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Jan 06

7 Simple Steps To Lose Weight With The “Shaklee 90 Day Health Challenge”


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Does Your Health Measure Up For Your New Years Resolution?

Can  Shaklee  90 Day Health Challenge  Really Help Me?

I just found out about the Shaklee 90 Day Health Challenge that I am starting and promoting. My goal is to get fit and earn a BMW within the next 90 days.

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 Here are some of the things I do to get fit and stay fit with Shaklee Life Plan:

1. When I wake up, I immediately drink a glass of water I’ve left on my bedside table

2. When I enter the bathroom, I look at myself in the mirror and say something nice to myself.

3. As I am getting my morning routine underway, I choose to think about the things I like about my life.

4. If it’s my walking day, I dress appropriately, place my ipod on, which contains my affirmations and walk for 30 min. to 1 hr.

If it’s my off day,  I prepare a cup of tea and grab a piece of fruit and get on my motivation call.

5. If I’m having a shake, I use non fat milk, a flavor packet and 2 scoops of Life Plan Shake mix.

6. When showering, I apply moisturizer to my body while I’m still wet to moisten my skin.

7. The rest of my day goes very well, afterwards..

Preparing the right foundation for success with Shaklee 90 Day Health Challenge  begins with a healthy mindset, healthy food, and a healthy body.

I Really Need To Do Something That Works This Time

I Really Need To Do Something That Works This Time

Will Life Plan 90 Day Challenge Work For Me?

A shake is a shake.  But the Life Plan shake tastes like a  dream sickle.. My favorite is the Coffee packet.. Tastes like a mocha shake. The different flavor options make it very versatile. It’s like grabbing fast food but healthy. Everything is fun.. the colors, the flavors, the supplement packs.. all set up to toss in your purse and go!

Ok, I saved the best for last though.. My absolute absolute (I’m not typing that twice by accident) favorite is the cinch tea.  wowwy kazowy.. again.. it reminds me of the feeling I get when I first have coffee, except I don’t get Jittery!  I pour i cup each morning and can go for a long time, without my blood sugar dropping after a while, like happens with coffee! tear a pack into 8 oz. water, hot or cold and voila.. it’s a potent delight..

Well, that’s my take on the 90 day challenge products.. If this resonates with you.. it’s worth getting your 30 days worth of Shaklee Health kit and see what happens!

Statistics show that those who stick to the challenge lose a significant amount of weight depending on what program they choose.  For some, it’s the balance kit to just get fit. For others, its the  shape or core kit. And finally the transformation kit is for those who want to really transform their body, lose weight and feel great!

With a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s really a win win..

Promoting The Shaklee Life Plan Challenge Is Easy When You Join The Right Team.

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Who Will Help You Promote The Challenge? The Value Of Shaklee Leadership.

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Making Money Online With Shaklee Is Possible.

Shaklee  has  a great compensation plan. The attrition rate is very high because of this. One team member had to borrow the money to get started. 6 months later, she is making 20,000 a month. I believe that says a lot. The rags to riches is possible with this compensation plan. But I joined because I believed in the products and helping others create wholeness and harmony in their life and family. And I get compensated very well for it!

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To the health you deserve,


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Shaklee 90 Day Health Challenge is a no brainer..

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