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Feb 15

How Is Your Love Life? Hot Tips For Keeping Love In Balance

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Love In Balance Makes You More Attractive To Others.

Is Your Love Life In Balance?

2 yrs. ago this Feb. 14th, the day we celebrate love, my daddy died.  He was a great man. In my  45 minutes with him a few days before he died, I told him he was the king of his family and his children were all princes and princesses. Like me, perhaps you have struggled to love others without violating your own self esteem. You can have a balanced life if you know the secrets of keeping love in balance. Before I tell you more, I would love to explain how I came to do it through years of experience so I can help you shorten your learning curve!

The truth was, my relationship with my dad was strained. But who was I to deny him honor because I could not see his greatness and honor him for the greatness he possessed. So I chose to show him love in those moments and it made me feel better.

I received a beautiful letter from Katie Freiling this morning and it blessed me. She spoke of love ideally, as she is very spiritual and I embraced every word, as I love idealism as well.

Walking a life like mine isn’t always easy. Having been married and now divorced , I struggled for years seeing it as a good thing.

It dawned on me recently that I lived without honor and true love and now I know better how this life works best. (at least from this view right now)

Today I had a conversation with someone who does honor me and it made me feel more loved than I had felt in the past.

Being whole in every area of my life will make love flow more easily and I am working on having soundness of mind daily rather than now and then.

By the way… Hope you had a loving Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I Must Be Honest! Not Sure I Love Myself!

Love Honestly

Sharing honestly with you is my idea of being loving. So I want you to know that I care about where you are at in life. I can’t possibly be there to meet every need, as it’s a bit much to address so many people individually.

But I want you to know that I am here for you. You can count on me. I desire your best!

I believe in YOU and I am FOR you! So be blessed today knowing that every thing’s gonna be ok. Your life has MEANING!

Your life has purpose and together we are going to make a difference in our world. I invite you to see this February 14 as the beginning of  a new LOVE LIFE  for you. A life where you overcome the obstacles that kept you from giving and receiving love in the past.

We are all goofy and stupid in some ways but that doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that we are REDEFINING our purpose.

It is certainly more valuable to think the best of ourselves. Then we’ll more easily identify the best in others.

Be sure to give yourself a hug and a good talking to in the mirror. Remind yourself that your are terrific! Because you ARE!

Have you forgotten to take care of yourself?


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I Keep Love Check Book In Balance

Love And A Balanced Life

Your health is important!!!!. Let’s begin this week with a new decision to take better care of the areas of our life that may have been NEGLECTED!

  • For some it’s our spiritual life.. Like Katie’s..
  • For others it’s our physical life.. like my dad’s
  • and for others it’s our mental life,, like me!

Whatever area of our life needs attention, lets talk to ourselves and decide today to reignite love in that area!

Love is what you make it..so make the best of it!

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Love God with all your heart and love others as yourself.

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