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Jan 13

How Little Branding Can A Leader Get Away With?

Branding You The Brand New You Video Book Review

Branding You The Brand New You Video Book Review By Clicking The Picture.

What Does Branding You As a Trusted Authority Mean?

Branding yourself in order to market your goods and services online can be quite a challenging endeavor. Before I wrote my first book about it, I experienced 2 years of hit and miss strategies, here now gone tomorrow online mentors, skill-set trainings, scam programs, manipulative messages, as well as some great skill and mindset development before I felt like I knew enough to enlighten and teach others. The test of skill is your ability to teach others with proficiency. In “Branding You The Brand New You, I share my experience and secrets as your trusted authority!

Offline Businesses And Branding You

Branding yourself online draws your followers to a specific niche you market to. It is something offline businesses need. It is also what network marketers who are part of Multilevel or Direct sales companies are doing to build huge businesses using the internet. I have been in several companies and have experience with good teams and bad teams, with good leadership and poor leadership.

#1 quality true leaders havehip That Help Your Children Leaders

#1 quality true leaders have is honesty in their branding

Leadership and Branding You

Leadership has become one of my passions and it’s due to the poor quality of leadership demonstrated in all these platforms using online marketing. This type of team building draws charismatic leaders but needs much more to keep a loyal following. One must learn how to build “know, like and trust” in order to keep that following. While large businesses like Pepsi, Apple, and Nascar have tremendous skill at this, new wanna be leaders to online marketing training and team building are manipulative and greedy and the followers lose heart over time and jump from company to company looking for someone who has both skill and moral values in leadership.

Mindset + Skill-set X Performance = Branding You Results

Thousands of businesses are busy marketing their goods and services and customers only see the results of their efforts. Training systems are springing up all over the internet. I’ve been part of a few of them and learned alot using them.

Branding oneself requires the 4 P’s of high performance.

  1. Psychology
  2. Physiology
  3. Productivity
  4. Persuasion.

Experienced marketers are busy keeping up with the changing market for making money and have no desire to teach strategies for future competitors.

Some teachers and trainers are excellent at sharing this information for monthly fees to be part of a training and support community. However, Branding You The Brand New You is a book resource to equip you with coaching to prepare you with a firm foundation for marketing anything online. share my personal journey for the past 2 years. I tell you the people I met, the businesses I was in, the times I was scammed, robbed, and beaten up! Not literally, of course. I was online, behind my desk, so to speak!

facebook, twitter, tumblr click through

Branding happens in social media.

Social Media and Branding You

Social media managers are the new trend. Marketers are creating trainings for business owners and affiliate marketers are getting commissions for sharing these training companies. In “Branding You The Brand New You”, I share my social media tips using Facebook, Skype, Linkedin, Twitter, You Tube and other communities and ways to brand yourself as a trusted authority.

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It’s never too late to get help branding by sharing authentically your purpose!

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Sep 28

4 Elements Of High Performance The Wealthy Man Practices

4 Elements Of High Performance You Need To Become Wealthy by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud


High Performance means being driven by passion and excellence. 

Have You Ever Wanted To Know How You can get ahead in life?

People who grow up in homes where parents have advanced leadership skills tend to become leaders like their parents. Teaching our children leadership skills will help them create a lifestyle of high performance and wealth.


Leaders in High Performance

Men and women who become wealthy want to get it right and maintain a level of energy that keeps up their success momentum. They want to do something meaningful with their life and often desire to serve others. They do things in a certain way, with the intention of reaching for the vision they plant in their mindset. With intensity, they do all their activities believing that their dreams will come true.

Are You Running At High Performance?

The four elements of high performance are:


  1.  Psychology
  2.  Physiology
  3.  Productivity
  4.  Persuasion

The underlying foundation of this is Purpose.

High Performance and Influence

If we become wealthy, we will have influence and can contribute greatly to the happiness of others.   High performers like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins and the other great men and women you read about or watch on video all exhibit these leadership skills. High performance is available to anyone who will find their purpose and pursue their life serving others. What is your purpose?

More help being a leader who desires the values of high performance


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