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May 28

How Do I Homeschool My Kids With “Child Led Learning”?

How Do I Homeschool My Kids By “Child Led Learning”? by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Do you worry if you are choosing the right curriculum to homeschool your children?

I recently met Wendy Jensen, a homeschooler making a difference to many new to novice homeschool parents. On her fanpage Homeschooling from the heart, a concerned mom Angela commented on a post regarding “child led learning”. You may as well have commented yourself! When taking on homeschooling, there is a ton to learn. While I recommend a parenting class on leadership, the principles of leadership for homeschool parents is needed to eliminate the worry homeschool parents have when choosing “child led learning”.

Like many parents, we have to learn the kinds of curriculum available. We go to fairs and events. We talk to other parents and buy things without knowing if they are the best curriculum for each of our children. Many try books that work for one child and not another. It can add up to alot of frustration and worry.

Eliminating Worry In Our Homeschool

Books are great. They teach all aspects of a subject but there are some foundation principles homeschool parents get the privilege of teaching. As leaders of our family,  success principles of  leadership and responsibility must be demonstrated while subjects are taught. Wendy’s post about ‘Child Led Learning’ sparked a question from Angela.

Angela asks: “What exactly does that look like? Is that unschooling? I choose a curriculum that I believe suits Madison’s learning style, and there are subjects she needs to learn. I need clarity, b/c I really want her to love learning.”

How To Homeschool Kids With Child Led Learning?

How To Homeschool Kids With Child Led Learning?

The Character of Successful Homeschool Parents

‘Angela, while you homeschool Madison, their must be routine, discipline, passion, and desire.

Your character will shape her character.

  • 1. By your love for learning, she will learn to love it too.
  • 2. Forming habits, rituals, routines of every day life, you will be teaching her to “follow through”, which builds confidence.
  • 3. By assisting her in choosing one thing to be passionate about at a time, you will encourage her to focus, a discipline necessary for “success”.
  • 4. Desiring to homeschool her is the beginning of your living with “purpose” and “power” over one’s own life. You are an entrepreneur! To many, this is “going against the grain” seen my others as “rebellious”.  However, it is simply a decision to take responsibility for your life and your children’s education.”

We are given that responsibility and many have given up that freedom to the public or private school system.

These 4 skills are the foundation for your children’s successful future.

Do a good job with these leadership principles and you’re on your way to a bright and happy future!  One day, Madison  and your own children will come back to you and “thank you” for teaching them the disciplines of a successful homeschool!

For more on Parental Homeschool Leadership

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Feb 03

“Playing Big” Method | Playing To Win Video Newsletter


Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

I’m getting creative here with this newsletter and decided that you deserve something different.  I wrote an article recently on Playing BIG. It’s a concept business coaches have tapped into to help facilitate the creative efforts of others towards the goal of success in business.

When I was teaching Montessori to preschool students, I implemented this  natural method in order to get the kids to perform at their peak level. “Fun” was the driving factor that kept them interested and attentive.

So what happens when we grow up? I  homeschooled my children from  beginning to end. Fortunately because I knew this method,  I was able to use this “fun” technique to  quicken their creativity towards advancement , ease and satisfaction in learning.

When they reached the high school years however, I noticed other parents putting their kids into college classes, having them take AP classes with the intend to getting them college credit and creating a good looking transcript. I placed my oldest daughter in one online AP class and it was a disaster. Having been trained to be an entrepreneur, my daughter resisted the heavy load of homework and projects.

The class became a hindrance to her creative energy.  Scoring a 2 on the AP test,  I learned that one will learn best when it’s something you WANT to learn it or because its presented in a creative way.

The Playing Big coaching method does just that. As adults  learning new strategies for career or business success, playing BIG means you must be willing and able to step up and stand out! You take the risk of being seen and known for who you really are and then boldly share with colleagues and customers this value. Being clear about your value to others, one must live true to their purpose in the world. It’s challenging, interesting and exciting at the same time.

We are all born with the ability and desire to play and any effort in life can be played as a game with the knowledge that you can win. This method is called Play-Two-Win because a coach only wins when the player wins and a player only wins when his team wins; a very excellent position to take for any MLM, network marketing, direct sales or other types of business success. This becomes another point of attraction because people love to play on this kind of team when they know the leadership is planning to play BIG for the team to win also.

Keep this in mind when you are leading others. A simple example of using this method in business is presenting strategies and tools with the idea that someone can WIN them for free. Another is to encourage them to get them “first”. This initiates the competitive spirit innate in every human.  By tapping into the creative energy that naturally stimulates your prospects, business partners and team, you will not only have a happy team but your team will learn much more quickly the strategies you are teaching them.

Are you the leader to help others to PLAY BIG? Prove it!!!!!

Go out and make today the best day yet!

Ps. Because you are here, I want to have a bit of fun with you. I would like to tickle you a bit! Today’s  tickle is a quick little video presented by my good friend Dale Werner, on Creating Great Headlines.


Enjoy it and remember that PLAYING BIG is best!


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