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Feb 05

Web Copy That Works Part 6 – Final Secrets

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This final webcopy video explains the images that sell!

Most Websites’ Images Smother Their webcopy.

1. Illustrate or tease  with the images in your webcopy. 

These are the only two legitimate reasons for an image to exist in your webcopy. Other kinds of images will get attention; but it won’t translate into conversions.

2. Use a hero shot.

A photo of the
author always increases readership.

3. Action shots.

Photos of a product or
benefit in action are very compelling.

4. Proof.

Graphs and charts can be
taken in at a glance  are very persuasive in webcopy.

5. Captions.

All images should have
them—they get twice the readership of
body copy. Use them to sell.

6. Direction.

People in photos should
always be looking towards the copy. It
increases readership significantly.

Watch the video part 6 for how to use Clarity when writing

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Webcopy strategist


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Feb 05

10 Tips How Do I Write Effective Webcopy Part 5




Revealed: The “Guru Secrets” On How To Write Effective Web Copy That Converts To Sales.

How does the page look?  Watch Now and discover more secrets in Part 5 of Web Copy That Works.


The pages of your copy must be easy to read.  As you plan your page, think about what it should look like. Then follow these simple instructions.

Dense, intimidating, ragged?
Open, inviting, even?

1. Use a single column.
Several blocks of text side by side is like several people talking at

once. It reduces conversion rates.
2. Use subheadings. They break up copy
and, written right, draw in skimmers

A paragraph which itemizes is more effective as a list.

4. Use sidebars.

They’re excellent for calling out testimonials, benefits, proofs, guarantees,

illustrations—anything which doesn’t readily fit into the body copy.

Reversed text is twice as hard to read as dark-on-light.

Font sizes below 16 pixels are very hard for
many people;

as are columns wider than 75 characters
and line-heights below 130%.

Every page should have a call to action asking Sam to fulfill its


Call To Action (the PS)

1. Weight them.
If you have more than one cta, make the primary one dominant.

2.. Three or fewer.
Too many choices will overwhelm Sam and lead to inaction.

To make call to action buttons too big.
As their size increases, so do conversion rates.

4. Use action words.
Start your ctas button with verbs like “click here”.

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Find more complete training watch the Webcopy series

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Sep 11

How Do I Write Effective Webcopy Pt 4

Webcopy shows us how!


Buying stuff is an emotional thing. Don’t just think through your copy. Sam converts for emotional reasons which he rationalizes.

You must engage his emotions.
You cannot argue him into converting.
When you read over your copy you’ll sense places where you need to reignite Sam’s desire.

These intuitions are invaluable.

More Strategies for Lead Generation using great webcopy, get the full series

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Sep 17

Credit Card Debt Advice

credit card debt advice
Can you get a lower rate credit card? A lower interest rate is a way to help pay credit card debt. Here are some other tips.
Economic Poison: Advice from Credit Card Companies and Kiplinger

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Aug 20

Credit Card Debt Advice

credit card debt advice– debtfreedomination.com
please help … debt credit card, need advice

Hi, I’m a student so you do not have a huge income trust enormously in my student loan. I have 5 credit cards (I know crazy and the worst mistake I made) because the financial situation of the summer I stayed behind payments from my credit card, at first I avoided the letters and then started calling my house and got to the point that he could not avoid them. I called every company and they told me I must pay the right At least by default and until my loan that will not come next month will continue charging me every card payment next month you will pay, would be about 150 pounds. I understand that you were late with payments, but are charging me really high and simply can not afford this. What I can do? If I go to citizen service center that can help me? all advice welcome. thanks

you can not put any five card debt into one, which has an interest free period? Failing that go to people’s advice all the information, sort it for you.,

Warren Buffett Gives Advice to Girl Scouts at Dairy Queen

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Apr 20

Credit Card Debt Advice

credit card debt advice
Credit card debt need advice.?

Hello, I have serious problems with my credit card debt. I'm in between 10-20 thousand dollars in debt. (Never accept a credit card when you are a senior in college). I am having serious problems paying off my credit card. I lost my job second because of schedule conflicts with my current job. The implementation of all parts, no luck. What are my options and the list of pros and cons. I need good advice. If I can get another job, then I would be better, no luck so far. New Jersey zone here.

