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Sep 02

How To Become An Affiliate With Go Daddy Domains – Earning Money With Go Daddy Domain Purchase

Make Your Name A Popular Brand

How Do I Set Up An Account With Go Daddy?

How Can I Make Money?

Somebody Gave Me A Go Daddy Link And Now I found Out That They Make Money If I Get A Domain Name Using It. How Can I Do That?

Ok, So now that you’re hear, Let me explain the simple steps in becoming an affiliate with Go Daddy!  I must say, having your name.com is a very cool feeling! 

But What’s Even Cooler Was The Day I Found Out That I Could Make Money By Referring Others To Go Daddy! 

Go Daddy Direct is a very reputable site with excellent customer service and has been known for letting domain purchasers add to their income by advertising for quality online products and services.

Membeship is free, and it takes just minutes to place an ad on your website.

Becoming an affiliate is free, and you’re paid a commission on each order you refer. Once ads are live on your website, visitors who
click through to GoDaddy.com are considered referrals.

And when those referrals make purchases from Go Daddy, the commission is automatically deposited into your affiliate account once it’s eligible.

You can earn commissions once you set up your payout account. Orders are eligible for commission after 60 days; refunded orders are not commissionable. Commissions are paid on the first business day following the 25th of the month via PayPal, Good As Gold, or direct deposit. Paper checks are mailed on the last day of the month.

To Set Up a Payout Account
1. Log in to your Affiliate Manager at https://affiliate.godaddy.com, using your GoDaddy.com account user name and password.

2. Go to the Settings tab, and then click Enter Payout Information.

3. Select Create payout account and specify your Account Name, Payout Type, and Payment Type.
4. Complete the remaining fields regarding your payout and tax information, and then click Save.

  • You can then post Ad Banners and Links to your blog, emails and social media sites like Facebook.
  •  You can then view and run account activity reports.
  • Reports show you how much commission you’re earning.
  • You can view stats by date and website to refine your advertising approach.

There are some terms you might want to know.

Some of the common terms used for affiliate accounts are:

  1. Clicks- The number of clicks an ad generates.
  1. Commission- The money you earn on purchases generated by your ads.
  1. Orders- The GoDaddy.com purchases generated by your ads.
  1. EPC- The commission you earn per every 100 clicks.

Now you know how to become a Go Daddy Direct Affiliate.

See? It’s easy! Have fun earning commission on the sales of your favorite Go Daddy products.

 More Information On Getting Your Personal Name As Your Domain And Becoming An Affiliate Here. Clicking Here.


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