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Apr 07

Top Tips to Find Happiness Through Simple Prayer

Happiness and Prayer

Have you ever read the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”?

I’ve read it at least 30 times. This weeks mp3 shares Og’s prayer in scroll 10.

It’s a culmination of each scroll, where he gets into detail the habits needed for success and happiness.

  • Imagine that life is easy!
  • Everyone means well.
  • Time is on your side.
  • You are loved beyond belief.
  • Magic conspires on your behalf.
  • Nothing can ever hurt you without your consent.

These beliefs may have to be imagined at first. But in time, they become your daily habit!


Caryn Elizabeth

ps. Please comment and share this mp3 with everybody you know that may feel like they are missing out on success and happiness.

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May 14

How To Keep My Focus When Others Attack Me

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How good are you at keeping your focus?

How to stay focused when others attack you by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Do you focus on your purpose?

Do you focus on your purpose?

 Focus on self

How do you act and keep your focus when someone disrespects or attacks you in some way? Listen as I bring clarity to what’s actually going on inside you and the other person and show you where to get power to overcome it. The secret to your power is having a major definite purpose that is bigger than the immediate circumstance.

I worked for a hotel years ago and began to learn the trade from a young immature manager. She had little management capabilities and less tact in handling newbies. It seems like she wanted her workers to fail and looked for ways to provoke them to anger. I chose to leave my position after 5 weeks of anxiety and went back to doing things I loved to do. That job was not congruent with my purpose at the time but I learned from it.

Success: Whatever you do, good or bad, it’s never a failure if you learn something from it.

Do You focus on your power?

Do You focus on your power?

Focus and getting defensive

You’d be surprised how much power you have to keep yourself from becoming defensive. We have several ways to respond but the two major ones are to respond as a leader or as a follower. It’s our responsibility to learn what makes us tick. Bottom line was that I needed to nurture the seedlings of my hearts desire and look for ways to help them grow. My purpose combined with actions for it’s attainment make me strong. They will make you strong and powerful as well.

Believe In Your Purpose And Change Your Future

Believe In Your Purpose And Change Your Future

Definite major  purpose and focus

Listen to how having a definite major purpose will cause your attacker to have little affect on your emotions. I will explain how to manage your emotions, and show you how to attract what you want more quickly. Your purpose must be bigger than what you want for you alone. Taking care of yourself shows respect for the purpose you plant in your heart that may affect the global population. Your mindset grows stronger and stronger because you have both the care for yourself and the focus of your purpose in view consistently.

For more: go to www.carynelizabeth.com/podcast or click the podcast tab above

It will be easy to keep focus when your purpose has it’s roots in loving others as you love yourself.

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May 07

How Does My Purpose Help Get My Prayers Answered?

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How to get your prayers answered quickly by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Do you have a definite major purpose?

Many people don’t know what having a definite major purpose has to do with getting prayers answered. This podcast explains what it is, where you get it, how to use it and how to feel great about your life because of it.

I address unity, competition, comparison, perspective, success, happiness, satisfaction.

People united for a common purpose

Do you know  the purpose of gathering in groups?


The collective energy has a specific purpose. When you gather, your purpose is to get what you want. Having a definite major purpose will help you utilize the power of this gathering.

Do you know how science shows us how the universe works. Science expresses the laws of the universe so we can understand what plants and trees are for.

 What is the purpose of asking God for things?

Why do we pray? How does the universe support the answers to our prayers?

Do you want to live better and set goals?  The source is your answer to our faith for these things. Understanding the seasons of sowing and reaping, we will understand that it takes time for answers to manifest and must continue to believe without doubting.

People in unity for a purpose

People in unity for a purpose

What is the purpose of other people’s opinions and beliefs?

Are you led by everybody and not focused on your own mind? You are here to do something but as you listen to everything else around you, ignoring your source, you will be tossed and turned by “every wind of doctrine”, as the bible states. You individually are here to create and expand. Asking source, God, for your needs, aligning with a high vibration of love and unity, your needs will be met quickly.

You are meant to become “whole”, holy. By establishing your definite major purpose, you will live a more focused life and get your prayers answered quickly.


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Sep 10

7 Secrets To Turn Your Tragedy Into Opportunity Optimistically

7 Secrets To Turn Tragedy Into Opportunity by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Do you see tragedy optimistically?

Are you a tragic optimist? According to Viktor E. Frankl, tragic optimists use their past values to turn their tragedy into opportunity optimistically to keep themselves alive. Mr. Frankl survived Auschwitz concentration camp with others who used “envisioning” as a means of keeping hope alive.

See Tragedy Optimistically

Do You Choose To See Tragedy Optimistically Or Not?

Do you see your future optimistically?

Many of us see our present circumstances so poorly that we feel life is meaningless. However, these are the same people who feel others lives are more valuable than their own. They’d be willing to die for others but not willing to keep themselves alive. Valuing yourself optimistically and seeing what purpose you have to live for is the most precious gift you can give this world.

Do you dream optimistically?