Contact Consumer Credit Counseling Services at 1-800-388-2227 They are the oldest and credit counseling service in the largest nation and have offices in most major cities. Will fall interest rates and monthly payments and are non-profit. I used them several years ago and was debt free in 36-months.

Avoiding Credit Card Debt Tips for College Students

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Jan 28

Debt Advice

debt advice
Fernández Beaten debt to the IMF-`Blessed 'Pakistan, Jamaica: Credit Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina reluctance to work with the International Monetary Fund International is leading the nation's bonds in the wake of similarly rated debt Pakistan, Belize and Jamaica.
Martin Lewis- Debt advice

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Jan 20

Credit Card Debt Advice

credit card debt advice
need advice on credit card debt?

My husband and I had a JC Penney mastercard with a limit of 13,000 a few years ago when we both worked. We pay 200 automatically stopped our control each month and always keep up to date. 2 1 / 2 years ago, I fired and we ran the card up and out to up trying to get ahead. We continue to pay the $ 200 per month over the past 2 years through our bank account. We discovered last night that the money did not go to JC Penney debt, the account had been delivered in collections and $ 200 per month he would not either. So far we have paid more than 5,000 in payments, but the money is nowhere to be found? Any ideas?

You need to contact your bank and find where they sent payments. To display on your statement each month and an account number that the funds were transferred a. If that is not published in due payments to account I would suggest you file a complaint with the FTC (which here is a link to your website) https / / www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ attorneys general and state office. Someone has their money and if that person is not entitled to it, I not only owe $ 5000, but interest too. I hope this helps answer your question.

Credit Card Debt

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Jul 04

Debt Reduction

debt reduction
How does John Cummuta debt reduction system works?

There alleged http://www.nightingale.com/LandingPages/tpromo_tdiwl7.aspx can complete forms that allow you to apply more to the capital (less interest) without exceeding its normal monthly payment. I called my mortgage company, but that said there is no such forms and that principal and interest amortized over 30 years of the loan … This program could not be altered amoritization … That could only reduce its capital by paying more than your monthly payment (stating that the extra should be applied to principal). If so, how system could work that could be? They (John Cummuta) said I could pay my loan in 30 years (27 left) in seven years.

If this man wants money for its system of debt relief, just say NO! It is undoubtedly a scam. He could be referring to the infamous fortnightly payment system. Usually you have to pay $ 300 or $ 400 for set this program up. Do not waste money. The trick is bi-weekly payments 13 months to create a payment each year. You can pay the mortgage early by adding funds to the principal only. Even $ 10 a month will help pay the principal faster.

debt reduction calculator

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Jun 08

Credit Card Debt Advice

credit card debt advice
Seeking financial advice debt … Credit card, mortgage?

A friend of mine and her husband are looking to get a house the year that is, when your lease ends (January 2008). They plan to spend this year trying to get out of debt as much as possible. They have about $ 14K debt not guaranteed. Your credit score is within the range 650, is his way of more than 700. They are in desperate need of some advice on what to do this year. The two programs are contributing to your company's 401K. Obviously, they have to focus on the payment of its debt, but also, they have to save for the house. Your question now is where to focus? She has about $ 30K in inheritance money she can get used as payment. And that raises another issue about Who will be the home, etc (only in case of divorce). Any advice as to where they must navigate to our finances this year will be very useful. Please advance!

Well its amazing that they are paying the debt and Savigne for a household in advance. I recommend "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. (Www.daveramsey.com) as a great guide very well answer all questions. Paying off debt is a job. I like to use the 30K for that. Stop the 401K until they have paid the debt and have a good size emergency fund (3-6 months) and then save for the house. Do not buy anyhting that can not afford to finance for 15 years fixed. And 30K is "our" money will be "our" house. You should not, t plan for divorce when the marriage. Otherwise, you would, t buy a house together if your plannign for divorce. 🙂 Pay the debt first. If the debt had been paid Wouldn, t takes 14K in unsecured loans to put a downpayment on a home … its almost the same thing.

Mad TV – Free Credit Card

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