area.

Peace and Life

Without inspiration,  life stagnates.  Napoleon Hill shared these success strategies in his great book “Think And Grow Rich“. He addresses leadership and finding mentors that inspire.  Leadership principles teach the need for goals and dreams. They help give us a guide for satisfaction in our personal and family life, our employment and our business. Without knowing our own mind  and how to find things that inspire us, making use of drive and affect as a leader is limited or useless when peace is the goal. Combining self development strategies, learning how to set goals, and gather things that inspire spiritual perception, we can find true peace in life.

Peace of mind  and Satisfaction

When we begin in life, we want money and things. Time and  experience tells us there is more to having a satisfying life than goods alone. Many sacrifice peace in search of satisfaction through the accumulation of stuff. . Joe Vitale shares much in his book ” Zero Limits ”  about where to get that success consciousness without sacrificing peace of mind.

There is more to life than money but we all know that without money, we can have little of the things that make life easier and gives us opportunities to serve others, which is very satisfying.  Failure can be erased as new impressions, dreams and goals are formed when we gather around us those people and things that inspire us. Napoleon Hill shares how to have true peace in his book Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind.


Peace of mind begins when inspiration is soundly in place.

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Nov 26

How Do I Create Peace In My Home Office? – Peace In My Home On Earth

How Do I Create Peace In My Home Office? – Peace In My Home On Earth by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

How do I create peace in my home office?

clutter office vs peace in home

A cluttered office shows no peace in my home!

To create peace in your office, you must first have peace in your home. This is so important. It can keep us healthy. It can keep our home safe. Lack of peace can cause chaos and disrespect to members of the family.  Keeping order in your home helps keep the balance of logic and emotions for the members of the family.

Today’s audio explores the ideas of tapering dominating personalities and tells a story of my own mom and dad and a lot of stuff my dad decided to deal with in order to have peace in my home!

clutter vs peace in my home

Clutter adds no peace in my home living space!


Is Christmas the only time to have peace on earth and peace in my home?

While being practical is necessary, we must be aware that some people are more emotional than practical.

If you have a small home, be aware of what I share in this audio.

Christmas means more gifts and stuff to add to lasts years stuff. Might I suggest you spend time each autumn to give away older items to make room for the new things.

If you have a very emotional spouse, this audio will help you know how to help this person to think more logically.

If you have children in your home, this audio will help you understand what the consequences are on your children.


cluttered bedroom gives no peace in my home

Cluttered bedrooms offer no peace of mind in my home for my children!

How do we deal with all our stuff  and have peace in my home?

1. Buy a bigger home

2. Get rid of stuff

3. Organize your stuff

This audio will enlighten you as to why people collect stuff at the expense of peace in their home.

Listen Here


To Your Peace this season,


PS. Having peace in my home helped me to keep my office organized and my children respectful of my work.




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