When we experience anything tragic, be it a marriage failure, the death of a loved one, the untimely death of a friend, or the loss of money in business, we will lean on the values of the past to determine our next step. At the time, we may not consciously know what steps to take next optimistically. It’s in these times that our core values will show.

As You Prayer, Do You See Tragedy Optimistically

As You Prayer, Do You See Tragedy Optimistically?

We are valuable to ourselves and our world.

Seeking our purpose in life when tragedy strikes, the potential to create opportunities that help others and our future depends on our biological value set. Our biological depth shows that we are survivors. Listen and learn more on today’s Mixcloud podcast “How to thrive under tragedy optimistically”.

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Mar 05

How To Explain “Definite Chief Aim” To Children

What is your Definite Chief Aim? by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud


What is a Definite Chief Aim?

Definite Chief Aim is another way of saying “our purpose”. Stephen Covey said “Think with the end in mind”, when you write down your purpose for living. Teaching our children to create a purpose statement will help them to go more directly to the success that is their birthright.

We as parents can stimulate our children to organize  and direct to a definite end the forces of his or her mind  thus harnessing the stupendous power which most people waste in spasmatic purposeless thought.

Singleness of purpose is essential for success no matter what may be ones idea of the definition of success. This calls for thought on many allied subjects as a fighter must learn many types of punches and exert himself in many forms of exercise to win the match.

The punching bag for speed and eye coordination, running for leg strength, proper food, and other forms of strength building to make him well rounded and ready to win in every battle.
arrow and target

The Battle For Achieving Your Definite Chief Aim

So do we need to stimulate our children regarding the training of their mind  that will give them the needed information to grant them success in the battle of life.

The mind needs to develop success steps by habit and repetition using a variety of thought inspiring stimuli. Hopefully as you read and study this series of leadership posts for the benefit of your children,  it  will stimulate ideas for your own leadership education.

To get an in depth study of these principles, you may want to get a copy of “Think And Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill.

In sharing these principles with your children, both parent and child need take the stand that no man knows enough about any worthwhile subject to entitle him to feel that he has the last word on that subject.

It is wise and honest that we wipe out ignorance and make way for some of the useful truths of life.

Being Teachable While Pursuing Your Definite Chief Aim

Humility is a for-runner of success. Until we become humble in our own heart, we are not apt to benefit from the thoughts and experiences of others.

Training ourselves and our children to be teachable will take us much further in life. As parents, forcing children to do things teaches them to compete for power. Rather, explaining to our children the benefits of listening  only to those who have what we want and are the kind of person we want to become, we are helping them tremendously.

The bottom line is that our children need to develop a mindset that includes the value of having a definite chief aim in life. Using the examples of our heroes, our children should write down the way they want to be remembered when they die.

While this may seem daunting to you, children have great imaginations and can come up with plenty of ways they want to be remembered. This forms their definite chief aim in life.

written chief aim

An Exercise To Establish Your Definite Chief Aim

Perhaps the both of you can do an exercise. Take 20 minutes and on white lined paper take a blue pen and  answer this question, “Why am I here?”.

As you keep writing reasons why you are here, you will see similarities and after a while, your sentences will become more clear and simpler. When you have written for about 20 minutes, you should have a very good sentence you can post in your journal, on notes around your home, in your car, locker, notebook or inside your bike helmet or on your mirror.

This is your definite chief aim. Any child who comes up with one and aims to reach for that purpose will have an extremely high chance of achieving that purpose.

This will help your child to be a leader over his life.

  • Peers will not shake him.
  • Obstacles will be only temporary setbacks.
  • He’ll look for friends to help him get to that end.

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line and a chief aim helps us get to where we are headed as if it were a magnet drawing us to it.

Help your child become the leader over his own life. Help him or her write his purpose statement and share yours with him. In humility, you will both become accountable to each other through life as you reach for that definite chief aim!


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Sep 28

4 Elements Of High Performance The Wealthy Man Practices

4 Elements Of High Performance You Need To Become Wealthy by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud


High Performance means being driven by passion and excellence. 

Have You Ever Wanted To Know How You can get ahead in life?

People who grow up in homes where parents have advanced leadership skills tend to become leaders like their parents. Teaching our children leadership skills will help them create a lifestyle of high performance and wealth.


Leaders in High Performance

Men and women who become wealthy want to get it right and maintain a level of energy that keeps up their success momentum. They want to do something meaningful with their life and often desire to serve others. They do things in a certain way, with the intention of reaching for the vision they plant in their mindset. With intensity, they do all their activities believing that their dreams will come true.

Are You Running At High Performance?

The four elements of high performance are:


  1.  Psychology
  2.  Physiology
  3.  Productivity
  4.  Persuasion

The underlying foundation of this is Purpose.

High Performance and Influence

If we become wealthy, we will have influence and can contribute greatly to the happiness of others.   High performers like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins and the other great men and women you read about or watch on video all exhibit these leadership skills. High performance is available to anyone who will find their purpose and pursue their life serving others. What is your purpose?

More help being a leader who desires the values of high performance


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