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Feb 19

What Is “The Gift”? Attraction Marketing Poetry Of Simone Segal


Presence Poetry Author Simone Segal

Who is Simone Segal?

Simone Segal is a poet living in Spain. She writes poetry that speaks to the heart of every entrepreneur. If you are in personal development, you will enjoy Simone’s poetry.

Because I have been into developing my mind, will, emotions, body and spirit for many years now, I have attracted many things and people into my life. Being online has opened up doors that nothing else can do. Offline, it’s so much slower to connect with like minded people. Online, I have met so many wonderful people.. too many to mention here.. truly!

While on skype recently, and after a long day of blogging, fixing, creating videos, seo’ing, and networking, I called on my friend Tom Bice, a pastor entrepreneur in Texas. I was hoping to connect him with a friend who I felt in my heart desperately needed a mentor. Tom is a wonderful person, who considers me a mentor to him. Funny how this works in the industry. We mentor and encourage each other from time to time.

Simone Segal And Presence Poetry

So Tom answered his skype phone and their began his story of having chatted on facebook that day for 3 hrs with Simone Segal. Interesting how we meet each other on social media. So he had such conviction that this beautiful hearted woman had the gift of poetry that he knew would be a gift to the entrepreneural community, he directed me to facebook. I friended her and there began my journey into “Simone Segal world of Presence Poetry”.

One thing lead to the other and before I knew it, I recorded an audio of “The Gift” a poem she blessed me with on my facebook wall. I sent it to Tom who asked if I’d put music behind it. Upon his advice, I took off finding just the right music. After my fumbling, which I do from software to software, the audio with music was complete.

“The Gift” by Simone Segal

This is the beginning of something beautiful. I can feel it. Whenever I read her poems, they resonate with me in my heart. They make me happy. Presence poetry is a term I coined because it takes you to the “present” moment.. everything else stops if you choose to truly listen. As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you would agree that networking with like minded people makes this industry worth the work we put into it. There is nothing better than a quality conversation with someone you admire.

“The Gift” is a poem of quality. It is as if you met a like minded friend. Simone’s gift is just beginning to change the world. Who knows what rippling affect this woman’s words will have on the masses? Let’s believe well for her, shall we?

Click Here Now To Listen to “The Gift” audio version produced by Caryn Elizabeth

Personal development, presence poetry and ideas and beliefs stir many hearts. Simone, Tom, me, and multitudes of others have embraced the ideals and truths that are the secrets now being revealed to multitudes. Though they are simple, they are equally simple to miss.

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THE GIFT is the answer of a bright new dawn
The law of attraction in poetry form
These poems guide you to a life of success
They are simple instructions, one can easily digest

I live by the law and my life is so sweet
I would love to share this inspirational treat
What I think about I bring about, It’s incredibly true
It’s all in the THE GIFT about dreams that come true

We all need hope, and now is the time
The key to success, a changing of minds
When you take this on trust, what you are about to read
It will show you how, in life to succeed.

The theory has been around for thousands of years
But been kept a secret, so it appears
Now it’s out, of this there is no doubt
I would like to tell you what it’s all about.

What you are thinking, and how you feel
Is creating your future, It’s called the law of attraction
And on this subject, I have been very well tutored
Life seems to be full of highs and lows

We all need a shield for the knocks and the blows
Controlled thoughts, and controlled feelings
Will grant you your wishes, and all you are dreaming.

Nothing comes easy, like learning to drive
But when you have mastered it well, your spirits alive
Nothing can stop you; you’re well on your way
Confidence takes over, it’s a brighter day

The same on this subject, in which that I write
For when you have mastered the concept
Your goals are in sight, you become what you think about
Sounds crazy but true, It’s all in the poems

Written solely for you.
Read the rhymes, over and over
THE GIFT will be your 4 leaf clover
We all have the power, we all can succeed
Enjoy the poems

By Simone Segal

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