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Aug 13

Small Business For Sale


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How can companies Ph No permit for the type of SAEs? And what is the requirments needed?

I'm thinking put a small business concern of buying and selling agricultural products such as copra, vegetables and SEAFOODS.

Find all rules and regulations and download forms you need to present here: http://www.gov.ph/default.asp?mytab=3 http://www.gov.ph/cat_agriculture/default.asp http://www.gov.ph/ download / Hope this helps. Good luck with your business …

Business for Sale in Pensacola FL, Small Business, Business

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Feb 26

Purchasing A Short Sale


purchasing a short sale
How can a person go about finding a short sale purchase?

I have tons of friends looking for a short sale and always tell them these properties are not always the best deals, so buy with caution. In addition to the Multiple Listing Service listings with "Approved Bank" or "Bank approval required ", where a person can find a short sale property?

A local real estate agent is the best way to find sales in short, as the agent takes into account that the price will be less than is owed on the property. That said, I do not know why his friends are looking for sales short. No bargains to be had in purchasing this type. The lender (s) in question did not approve one thing selling price well below current market value. Friends might do well to buy property for a "short sale no 'to the current market value. I guess somehow your friends think that a property sells for less of what should make a bargain. Nothing is further from the truth.

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