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Jul 08

How to love yourself so you can be happy

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Do you love yourself?

Do you love yourself?

Do you love yourself?

Do others feel your love when you speak to them?

To love others we must have a reserve of understanding in ourselves. This comes when we build ourselves up in love.. We need to also practice loving ourselves. I recommend a couple books by John Eldredge. Captivating, and Wild at Heart. Each book is addressed to female and male. Captivating was the first book I read where I was prepared to receive the message I needed to begin loving myself.

How do I love myself first?

How do I love myself first?

How can we learn to love others when we don’t know how to love ourselves?

As a child, we may learn from our parents how to love ourselves. Which of you didn’t have this support? I understand and that’s why I’m sharing this podcast. Whether we imagined we weren’t loved or we truly didn’t get what we needed, matters not. What matters is that today, we begin to build our love life on a firm foundation. Taking small steps, reading supportive books, and finding loving people who stand by us through the process, we can change our lives for the better.

The journey to love yourself begins today!

The journey to love yourself begins today!

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To love others we must know how to treat ourselves.

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Mar 06

Leadership and Teaching Self Confidence To Children

Leadership and Raising Self Confident Children by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Self confidence is a leadership quality

Are you a leader/follower Or are you a leader/leader?

A child’s self confidence begins at home with parents as leaders. Every child will become what his parents teach him or her. If a parent is afraid of mice, it’s likely the child will be also. A confident parent will raise confident children, providing that parent is confident in honest endeavors.

Skepticism is the deadly enemy of progress and self-development. Parents who feel that the “rich” are out to take all their money, or the poor are a waste of humanity will subconsciously teach their children the same.

successful entrepreneurs life

Successful entrepreneurs have self confidence

What do we know about self confidence?

Truly, this is an age of illumination and unfoldment, but we have as yet barely scratched the surface of knowledge. However, when we shall have unlocked the gate that leads to the secret power which is stored up within us it will bring us knowledge that will make all past discoveries pale into oblivion by comparison.

This is the knowledge that becomes power to our successful life and to the lives of those we lead, be it our children, our teammates, our employees, our board, or whatever human being comes across our path.

Thought is the most highly organized form of energy known to man, and with the experiences of time, it is sure to bring us into greater understanding of that mysterious force called thought, which reposes within us. As parents, we have a responsibility to model a healthy thought life to our children.

The mind of a child which has not come into the age of general understanding, during an average period covering,say, the first two years of its life, is plastic, open, clean and free.

Any idea planted in such a mind by one in whom the child has confidence takes root and grows, so to speak, in such a manner that it never can be eradicated or wiped out, no matter how opposed to logic or reason that idea
may be.

Children Leaders Are Both Male and Female

Children leaders exhibit self confidence in business

Are your children learning self confidence from others?

Many religionists claim that they can so deeply implant the tenets of their religion in the mind of a
child that there never can be room in that mind for any other religion, either in whole or in part. The claims
are not greatly overdrawn. If our churches can do this, (and perhaps our schools as well), we as parents must oversee faith and scholarly teachings or suffer the consequences of another force outside of us leading our children in a way we would or would not want them to go.

Sad to say but some parents with lack of knowledge, fear things. This ignorance is passed to their children as truth even though what they fear may not be true. One example can be a fear of ill health. I have heard many lack confidence in their own health because they have heard their own parents say “because I got diabetes, you’ll get it too.”

poverty head in sand about direct sales

I lack self confidence when I listen to negative people

Does fear stop self confidence?

This fear (false evidence appearing real) is a lie but many take it as truth. Self confidence expresses truly taking responsibility for our health by researching for ourselves the best lifestyle for good health. This assertion is a great asset for both the parents health and the children’s future healthy life as well. While my children sometimes bauched at some of the healthy foods I made while they were young, are now reaching for the same healthy foods on the grocer shelf. For some ignorant parents, their now ill nourished children are reaching for Twinkies instead of fruit snacks.

Leadership over children and adults begins with taking responsibility over our own life and no longer listening to those who wish us ill, because they are ill. Thankfully, there is much help on the internet and in books like “The Science Of Getting Rich” available today to empower us toward lives of success as we strive toward our definite chief aim.

Our children are our first responsibility. Teaching them self confidence will come easier when they see us living an honorable self confident life. Why are you confident? Because you are living honestly, without fear and with knowledge of the things that make life good.

Healthy habits and self confidence

Raise your children well and you have set into place habits for also raising up loyal employees, team members, and any group you may desire to lead.

Self confidence begins with you. Its now or never. Be the leader/leader you are meant to be. And when you look back over your life, you will not see regrets too much to bare. You will see obstacles overcome, risks confidently taken, habits created by discipline, and love for yourself that made it all worth it.

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